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During the championship, players are also offered a purchasable Mini Box:

2018 McLaren X2 Championship Mini Box 2018 McLaren X2 Championship Mini Box (Tokens 275, Tokens 91.67 per trial)
"Grants 3 cards for the 2018 McLaren X2!"
A8BoxInfo Rare: 82.33 % | Legendary: 17.67 %
Availability: Championship (only during the 2018 McLaren X2 Championship)
Can be bought infinitely, despite the box saying "one-time offer".

However, it is not recommended to buy Mini Boxes if a player is aiming at Custom Racing Engines. Assuming that the probabilities of Advanced Tech and Custom Racing Engines (both legendary) are equal and that there can be only 1 Custom Racing Engine per Mini Box, the chance of getting a Custom Racing Engine from a box is

Even if a player buys 10 Mini Boxes for a sum of Tokens 2,750, the chance of getting at least 1 Custom Racing Engine is only

The amount of boxes needed to get at least 1 (one!) Custom Racing Engine with a probability of 90 % is

This means that a player would have to spend Tokens 6,875 for 25 boxes to get 1 Custom Racing Engine with a certainty of 90 %.