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The Asphalt 9 Championship was released as the 28th Championship event after the McLaren 720S's Prime Time World Tour as part of the Fifth Anniversary Update on August 24, 2018. Players are given 3 days to complete the event.

The French Guiana tour unlocks one day later, but the player can pay Tokens 300 to unlock it early.

Race Rank Track Race Mode Main Goal Skip Cost Second Goal Third Goal Skip Cost
Location 1 - Barcelona
All goals onward are worth 2 trophies each
1/1 1,284 For. Classic Finish Race Tokens 15 Perfect Nitro Triggered: 3 Drift Distance: 600 Tokens 10
1/2 1,289
Sprint 5 Time Attack Beat 1:08 Tokens 15 Flat Spins in One Jump: 2 Perfect Runs: 1 Tokens 10
1/3 1,294
For. Elim. Finish Position: 1 Tokens 20 Perfect Nitro Triggered: 4 Knockdowns: 1 Tokens 10
1/4 1,300
Rev. Grand Finale Finish First Tokens 30 - - -
Location 2 - French Guiana
2/1 1,321
For. Elim. Finish position: 1 Tokens 25 Flat Spins: 2 Perfect Runs: 2 Tokens 10
2/2 1,342
Sprint Time Attack Beat 0:42 Tokens 30 No Wrecks Beat 0:39:6 Tokens 10
2/3 1,358
Rev. Classic Finish position: 1 Tokens 35 Drift Distance: 800 Knockdowns: 4 Tokens 15
2/4 1,373
Sprint Time Attack Beat 0:40:2 Tokens 40 Flat Spins in One Jump: 2 Perfect Nitro Triggered: 6 Tokens 20
2/5 1,373
Rev. Elim. Finish position: 1 Tokens 45 Knockdowns: 3 Drift Distance: 900 Tokens 25
2/6 1,373
For. Grand Finale Finish First Tokens 50 - - -


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  • This event is directly linked to Asphalt 8's sequel, Asphalt 9: Legends.
  • This event has a full tire-refill time of 5 hours instead of usual 8 or 12 hours.
    • One tire is filled every hour instead of the usual full set together, just like Streaming Passes in World Tour and Enduro Invitations in Enduro Double Down.
      • This makes it unnecessary to waste tires to always end on 0 before next refill. However, the 1 hour timer resets after a tire is used.
      • Championship events that are launched, including relaunches of old ones, after this one follow suit.
  • This Championship has the following firsts:
    • The first to have quotes that break the fourth wall.
    • The first to award Pro Kit Engine and Tech cards individually instead of a box.
    • The first to use a car released prior to the Championship Update.
      • It is also the first not to award the event car as the Finale reward, as well as the first where the featured car has decals.
    • The first to only have 2 tours instead of the standard 8.
    • The first to have Classic races as qualifiers.
  • Lasting 3 days, the Asphalt 9 Championship is the shortest special event ever released, even shorter than the Peugeot RCZ R's Research & Development event, which lasts 5 days.
  • It is also the first event not to have a main reward. While the Volkswagen XL Sport Concept is given to Asphalt 9 players when completing the event, nothing is awarded in Asphalt 8.
    • This makes it the first event to have its main reward given to another game instead of Asphalt 8 itself.
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