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Munich Subway[]

  • Race 1: You're not just faster than a train, you're faster than the "A" train! Let's get this subway race started!

  • Race 2: Subways are known for crowding, turning slowly, and hitting the brakes. Don't be like a subway.

  • Race 3: Your first Grand Finale. Time to turn yourself into a legend! Go for it!

Azure Coast[]

  • Race 1: The Azure Coast is a beautiful location to put your new vehicle through its paces. Enjoy!

  • Race 2: The scenery along the coast is simply amazing -- but don't get too distracted!

  • Race 3: I "azure" you, you're almost at the finale -- just one more race to go!

  • Race 4: Think you're going somewhere? This Grand Finale will tell us for sure.


  • Race 1: Time to take the race to Tokyo, the beautiful, bustling city of old and new.

  • Race 2: The Honda is just purring with satisfaction to be in such a thriving city! Don't let it down!

  • Race 3: All right, racer, you're almost there! Channel the city's hustle and keep it up!

  • Race 4: Bring this one home! Your Type R is counting on you!


  • Race 1: Venice is particularly breathtaking -- but don't forget to breathe! You've got a race to win!

  • Race 2: The sights may be overwhelming; just make sure you're the last one standing!

  • Race 3: Word of advice: When people tell you the streets of Venice are the rivers, don't listen. Stay on the road.

  • Race 4: You're almost at the end, racer; one last time trial to go!

  • Race 5: This is it, the Grand Finale! Or as they say in Italian, the Gran Finale!


  • Race 1: Brrr... Good to see you here in Iceland, racer -- hope you brought some warm clothes!

  • Race 2: Iceland may be cold but you're on fire! Keep it up!

  • Race 3: Ice can be friend or foe -- treat it with respect and keep up the good work!

  • Race 4: If the sky's clear, you might just see the Aurora Borealis -- just get through this little race first!

  • Race 5: Winner of this race gets closer to owning the Type R -- and a trip to Hvannadalshnukur. You can do it!


  • Race 1: Up here you can see for miles -- use it to your advantage in this competition!

  • Race 2: In the elimination rounds, it's all over if you're last. So fight to stay up there!

  • Race 3: Stay safe out there, racer, this snow can literally make the difference between winning... or driving off the mountain!

  • Race 4: The Alps are home to much history -- which is what you're going to make out of the competition!

  • Race 5: Honk if you're in first place -- but not too loud... This area is prone to avalanches!

  • Race 6: Ride the wave of victories and drown the competition in your overwhelming speed!


  • Race 1: The architecture of Barcelona is stunning... much like the Type R you're riding in.

  • Race 2: The 310 horsepower engine on the Type R won't rev itself -- get it goin' and win this race!

  • Race 3: Barcelona may be home to one of the largest parks in the world, but make sure your car is still in drive!

  • Race 4: Barcelona is the second-largest city in Spain... yet comes number one in cruise ships. So make like Barcelona and cruise to victory already!

  • Race 5: Racer, this is the penultimate race! You're so close to the finale you can smell the asphalt!

  • Race 6: Everyone wants to see what you've got. Show them you're the best!

Rio de Janeiro[]

  • Race 1: The championship in Rio is a doozy, but if anyone can do it, it's you!

  • Race 2: The competitors in this leg are some of the best, so you'll need to keep your wits about you!

  • Race 3: This race is a marathon -- just make sure you last the course!

  • Race 4: Getting to 100km/h in 5.7 seconds is no easy feat normally -- but in your Type R, it's a breeze!

  • Race 5: Rio may be known for its carnivals, but you are known for your car... rivals! Show 'em who's boss.

  • Race 6: Just one more race before you get a chance to clinch the Rio leg!

  • Race 7: The last Grand Finale! Get ready to do a victory lap, because this competition is all yours!
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