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Class Cup is a Time Limited Event in Asphalt 9: Legends


Class A Cup

The objective of the event is to collect Card Packs and Blueprints by beating a specific race time with a certain car needed. These events are available for 24 hours each day. The total amount of Card Packs that can be obtained is 5 and the number of blueprint varies from the car's rarity and class. Class Cup's required 2 tickets to be started and Deluxe Class Cup's require 3 tickets to be started

Class D Cup - Mondays[]


Track: Gold Rush - U.S. Midwest

Class C Cup - Tuesdays[]


Track: Ancient Wonders - Cairo

Class B Cup - Wednesdays[]


Track: Mountain Poles - Himalayas

Class A Cup - Thursdays[]


Track: The Cave - Scotland

Class S Cup - Fridays[]


Track: Roller Coaster Ride - San Francisco

Open Class Cup - Saturday to Sunday[]


  • 5x Class D Pack
  • 5x Class C Pack
  • 5x Class B Pack
  • 5x Class A Pack
  • 5x Class S Pack

Track: Saint Peter's Kickoff - Rome

Deluxe Class Cup - Saturday to Sunday[]


  • 5x Class D Pack+
  • 5x Class C Pack+
  • 5x Class B Pack+
  • 5x Class A Pack+
  • 5x Class S Pack+

Track: Nanjing Stroll - Shanghai