Club Leaderboard

A Club is a feature in Asphalt 9: Legends where a group of players accumulates reputation to compete with other clubs for accumulated points. A club can be created for Tokens small a9 30 and up to a maximum of 20 players can join a club.


Club Rep

Reputation is a form of XP that is awarded when a race is completed. The member's section records the total amount of points earned by each member. Double reputation is given for Multiplayer races and reputation earned from repeating Career races are not counted. Earning 50 reputation points per day is one of the Daily Goals; some clubs may mandate a minimum reputation earned per day to be eligible or remain within a club, although there is no way to enforce it within the game.



Club Rewards

Milestones are rewards that are earned after the club has reached a certain amount of reputation points. Milestones are only available a Club Season and include Tokens small a9, Credits small a9, blueprints for vehicle and Epic Import Parts, and Card Packs.


Club Rewards

Club Rewards - Race

Club Rewards are rewards from race events that can be obtained once a certain number of club members have completed the race. The number of club members needed varies on the reward and the event. Players can check and see which members have completed the race.

Club Rewards were available on Special Events between the Koenigsegg Regera to Lamborghini Terzo Millennio event; Club Rewards were removed from Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta's Special Event due to a practice called club hopping, where players would temporarily switch to a club with Club Rewards completed and return to their home club once all necessary rewards are claimed.



The club leaderboard shows the top 100 clubs that have the most points on each gaming platform. Clubs that consistently finish a Club Season in the top 10 have a chance to submit a custom logo to be used for their club.

Club Race

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