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The Community Update, also known as the Club Race Update is the 1st update for Asphalt 9: Legends.


Now that you’re on the fast track to becoming a Legend, let’s kick things into high gear with one of the community’s most highly requested updates—CLUB RACES! Challenge your teammates to see who’s the real Legend on any of the 70 official tracks!


  • CLUB RACE MODE has been added by popular demand. You can now create your own private races to challenge your Club friends for fun and prestige!
  • 2 NEW CARS are fuelling up. So get ready to take the Lotus Elise Sprint 220 and Ferrari J50 for a spin real soon!
  • A NEW CAREER SEASON with 20 unique challenges will open up once you unlock the Lotus Elise.
  • GET MORE REWARDS in Multiplayer mode for rising up the ranks of the Legend League leaderboard.
  • DAILY GOALS are now available, offering you simple tasks every day for even more prizes.
  • CUSTOMISABLE TAP-TO-STEER CONTROLS are now available by popular request!

New Vehicles[]

Game Changes[]

Gameplay Changes[]

  • Club leaderboards added to multiplayer and TLEs with leaderboards
  • Laps added to tracks. Up to 3 laps per each looped track.
  • Club races added, allowing for members to race each other on a chosen map with a chosen amount of laps (up to 3).
  • Players can access club races from the chat menu as well as the club race menu
  • Daily tasks have been added, rewarding 5 tokens upom completion of each one, and Lamborghini Asterion blueprints (15 tokens if the car is full-starred) upon completion of 6 out of 8 of them during the day.
  • In the shop, the option to purchase all 5 blueprints at once has been removed, meaning you now need to buy each blueprint one by one.
  • New Lotus career season added, needing the Lotus Elise Sprint 220 to unlock.
  • McLaren P1 blueprints have been replaced by Ferrari LaFerrari blueprints in Class A card packs.
  • More multiplayer rewards have been added for top 100 players.
  • Trophies required to unlock packs for playing multiplayer have been reversed to 5,10,15 from 10,20,30
  • Blueprint rewards nerfed in multiplayer packs.
  • New tracks: Rush Minute and Tunnel Jam.
  • Tap to steer controls can now have their positions changed.
  • The stats of the Ferrari F12tdfLamborghini Aventador SV CoupeChevrolet Corvette Grand SportLamborghini Egoista, Porsche 918 Spyder, Pagani Huayra BC and VLF Force 1 V10 all received an increase in some way.
  • Traffic in Shanghai has been recolored.
  • Police cars will now flash their lights from a 10 meter distance to the player.
  • TouchDrive will now avoid traffic and stray off the chosen path just to avoid collision.
  • Trade Now Button now can be ignored by checking the option Never Show Again. This way, the additional BP for an already maxed car will automatically be converted into Trade Coins.
  • The “next button” (when you receive a reward or prize) is now on the bottom right instead of the bottom center.

Cosmetic Changes[]

  • New red exclamation mark icon next to your token count whenever a new deal for a car shows up
  • Daily tasks tab added to the main menu/home screen
  • The indication for an available upgrade for import packs in upgrades has also changed.


  • Default graphics issue: For some devices, the graphic settings in default has became the same as high quality settings.
  • Rush Minute Out of map: In Rush Minute, the player can go onto a ramp on the train tracks over the trucks and escape the map. However, if the player goes to the road hills, they will go the wrong way and respawn on the track.
  • Rush Minute Early Finish: In Rush Minute, the player can drive into a clothing store and respawn to finish. This might be possible to do in the 90" tracks.
  • Class D Series Explode/Disconnect: In the multiplayer season “Class D Series”, the player will explode/disconnect.

Fixed Bugs[]

  • The following glitches have been fixed:
    • Steering sensitivity reset issue

Post-Update Screen[]



Asphalt 9 Legends - Club Race Update Trailer

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