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This artile is about Credits in Asphalt 8. For other uses, see Currency.
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Credits are the most commonly used currency in the Asphalt series, replacing the Dollars Dollars used in Asphalt 7: Heat and being replaced once again by Cash Cash (measured in Dollars) in Asphalt Street Storm Racing.

The only currency in the game until the inclusion of Tokens Tokens in the Winter Update, Credits are the primary way to purchase in-game objects without having to spend real money since Tokens are much harder to obtain. Credits can be won by finishing races, winning Time-Limited Events, completing vehicle collections or purchasing credit packs. Credits earned at the end of races can also be increased by the Double Credits Double Credits booster, completing Bonus Star Requirements and the Daily Bonus multiplier.

Items bought with Credits

Credit Packs

Credit Packs.png

Credit Packs are an in-app purchase that provides the player a set amount of credits in exchange for real money.

  • The larger the pack, the better the price per Credit.
  • The size of the packs and also the price per Credit are dependent on a player's Career Stars Stars.
    • More Stars → more Credits per pack
    • More Stars → better price per Credit

Especially for less advanced players, the prices for Credit Packs are completely out of proportion. For the same price, advanced players get more than double the amount of Credits than beginners. Credits are much easier to earn in-game than Tokens (see Farming), so buying Credits with real money should only be considered as a last resort.

With the Rio de Janeiro Update, each credit pack will also award the player with VIP points for the VIP system.

A Credits Pass subscription was available in June 2019 and gave a total of Credits 6,000,000, double the amount of a Master Credit Pack for the price of a Pro Credit Pack. The player has to log-in to the game every day for a consecutive 15 times with each log-in awarding Credits 400,000.

The following table lists pack sizes and prices for some example Star levels taken from different accounts. Reaching Stars 1,700 seems to be the last level; even players with Stars 2,495 did not have better ratios. As Gameloft is based in France, prices are shown in Euro. Prices in US$ are the same despite different exchange rates, so players from the USA have an advantage as long the exchange rate for $ 1 is below € 1.

Pack VIP
Stars Credits Price Credits
per Euro
Rookie Credit Pack 200 Stars 130 Credits 12,000 € 1.78* Credits 6,747
Stars 1,608 Credits 30,000 € 2.29 Credits 13,100
Stars 1,704 Credits 30,000 € 1.99 Credits 15,075
Driver Credit Pack 500 Stars 130 Credits 34,000 € 4.64* Credits 7,335
Stars 1,608 Credits 85,000 € 5.49 Credits 15,483
Stars 1,704 Credits 85,000 € 4.99 Credits 17,034
Pilot Credit Pack 1,000 Stars 130 Credits 75,000 € 9.14* Credits 8,210
Stars 1,608 Credits 187,500 € 10.99 Credits 17,061
Stars 1,704 Credits 187,500 € 9.99 Credits 18,769
Pro Credit Pack 2,000 Stars 130 Credits 170,000 € 18.56* Credits 9,158
Stars 1,608 Credits 425,000 € 21,99 Credits 19,327
Stars 1,704 Credits 425,000 € 19.99 Credits 21,261
Champion Credit Pack 5,000 Stars 130 Credits 485,000 € 45.71* Credits 10,611
Stars 1,608 Credits 1,212,500 € 54,99 Credits 22,049
Stars 1,704 Credits 1,212,500 € 49.99 Credits 24,255
Master Credit Pack 10,000 Stars 130 Credits 1,200,000 € 92,13* Credits 13,025
Stars 1,608 Credits 3,000,000 € 109,99 Credits 22,275
Stars 1,704 Credits 3,000,000 € 99.99 Credits 30,003

* Prices for Stars 130 have been converted from Canadian Dollars and may differ from actual prices.

Anniversary Coins

Available only during the 5th Anniversary and Halloween Festival event, Festival Coins can only be purchased as part of any Credits or Tokens pack.

  1. Rookie Credit Pack: 150 Coins
  2. Driver Credit Pack: 350 Coins
  3. Pilot Credit Pack: 675 Coins
  4. Pro Credit Pack: 1,200 Coins
  5. Champion Credit Pack: 2,625 Coins
  6. Master Credit Pack: 3,750 Coins

Transferability with Tokens

There is no official conversion rate between credits and tokens in Asphalt 8: Airborne. A token is worth Credits 138 on average and at the most, Credits 341. This is only an estimate as the number of in-game tokens received for an equivalent value of credits depends largely on what you purchased.

In general, the lower the credit/token ratio of the car price is, the more economical it would be to purchase the car with credits instead of tokens. Due to the scarcity and high value of tokens to most players, it is usually a better choice to purchase the item with credits and save the tokens for other uses.

Vehicle/Item Cost Value
Rookie Credit Pack / Handful of Tokens US$1.99 Credits 30,000
Tokens 200
150 Credits per Token
Driver Credit Pack / Stack of Tokens US$4.99 Credits 80,000
Tokens 525
152 Credits per Token
Pilot Credit Pack / Hoard of Tokens US$9.99 Credits 175,000
Tokens 1,100
159 Credits per Token
Pro Credit Pack / Mountain of Tokens US$19.99 Credits 420,000
Tokens 2,400
175 Credits per Token
Champion Credit Pack / Truckload of Tokens US$49.99 Credits 1,200,000
Tokens 6,500
185 Credits per Token
Master Credit Pack / Vault of Tokens US$99.99 Credits 3,000,000
Tokens 15,000
200 Credits per Token
Suzuki GSX-R750 Credits 30,000 or Tokens 200 150 Credits per Token
Volkswagen Beetle Turbo Credits 26,000 or Tokens 180 144 Credits per Token
Ferrari 308 GTS Credits 120,000 or Tokens 1,100 109 Credits per Token
Mazda RX-8 Credits 325,000 or Tokens 1,850 175 Credits per Token
Buick Avista Concept Credits 425,000 or Tokens 2,400 177 Credits per Token
Range Rover Evoque Coupe HSE Dynamic Credits 125,000 or Tokens 525 238 Credits per Token
Acura NSX 2005 Credits 90,000 or Tokens 750 120 Credits per Token
Felino cB7 Credits 250,000 or Tokens 2,100 119 Credits per Token
Lamborghini Miura Credits 325,000 or Tokens 2,100 154 Credits per Token
Mitsubishi Eclipse Credits 395,000 or Tokens 2,300 171 Credits per Token
Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Racing Series Credits 495,000 or Tokens 2,400 206 Credits per Token
DS Survolt Credits 45,000 or Tokens 250 180 Credits per Token
Chevrolet SS Credits 425,000 or Tokens 3,500 121 Credits per Token
TVR Sagaris Credits 930,000 or Tokens 3,950 235 Credits per Token
Ferrari GTC4Lusso Credits 765,000 or Tokens 4,325 176 Credits per Token
2010 Bentley Continental Supersports Credits 975,000 or Tokens 4,925 197 Credits per Token
Ferrari LaFerrari Credits 235,000 or Tokens 1,975 118 Credits per Token
Volkswagen W12 Credits 475,000 or Tokens 3,450 137 Credits per Token
Mosler GT3 Credits 985,000 or Tokens 5,325 184 Credits per Token
Jaguar XJ220S Credits 1,275,000 or Tokens 5,975 213 Credits per Token
Koenigsegg Agera R Credits 425,000 or Tokens 2,375 178 Credits per Token
SSC Tuatara Credits 950,000 or Tokens 4,750 200 Credits per Token
Renault Sport R.S. 01 Credits 1,950,000 or Tokens 9,925 196 Credits per Token
Mosler Land Shark Credits 2,250,000 or Tokens 10,975 205 Credits per Token
TRION NEMESIS Credits 3,275,000 or Tokens 13,975 234 Credits per Token
Devel Sixteen Prototype Credits 4,950,000 or Tokens 14,500 341 Credits per Token

Obtaining Credits

While every race in the game (except for Quick Solo Race and failed Flawless races) has a Credits payout, the fastest method of earning credits is with Season 9: Beyond and McLaren Legends, preferably on short tracks such as San Diego Harbor, Alps, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Westminster Bridge/The London Eye, Munich Subway, and some layouts of The Great Wall. Listed below were some of the most proficient cars at Credits-grinding in Season 9 and McLaren Legends.

A hotfix in early March 2020 severely reduced the base payout for Season 9 to only several hundred credits per race. As such, McLaren Legends is now the only viable option in griding for credits.

Vehicle Track Base payout (Credits) Avg. Race Length Avg. Credits per hour Notes
McLaren MP4-31 San Diego Harbor Credits 5,700 48 Credits 312,352 Only obtainable from Championship
Ford GT (2017) San Diego Harbor Reverse Credits 5,570 48.4 Credits 302,358 Has TOUs, only obtainable from R&D
Ferrari 488 Pista Rapido Park Credits 5,570 49.2 Credits 300,607 Has TOUs, only obtainable from Championship
Arrinera Hussarya GT Rooftop Raceway Credits 5,545 50.5 Credits 293,361 Requires 20 Blueprints
W Motors Fenyr SuperSport Highland View Credits 5,470 49.7 Credits 292,855 Requires 20 Blueprints
Aston Martin One-77 Ipanema Showdown Credits 5,465 50.1 Credits 290,927 Requires 18 Blueprints
Rezvani Beast Alpha Mosaic Motorway Credits 5,560 51.3 Credits 290,827 Has TOUs, only obtainable from Championship
McLaren Mercedes MP4-25 Oceanview Derby Credits 5,320 48.7 Credits 289,257 Costs up to Tokens 13,000 to be purchased
Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe Touring Car 2014 Wesminster Bridge Credits 5,450 50.4 Credits 288,920 Only obtainable from R&D
SCG 003S Oceanview Derby Credits 5,570 51.9 Credits 288,901 Only obtainable from Championship
BMW i8 Coupe Alps Reverse Credits 5,570 51.9 Credits 288,901 Only obtainable from R&D
McLaren 720S Rapid Transit Credits 5,570 52.4 Credits 286,906 Requires 45 Blueprints
Kepler Motion Dubai Credits 5,265 49.5 Credits 283,079 Costs Tokens 3,575 to purchase
Mazda RX-8 Special Edition Market Square Credits 5,560 53.9 Credits 280,595 Only obtainable from R&D
Falcon F7 Rapido Park Credits 5,480 53.3 Credits 278,963 Only obtainable from EDD
McLaren 570S The London Eye Credits 5,280 51 Credits 277,859 Requires 55 Blueprints
BMW M2 Special Edition Rooftop Raceway Credits 5,550 55 Credits 276,000 Costs up to Tokens 7,000 to be purchased
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupé Black Series Market Square Credits 5,570 55.3 Credits 275,857 Only obtainable from R&D
Audi R8 e-tron Special Edition Rapid Transit Credits 5,550 55.2 Credits 275,265 Has TOUs, requires 150 Blueprints
McLaren 675LT Alps Credits 5,205 50.7 Credits 275,219 Costs Tokens 4,850 to purchase
Zenvo ST1 Market Square Credits 5,560 55.9 Credits 273,201 Requires 14 Blueprints
McLaren 650S GT3 Mosaic Motorway Credits 5,545 55.9 Credits 272,490 Costs up to Tokens 7,000 to be purchased
Sbarro GT1 Highland View Credits 5,560 56.7 Credits 270,352 Only obtainable from Championship
Ferrari F60 America Barcelona Credits 5,570 57.3 Credits 268,719 Only obtainable from R&D
McLaren MP4-31 Alps Reverse Credits 4,800 47.5 Credits 266,666 Only obtainable from Championship
Pininfarina H2 Speed Market Square Credits 5,570 58.4 Credits 264,948 Only obtainable from R&D
Equus Bass 770 Oceanview Derby Credits 5,570 58.6 Credits 264,274 Only obtainable from Championship
Ferrari F40 Dubai Reverse Credits 5,075 51.9 Credits 264,116
Porsche Cayman GT4 San Diego Harbor Credits 5,530 58.4 Credits 263,112 Requires 35 Blueprints
Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4 Market Square Credits 5,570 ? Credits ? Has TOUs, only obtainable from R&D

Note: Car Mastery is unusable as of the Fast Lane Update which prevented Mastery races from being replayed when completed. The following list shows the 20 cars that were most efficient for Mastery grinding prior to said update

Car Track Race type Base payout (Credits) Avg. race length Avg. Credits per hour
2018 McLaren X2 The London Eye Flawless Credits 6,525 44.9 Credits 373,035
McLaren MP4-31 Dubai Flawless Credits 6,300 44 Credits 365,625
Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4 San Diego Harbor Rev. Flawless Credits 6,560 48 Credits 357,882
Weber Faster One The Mirage Flawless Credits 6,000 46 Credits 338,182
Audi R8 e-tron Special Edition Dubai Reverse Classic Credits 6,145 48 Credits 335,912
McLaren 675LT Dubai Reverse Unplugged Credits 6,085 47.5 Credits 335,200
Pagani Huayra BC The London Eye Unplugged Credits 6,135 48.5 Credits 332,934
GT by CITROEN The London Eye Flawless Credits 6,185 49.2 Credits 332,167
McLaren F1 XP-5 Dubai Reverse Unplugged Credits 5,805 46 Credits 327,546
Vanda Electrics Dendrobium The London Eye Unplugged Credits 6,130 50 Credits 325,543
Apollo Intensa Emozione French Guiana Flawless Credits 6,715 56.8 Credits 324,141
W Motors Lykan HyperSport Dubai Unplugged Credits 5,950 48.4 Credits 323,684
Bentley EXP10 Speed 6 Alps Reverse Unplugged Credits 6,060 50 Credits 321,943
Zenvo TS1 GT 10th Anniversary Edition San Diego Harbor Rev. Unplugged Credits 6,290 53 Credits 320,055
McLaren Mercedes MP4-25 Alps Unplugged Credits 5,895 48.9 Credits 318,461
SSC Tuatara The London Eye Unplugged Credits 5,975 50.7 Credits 314,427
Koenigsegg Agera R Alps Reverse Unplugged Credits 5,975 54 Credits 300,406
BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage San Diego Harbor Flawless Credits 5,795 52 Credits 299,750
Lamborghini Veneno Alps Flawless Credits 5,845 55 Credits 290,160
RUF CTR 3 San Diego Harbor Flawless Credits 5,895 56 Credits 288,711

While racing with boosters (Nitro Starter & Tuning Kit) will reduce the race duration, it is more detrimental than going un-boosted as the additional cost for 1 hour of usage will outweigh the increased profit for an overall loss in credit accumulation (assuming that the boosters were not purchased through Exclusive Deals, earned via Time Limited Events, completing Collections or Car Mastery).[1]

Prior to March 23, 2018, the Lamborghini Veneno could be used as the first stepping stone in credits grinding as it only cost Credits 861,774 to buy and MAX PRO and does not require Engine Cards in its Pro Kits.

While the 2015 GTA Spano has comparable profitability to the cars mentioned above, it is rendered impractical with its paywall restriction and Elite Car status with tune-ups for it taking 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete.

As previously mentioned, completing certain Collections in the game will award the player with a credit reward. Listed below are all of the collections with a credit reward.

Collection Reward A8 icon max.png Reward
Ion Runners Credits 17,000 Credits 60,000
U.S. Monsters Credits 45,000 Credits 150,000
Audi Credits 9,000 Credits 50,000
New Blood Credits 100,000 Credits 215,000
GT Club Credits 125,000 Credits 500,000
Winter is gone Credits 200,000 Credits 750,000
Red Stallions Credits 350,000 Credits 700,000
Hot Summer Credits 325,000 Credits 800,000
Chevrolet Credits 150,000 N/A
McLaren Credits 500,000 Credits 1,000,000
Running of the Bulls Credits 250,000 Credits 1,000,000
Japanese Dragons Credits 225,000 Credits 750,000
European Collection Credits 350,000 N/A
Mercedes Credits 400,000 Credits 850,000
BMW N/A Credits 675,000
Top Tier N/A Credits 1,200,000
Bolides Credits 700,000 N/A
Gran Turismo N/A Credits 1,000,000
Total Credits 3,746,000 Credits 9,700,000
Grand Total Credits 13,446,000