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Credits are the basic currency of Asphalt Xtreme. In comparison to Asphalt 8, their importance has been reduced as there are less ways to spend them.

  • Unit: Ax credits full Credit
  • Spending:
  • Earning:
  • Buying:
    • Real money: Credits can be bought with Credit Packs in the shop.
  • Exchange rates:
    Credits cannot be exchanged directly for other currencies. The proportion of Credits to Ax tokens full Tokens is inconsistent:
    • A price comparison of Credit and Token Packs in the shop implies a range from Ax tokens full 1 = Ax credits full 662.5 for the biggest to Ax tokens full 1 = Ax credits full 700 for the smallest Pack (may depend on Career Stars full ax Stars).
    • Combined Credits/Tokens prices for Upgrades show a ratio from around Ax tokens full 1 = Ax credits full 710 to Ax tokens full 1 = Ax credits full 736.
    • A comparison of Credits and Tokens prices for Cards in the Black Market delivers values from Ax tokens full 1 = Ax credits full 1,050 to Ax tokens full 1 = Ax credits full 1,575.


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Ax tokens full Tokens



Class D Class C Class B Class A Class S
Axcard back d Axcard back c Axcard back b Axcard back a Axcard back s
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Tickets are used for Limited-Time Events and are the equivalent to Fuel in Asphalt 8. Every race costs a certain amount of tickets.

  • Unit: Tickets small ax Ticket
  • Cap: The Ticket bar has a maximum capacity of Tickets small ax 10.
  • Spending:
    • Entry fee for Limited-Time Event races. Cost per race: Tickets small ax 2–3
  • Earning:
    • Automatic: Tickets small ax 1 every 10 minutes
    • Ad: Players can watch an ad to get Tickets small ax 1. Only the next ticket is "refilled", regardless of the time until it would have been refilled automatically.
  • Buying:
    • Ax tokens full Tokens: Varying price for a complete refill of all Tickets, depending on how many time is left until a complete automatic refill.
  • Exchange rates:
    • The price for a complete refill is reduced by Ax tokens full 1 every 70.42 seconds, so the price for a refill can be calculated by dividing the left seconds by 70.42, rounded up to full Tokens:
      • 30 s = Ax tokens full 1 (Ax tokens full 0.43)
      • 2:20 m (140 s) = Ax tokens full 2 (Ax tokens full 1.99)
      • 2:22 m (142 s) = Ax tokens full 3 (Ax tokens full 2.02)
      • 40:00 m (2,400 s) = Ax tokens full 35 (Ax tokens full 34.08)
    • As the automatic refill time for Tickets small ax 1 is 10 m (600 s), the exchange rate for one full Ticket is 600 divided by 70.42:
      • Buy: Tickets small ax 1 = Ax tokens full 8.52

Level indicators

Power Level

Main article: Drop chance

The Power Level is a classification of basic boxes and can take values from 1 to 4. The higher the Power Level, the "better" the drop chances. In reality, the Power Level is not a box property but simply a measure of how many boxes a player has opened. It is correlated with the →Power Value of Boxes.

Behind the Power Level, there is a hidden counter that increases with every opened box. Once the counter has reached a certain threshold, the Power Level increases by one and the counter is reset.

Power Value

Main article: Drop chance

The Power Value of Boxes is an arbitrary value that increases when a player's Power Level increases.


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Stars full ax Stars

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