A currency in the Asphalt series is a virtual in-game unit that

  • can be obtained by performing specific actions (like finishing races) and
  • can be spent for specific virtual items, for instance cars, upgrades or boosters.

Over the time, a broad variety of currencies has been introduced. They often have two different icons, one for displaying a price or balance (small, often simplified icon) and one for displaying a reward (big icon).

Currency types

Basic currency

Game Currency Icon
Asphalt 7 Dollars Dollars full a7
Asphalt 8 Credits A8 credits small
Fusion Coins Fusion coins full a8
Asphalt 9 Credits Credits small a9
Asphalt Nitro Credits Credits small an
Asphalt Overdrive Bills Bills small ao
Asphalt Streetstorm Cash Cash small as
Asphalt Xtreme Credits Ax credits full

Every game has a basic currency which is Credits in most of the current games. Asphalt 7: Heat used Dollars full a7 Dollars instead, reintroduced in Asphalt Overdrive as Bills small ao Bills and in Asphalt Street Storm Racing as Cash small as Cash.

Basic currencies are mostly earned by finishing races, completing career goals and participating in time-limited events.

With its 2019 Holiday Update, Asphalt 8 has introduced an additional currency named Fusion coins full a8 Fusion Coins which has become a de facto second basic currency.

Premium currency

Game Currency Icon
Asphalt 7 - -
Asphalt 8 Tokens A8 tokens full
Asphalt 9 Tokens Tokens small a9
Asphalt Nitro Tokens An tokens small
Asphalt Overdrive Gold Gold small ao
Asphalt Streetstorm Diamonds Diamonds small as
Asphalt Xtreme Tokens Ax tokens full

Since the introduction of Tokens as a premium currency in Asphalt 8: Airborne, this concept has been taken over to Asphalt Nitro, Asphalt 9: Legends and Asphalt Xtreme. Asphalt Streetstorm has Diamonds small as Diamonds instead. The main characteristics of a premium currency are that it is much more valuable than the basic currency, more difficult to obtain through in-game actions and more often connected with in-app purchases.

Random currency

Game Currency Icon
Asphalt 7 - -
Asphalt 8 Cards A8card back
Asphalt 9 Cards
Asphalt Nitro Cards Ancard back
Asphalt Overdrive - -
Asphalt Streetstorm
Asphalt Xtreme Cards Axcard back d

Again first implemented in Asphalt 8, random currencies mark the introduction of simulated gambling to the Asphalt games. They are usually named Cards and are essential for upgrading and/or obtaining vehicles.

Cards are generally not perceived as a currency at first glance because they come disguised as "Pro Kits" or "Blueprints", suggesting they are part of an upgrading or building process. In reality, Cards are spent and exchanged for virtual items like every other currency. The difficulty is that they can only be obtained through random containers ("Boxes", "Card Packs") so that players often need a large number of trials until they finally get a needed card.

The Fifteenth Anniversary Update of Asphalt 8 finally removed almost all random processes granting Cards so that Asphalt 8 Cards have become something in between a basic and a premium currency which must be earned. They are still listed in this section for the sake of completeness.

Cards in Asphalt Xtreme are a mixture of random and "normal" currency as they can be both granted by random processes and earned by performing in-game actions.

Level indicator

Besides, there are also many level indicators. These are not currencies in the strict sense as they are not exchanged for virtual items but stay in the possession of the players, indicating a certain level they have reached. Surpassing certain thresholds, however, enables players to obtain rewards or unlock features.

Currencies in the Asphalt games

Besides basic, premium and random currencies, most games have several more additional currencies which are listed on the pages below:

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