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Customization is a feature that appears in most Asphalt games. This feature enables players to change the appearance of their car. Customization is purely aesthetic and does not affect performance.

Asphalt 9: Legends Asphalt 9: Legends[]


Colors are divided into 2 types: Official and Custom. Official colors are available by default while Custom allows the player to choose the hue, brightness, saturation, paint type, and number of colors used. Color customization is also available for the car's rims and brake calipers.

Body Parts[]

When a car's star count is sufficiently increased, body customization is unlocked and allows for a car's hood, trunk, and spoiler to have a carbon fiber option to be selected.

The Tune It Up Update overhauls the system by allowing the player to more extensively customize a car's appearance with fictional body kits and adds the roof, side skirts, front & rear bumpers, tire sidewall, and window tint as a customizable option.

Body kits are available for the following cars:

During the Tune It Up Update, a new type of event was added to promote the new feature. Appearing as "Tune Up" and "Show Off" events, these would give a body kit part and rim/tire part respectively.

Customization Card Packs were also added in the form of Customization Packs and Body Kit Packs. These function in the same manner as card packs for parts, but give random customization parts instead. Customization packs are obtainable from time-limited events and the Legend Pass.


Asphalt Street Storm Racing Asphalt Street Storm Racing[]

In Asphalt Street Storm Racing, players can choose different colors (named "paint"), decals, wheels and underglows. Some of these are vehicle-specific; others are generic and can be applied to all vehicles.

Customization features are treated as items that can be bought with in-game currency or obtained from Gift Boxes. Items from Gift Boxes are stored in the player's inventory and can be sold for Cash.

Unlike in Asphalt 8, customization is more similar to real life: Changing a color always costs Cash, and decals are not reusable. Once a decal is applied, it disappears from the inventory and must be acquired again if another decal has been applied afterwards or if the player wants to use it for another vehicle.


Main article: Paint

Paints are divided into several types and subtypes.

  • Specific paints are only available for a specific vehicle and cost the same amount of Cash Cash or Diamonds Diamonds, depending on the vehicle.
  • All other paints are generic and can be applied to almost every vehicle (except, for example, the Alpine Celebration Concept which cannot be customized at all). Prices vary by style, but are the same for all vehicles. See Paint for an overview of generic paints.
Type Style Inventory Price Comment
Specific - no car-dependent These are default paints that can be equipped for free in the shop before buying or claiming a vehicle. Each later change costs Cash Cash or Diamonds Diamonds, depending on the vehicle.
Generic Matte no 13,500 Cash
Generic Metallic no 16,500 Cash
Generic Non metallic no 10,500 Cash
Generic Polarized yes Gift Boxes only.
Generic Chrome yes Gift Boxes only.
Generic Polarized-matte yes Gift Boxes only.


Main article: Decal

There are seven generic decals that can be applied to almost every vehicle (with the aforementioned exceptions). Apart from this, many vehicles have specific and some animated decals. See

Type Inventory Price Comment
Specific yes Gift Boxes only.
Animated no 50,000 Cash
Generic no 9,000 Cash to 18,000 Cash The first generic decal is the "no-decal". Applying it removes any previously applied decal and is free.


Main article: Wheels

Although there is an extra inventory section for wheels, they cannot be stored in the inventory but only equipped directly. Also, it is rather the rims than the whole wheels that can be customized. There are four rims that can cost the same or different amounts of Cash Cash, depending on the vehicle. See Wheels for an overview of generic wheels.

Type Inventory Price Comment
Specific no car-dependent Cash This is the default rim the vehicle comes equipped with in the shop. Caution: Returning to the default rim can also cost Cash Cash for many cars.
Generic no car-dependent Cash The other three rims.


Main article: Underglow

Underglows are always generic. The first grey underglow is the "no-underglow ". Equipping it removes any previously equipped underglow and is free. See Underglow for an overview.

Type Inventory Price Comment
Generic (blue) no 25,000 Cash
Generic (other) yes Gift Boxes only.

Asphalt Nitro Asphalt Nitro[]

In Asphalt Nitro, players can only customize the color of their vehicles in the "Car Paint" section. Changing colors is free.

Asphalt Overdrive Asphalt Overdrive[]

In Asphalt Overdrive, players can not only change the color of their vehicles, but also customize the text of their license plate which is then used for all vehicles. Decals are not featured in Asphalt Overdrive.

  • Every color change costs 5 Gold, even when returning to the initial color.
  • Every license plate change costs 5 Gold as well.

Asphalt 8: Airborne Asphalt 8: Airborne[]

While customization has been around for most of the Asphalt series, customization in Asphalt 8: Airborne originally did not appear, but returned in the Decals Update, It was teased on the Asphalt Facebook page with two photos (as well as banners of Time-limited Events showcasing cars with customizations).