The Daily Bonus is a game element introduced in Asphalt 7: Heat and reintroduced in Asphalt 8: Airborne with the Daily Bonus Update. The equivalents in other games are Daily Login in Asphalt Xtreme and Daily Reward in Asphalt Nitro.

The Daily Bonus adds incentives to log in to the game every day for various rewards.

Asphalt 7: Heat

Daily Bonus appears as a free car lottery (saving 610,000 credits at the end) per 22 hours. Unlike in the next game, the ticket is always given once per day and does not accumulate regardless if the player entered every day or not. However, paying for a lottery spin will reset the timer.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Pre-Rio de Janeiro Update System (v1.2.0 → v2.5.0)

Daily Bonus 30

The Daily Bonus window appeared after loading into the game for the first time that day, after which a percent bonus would be available on the next race the player finished until 12:00 am (midnight) local time in their respective country.

The percent bonus you received depended on how many consecutive days the player had connected in the game. The highest possible reward was a 100% bonus on the 5th day, thereby doubling the amount of earned Credits, similar to the Double Credits item. Subsequent logins after the 5th day would always award a 100% bonus. In fact, if a 100% Daily Bonus was used in conjunction with the Double Credits item, it was possible to quadruple the amount of credits that the player would normally earn in a race. This allowed a user to earn up to 70000A8 credits small 70,000 in one race (earning all 5 stars in a Season 9 race yields at least 14000A8 credits small 14,000 without bonus), but at max twice in the one day duration of the Double Credits.

Daily Bonus benefits can only be used once a day. Upon finishing a race with Daily Bonus, an icon will be displayed on the race rewards window, and the percent bonus will be added to your total. For example, if you win 3000A8 credits small 3,000 in a single race and you have a Daily Bonus of 20%, 600A8 credits small 600 will be added to your total, giving you 3600A8 credits small 3,600.

Percent Bonus

Here are the Daily Bonus rewards, with the corresponding days you will receive them;

  1. Day one — 20%
  2. Day two — 30%
  3. Day three — 40%
  4. Day four — 50%
  5. Day five — 100%

Post-Rio de Janeiro Update System (v2.6.0 → v4.9.0)

The Daily Bonus system was overhauled in the Rio de Janeiro Update, with the introduction of the VIP System. The Daily Bonus is dependent on a schedule, which is fixed in advance and the user's VIP Level. It offers a variety of bonuses such as Credit Bonus Multiplier on the next race, fixed amount of Credits, Tokens, a Pro Box, booster, or decal. As of the Multiplayer League Update, Season Tickets are awarded as daily rewards as well.

Unlike the previous system, this system potentially sets you back far more than 4 days when you miss one gaming day. The Login Progression shows the whole calendar month in advance.

If the player already either has a car or decal, the item that the game was going to reward them will instead be a Credits or Tokens sum.

The Daily Bonus was discontinued on March 18, 2020.

The decals that the player receives as daily rewards are the same for each month, but vary depending on the player's VIP Level. For example, a user who is VIP Level 7 can receive a Premium Decal for the Aston Martin V12 Zagato, while a user who is VIP Level 8 may receive a Chinese New Year 2015 decal for the BMW M6 instead.

Several days in the calendar have a Daily Bonus Credits bonuses, starting at +20% and ending at +125%. Different VIP levels have different Daily Bonus Credits multipliers:

  • VIP 0: x1.0
  • VIP 1: x1.5
  • VIP 2-3: x2.0
  • VIP 4-6: x2.5
  • VIP 7-9: x3.0
  • VIP 10-12: x3.5
  • VIP 13-15: x4.0

When coupled with the Permanent Race Bonus of bonus Credits in Career (+5% for VIP 3-6, +10% for VIP 7-10, +15% for VIP 11-14, and +20% for VIP 15), Season 9: Beyond of the Career Mode is suitable for earning six-digit amounts of Credits in one race, with all 5 Stars earned, along with the highest Daily Bonus Credits bonus and the Permanent Race Bonus. In this instance, it is now possible to earn more than 200000A8 credits small 200,000 in one race, with the approximate maximum being 272000A8 credits small 272,000, with +20% Permanent Race Bonus in Career and +500% Daily Bonus Credits bonus both being combined with completing a Season 9 race with all 5 stars for a later-added car (e.g. from the Tenerife Update onwards).

Monthly Car Rewards

Throughout 2016 and 2017, after the Rio de Janeiro Update, several cars were promoted as Daily Bonus rewards. However, in order to win each car, the user had to log in for (nearly) every day of the month. With the Car Blueprints Update, Blueprints are now given out throughout the month if the promoted car can be assembled using Blueprints. The Porsche Update updated the calendar, so it now showed the actual Blueprints instead of BP Boxes, although said Blueprints still appear as BP Boxes in the player's inventory.

In the case of Blueprint-buildable cars, the player may sometimes prematurely receive the last Blueprint(s) required for the car, allowing them to assemble the car earlier than normal.

Alternate Rewards

With the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, the alternate reward was bugged and would only give 2800A8 credits small 2,800. Gameloft Customer Care compensated for the meagre sum either with 35000A8 credits small 35,000 or a decal for the car worth 2100A8 tokens full 2,100. This has since been fixed for all subsequent, non-Blueprint cars (in which the Blueprints have to be manually sold in the case of Blueprints cars prior to Motorcycles Update):

  • BMW M3 Sedan: 31000A8 credits small 31,000 (original cost  950A8 tokens full 950)
  • Lamborghini Miura: 108000A8 credits small 108,000 (original cost: 325000A8 credits small 325,000 or 2100A8 tokens full 2,100)
  • Ferrari F40: 250000A8 credits small 250,000 (original cost: 575000A8 credits small 575,000)
  • Honda S2000: 150000A8 credits small 150,000 (original cost: 295000A8 credits small 295,000)
  • Nissan Juke Nismo: 80000A8 credits small 80,000 (original cost: 155000A8 credits small 155,000 or 1100A8 tokens full 1,100)
  • Ferrari Testarossa: 150000A8 credits small 150,000 (original cost: 295000A8 credits small 295,000)
  • BMW M1: 200000A8 credits small 200,000 (original cost: 375000A8 credits small 375,000)
  • Cadillac ATS-V Coupe: 75000A8 credits small 75,000 (May 2017, if all 25 blueprints are sold; original cost: 250000A8 credits small 250,000 or 2050A8 tokens full 2,050) or 37500Fusion points small a8 37,500 (January & February 2018)
  • Mazda 6: 60000A8 credits small 60,000 (June 2016, if all 20 blueprints are sold; original cost: 270000A8 credits small 270,000 or 1475A8 tokens full 1,475) or 30000Fusion points small a8 30,000 (March 2018, April 2018)
  • Maserati MC12: 72000A8 credits small 72,000 or 36000Fusion points small a8 36,000 (if all 8 blueprints are sold; original cost: 2250A8 tokens full 2,250)
  • Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2016 Veloce: 48000A8 credits small 48,000 or 24000Fusion points small a8 24,000 (if all 16 blueprints are sold; original cost: 170000A8 credits small 170,000 or 1200A8 tokens full 1,200)
  • DS 3 Racing: 18000Fusion points small a8 18,000 (if all 12 blueprints are sold; original cost: 105000A8 credits small 105,000)
  • Lucra L148: 52500Fusion points small a8 52,500 (if all 35 blueprints are sold; original cost: 400000A8 credits small 400,000)
  • Honda Integra Type-R: 36000Fusion points small a8 36,000 (if all 8 blueprints are sold; original cost: 450000A8 credits small 450,000 or 2650A8 tokens full 2,650)
  • Marussia B2: 15000Fusion points small a8 15,000 (if all 10 blueprints are sold; original cost: 75000A8 credits small 75,000)
  • AC 378 GT Z: 45000Fusion points small a8 45,000 (if all 30 blueprints are sold; original cost: 400000A8 credits small 400,000)
  • Ducati Monster 1200: 20000A8 credits small 20,000 (original cost: 100000A8 credits small 100,000 or 525A8 tokens full 525)
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