Daily Goals is a game element of Asphalt 9: Legends introduced in the Community Update. Players can complete a set of goals to earn rewards within 24 hours and can be accessed by clicking the clipboard icon in the title bar between the Shop button and the Profile button. When the task is completed, a notification in the bottom center of the screen is displayed. The reward is delivered once the completed goal is clicked on.

There are a total of 8 goals (9 when a Special Event is running). to complete. Each goal varies from making a purchase in the Legends Store, playing Multiplayer races, earning rep for your club and more.


The rewards for completing each goal are:

  • Tokens small a9 5
  • Lamborghini Asterion Blueprints (5x if the car has not been unlocked, 1x if the car is unlocked) (goal combo reward)
  • Tokens small a9 15 (goal combo reward if the Asterion is at full stars)


  • Claim Cards Packs from the Shop x3
  • Play any Race x3
  • Upgrade Cars x1
  • Play Daily Events x3
  • Play Multiplayer Races x3
  • Purchase at the Legend Store x1
  • Win reputation for your club - 50 rep
  • Apply Import Parts to a car x1
  • Play Special Events x3 (Only appears when a Special Event is ongoing)
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