Daily Kit Box
A8Box Daily Kit Box
"Grants 10 random cards! They can be Common, Rare or Legendary!"
Official info
Last checked Dec 22, 2019
Price -
Drop rates Common: 54.93 %
Rare: 38.26 %
Legendary: 6.81 %
Availability Permanent offer
(every 24 hours)
Period Sep 1, 2019 – Jan 2, 2020
Sample size 1,780 cards (178 boxes)
Icon excellent Excellent: Sample size >= 1,000
Common 956 53.71 %
Rare 703 39.49 %
Legendary 121 6.80 %
Blueprints 0 0.00 %
Engines 178 10.00 %
Tech 178 10.00 %
Parts 1424 80.00 %
Dispersion per box
min–max Mean
Common 2–9 5.37
Rare 1–8 3.95
Legendary 0–2 0.68
Blueprints 0–0 0.00
Engines 1–1 1.00
Tech 1–1 1.00
Parts 8–8 8.00
A8 icon engine 178 Engine cards by type
Four-Stroke 0 0.00 %
i3 12 0.67 %
i4 13 0.73 %
i5 7 0.39 %
V6 18 1.01 %
V8 17 0.96 %
V-Twin 0 0.00 %
Electric 11 0.62 %
Forced Four-Str. 0 0.00 %
High-Grade 0 0.00 %
Hot Wheels 0 0.00 %
Hybrid 12 0.67 %
Serial Racing 5 0.28 %
Custom Racing 3 0.17 %
Exceptional 4 0.22 %
F12 7 0.39 %
F6 4 0.22 %
Forced-Ind. V8 5 0.28 %
i6 7 0.39 %
Legendary Electr. 5 0.28 %
Rotary 5 0.28 %
V10 9 0.51 %
V12 13 0.73 %
V12 MPI 5 0.28 %
V16 5 0.28 %
W16 11 0.62 %
A8 icon tech 178 Tech cards by type
Early Tech 0 0.00 %
Initial Tech 0 0.00 %
Mid-Tech 140 7.87 %
Advanced Tech 38 2.13 %
Common Tech 0 0.00 %
Rare Tech 0 0.00 %
Pro Tech 0 0.00 %
A8 icon parts 1424 Part cards by type
Tires 371 20.84 %
Suspension 390 21.91 %
Drivetrain 340 19.10 %
Exhaust 323 18.15 %
A8 icon parts 1424 Part cards by class
Class D 287 16.12 %
Class C 287 16.12 %
Class B 315 17.70 %
Class A 286 16.07 %
Class S 249 13.99 %
A8 icon parts 1424 Part cards by vehicle type
Car 1424 80.00 %
Bike 0 0.00 %

The Daily Kit Box is a Pro Kit Box in Asphalt 8: Airborne. Introduced with the Fast Lane Update, it replaces the A8Box Super Racer Kit Box Super Racer Kit Box † and has increased drop rates of rare and legendary items. Upon its introduction, the Daily Kit Box looked like the Super Racer Kit Box, but got its green design with the 2019 Spring Update.

Since September 2019 (during the Sixth Anniversary Mini Update), Daily Kit Boxes also grant i3 and V12 MPI Engines.


The Daily Kit Box is available for free every 24 hours. Contrary to the A8Box Finish Line Box Finish Line Box, the timer does not count down to 0:00 player's local time, but is only reset when a box is claimed. Therefore players can only get 6 boxes per week, and this only if they claim the Daily Kit Box directly after it becomes available.

Hidden rules

  • Every Daily Kit Box contains exactly 1 Engine, 1 Tech and 8 Part cards.
  • The Tech card is either Mid-Tech or Advanced Tech with a ratio of 4:1. No other Tech cards are granted.
  • The box does not grant any blueprints at all. It does not have the hidden rule of the Super Racer Kit Box which contained at least 1 blueprint per box.



Deviation history

Cards by rarity in Daily Kit Boxes
  • Showdown Update: Drop rates have been changed, first to A8BoxInfo Common: 64.34 % | Rare: 28.54 % | Legendary: 7.12 %, following the general changes which increased common and reduced rare cards by around 5 % for most boxes. Later they were changed again to A8BoxInfo Common: 54.71 % | Rare: 38.17 % | Legendary: 7.12 %. Both changes can be seen in the chart where the lines for common and rare cards first diverge and then slowly apporach the current drop rates.
Cards by rarity in Daily Kit Boxes (4.2.0)
  • 2019 Spring Update: After constant deviations during the Fast Lane Update, drop rates were changed. The average frequencies now became very stable. While the value for legendary cards was almost exactly like predicted by the official drop rate, the values for common and rare cards clearly differed by 1.8 % from their drop rates. With such a large sample size, outliers or "unusual" streaks cannot significantly influence the final outcome any more—the official drop rates were close to reality, but still not correct.
Cards by rarity in Daily Kit Boxes (pre 4.2.0)
  • Fast Lane Update: The real percentages of rare and legendary items differed significantly from the official drop rates by 1.5 to more than 6 percent. It is possible that the guaranteed Mid-Tech and Advanced Tech cards were not taken into account for the calculation of the official drop rates. If these cards were taken out of the sample, the values became more correct and only deviated by 2 percent at most. This has obviously been noticed and changed by Gameloft around April 1, 2019 (sample size 350): Before that date, the relative frequencies of common and rare cards had started to stabilize far off the official drop rates, but now they diverged and started approaching the target rates.


None of the opened boxes contained other than exactly 1 engine. This proves the suspected rule of 1 engine per box.

The Daily Kit Box does not grant Hot Wheels and bike engines.


None of the opened boxes contained other than exactly 1 Tech card. This proves the suspected rule of 1 Tech per box. The Tech card always was either Mid-Tech or Advanced Tech.

2019 Halloween Update: The ratio of Mid-Tech to Advanced Tech now seems to tend towards 4:1.

The Tech card in Daily Kit Boxes

2019 Spring Update: The changes of the update established a stable ratio of 7:3 (70 % Mid-Tech, 30 % Advanced Tech) which has not been changed since. There are two reasons why the lines are less smooth than in the general charts above:

  1. Mathematically, the Tech card is a separate one-card trial within the composed ten-card experiment "Daily Kit Box". While the sample size for the whole box is 2,840 cards, the sample size for the sub-experiment "Tech card" is actually only 284 cards, so a particular outcome has much more effect on the average than after a large number of trials (see law of large numbers).
  2. The sample space of the Tech card experiment only consists of two possible outcomes (Mid-Tech and Advanced Tech), so if one of them occurs, it automatically makes up 100 % of that particular trial which means 0 % for the other. This explains the symmetrical zigzag course of the lines (see Bernoulli trial).
The Tech card in Daily Kit Boxes (pre 4.2.0)

Fast Lane Update: During the first time, the ratio of Mid-Tech and Advanced Tech was somewhat erratic which indicates that the drop rates have been tampered with at least once. The changes around April 1, 2019, (sample size 350) also affected the ratio of Mid-Tech to Advanced Tech which had tended to 2:1, but then diverged again.


A8Box Champion Kit BoxIcon excellent Champion Kit Box4.420.6211.8612.718.84
A8Box Daily Kit BoxIcon excellent Daily Kit Box7.872.1316.1216.1217.70
A8Box Engine Box 1-5Icon ok Engine Box 1-
A8Box Extra BoxIcon ok Extra Fusion Box †0.000.0015.7216.718.66
A8Box Finish Line BoxIcon ok Finish Line Box2.721.367.1410.439.64
A8Box Multiplayer Pro BoxIcon warning Multiplayer Pro Box0.000.0015.3615.078.12
A8Box Optimal Shuffle BoxIcon ok Optimal Shuffle Box1.160.2922.5424.2821.39
A8Box Optimal Split BoxIcon excellent Optimal Split Box0.440.0522.3321.6520.29
A8Box Random Box 1-5Icon excellent Random Box 1-50.030.0722.3421.4112.17
A8Box Specialist Kit BoxIcon warning Specialist Kit Box0.000.0017.6211.908.10
A8Box Starter BoxIcon ok Starter Fusion Box †0.000.0021.3021.8311.90
A8Box Ultra BoxIcon excellent Super Fusion Box0.100.009.5910.476.59
A8Box Tech Box 1-5Icon warning Tech Box 1-517.
A8Box Ultra BoxIcon ok Ultra Fusion Box †

All in all, the guarantee of either Mid-Tech or Advanced Tech makes the Daily Kit Box a good choice for players looking for these cards.

  • Probability of getting Mid-Tech: 70 %
  • Probability of getting Advanced Tech: 30 %


The Daily Kit Box is usually in the top third of boxes granting Class D, C and B parts.

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