Daily Tasks is a game element of Asphalt 8: Airborne, introduced in the Enduro Update. It consists, as the name suggests, of a series of actions to perform within 24 hours and can be accessed via the to-do-list-icon in the title bar between the YOU button and the A8Credits Credits button or the top right icon in the pause screen. When the task is completed, a notification in the bottom center of the screen is displayed. The reward is delivered when you return to the home screen. The Daily Tasks are random and individual for each user.

If a daily task doesn't suit the user, for instance because he doesn't own a car of the brand required, a new task can be requested using the green refresh arrow next to the TAP TO GO button. The refresh process takes 2 hours to finish.

If the task has a progress bar of 0/1, this means the user has to complete this task within one race, even if it is not specifically stated. For instance, the taks "Perform 5 Flat Spins in a race in this game mode: EVENTS" doesn't state explicitely in one race, but has a progress bar of 1.

There are 3 categories of Daily Tasks:

  • Cars
  • Events
  • Multiplayer

The Rewards are:

  • A8Credits 1,400 to A8Credits 2,500
  • Random Box granting 2 or 4 cards
  • A8Tokens 20 or 1 Blueprint Box upon completion of all three tasks
  • 1 Season Ticket
  • A8Tokens 5


Daily Tasks1

An action to be performed anywhere in the game, Career Mode, Mastery, Events, R&D, EDD or Multiplayer, for instance:

  • Earn n Credits
  • Perform n Flat Spins
  • Perform n Barrel Rolls
  • Perform n Knockdowns
  • Drift n meters
  • Upgrade a car
  • Use the DOUBLE CREDITS booster

Depending on the action, it can have one or several condition such as:

  • in one jump
  • in a race
  • with this car brand
  • using this car


Daily Tasks2

The same kind of actions as with cars, but to be performed in Events:

  • Complete a Time-Limited Event race and finish in this position: n.
  • Finish a race in first place n times in EVENTS.
  • Perform n Flat Spins in a race in this game mode: EVENTS.
  • Perform n Barrel Rolls in a race in this game mode: EVENTS.
  • Perform n Knockdowns this game mode: EVENTS.
  • Trigger n perfect Nitros in this game mode: EVENTS.


Daily Tasks6

Generally actions linked to a certain class or brand, to be performed in World Series (now Multiplayer League):

  • Complete n World Series races using a(n) X-class car.
  • Complete n World Series races using a car from this brand.
  • Perform n Knockdowns in this game mode: MULTIPLAYER.
  • Complete a race in World Series and finish in this position: n.
  • Get n perfect nitros in Multiplayer.
  • Play n Multiplayer races.

Daily Tasks Streak

Introduced in the 2018 Spring Update, completing Daily Tasks now counts towards a Streak Reward. Completing the streak requires 12 Tasks to be completed consecutively. The rewards are either an Enhanced Split Box or a Super Shuffle BP Box.

5th Anniversary

Main article: 5th Anniversary#Anniversary Quests

A total of 30 quests are introduced as part of the 5th Anniversary event in the Fifth Anniversary Update. Unlike regular Daily Tasks, each of the 30 Anniversary Quests has 3 levels to complete and award Anniversary Coins when a level is completed. Completing all 90 quests awards a total of A8AnniversaryCoins 2,250 and a A8AnniversaryCoins 750 completion bonus.


  • If your task depends on a certain brand, and you perform it but you do not own this car (Free Try in Events, R&D or EDD) it will not be counted.
  • Prior to the Fall Out Boy Update, the amount of A8Tokens you earn can be a generous source of A8Tokens, allowing you to earn A8Tokens 600 per month, or A8Tokens 7,300 per year. This is in the price range of some high-end S class cars. Still, in order to get those A8Tokens, you need to play daily and complete each and every task.
  • The user can tap X next to one of the tasks to begin the process of rerolling the task. This requires waiting 2 hours, or a payment of A8Tokens 5, but it can get you out of an impossible task (usually requiring a certain brand, which you don't own or where you have no possibility to upgrade.)
  • If the user requested a new task, the task is already active during the refresh waiting period, and the user might accomplish it accidentally.
  • Season tickets, used for ranked races in the Multiplayer League, used to be part of the rewards for completing a daily task, but this was exclusive to the Multiplayer League Update.