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Daily Tasks is a gameplay element in Asphalt Street Storm Racing, comparable to Daily Tasks in Asphalt 8: Airborne. Players can complete five tasks per day.

Rewards are not granted automatically but have to be claimed; players get a notification icon at their profile button. After completing all five tasks, an additional streak reward can be claimed.

The tasks are the same each day. As they always include "Perform 3 upgrades on any car", the upgrade costs may surpass the Cash rewards for advanced players, but the Diamonds for completing all tasks may be worth it.


Task Rewards
Beginner Advanced
Complete Tasks. 15 Diamonds 15 Diamonds
Perfect Start mania! Start off the race perfectly 2 times and get an extra reward! 750 Cash 3,000 Cash
Get 15 perfect shifts in several races! 500 Cash 2,000 Cash
Perform 3 upgrades on any car! 500 Cash 2,000 Cash
Win at least 2 bets today! 1,000 Cash 4,000 Cash
Win 5 challenge(s) against a live contender! 1,000 Cash 4,000 Cash


  • The "Perfect Starts" goal can also be achieved in Test Drives with no damage to the car and no risk of losing a race. The Aston Martin Vulcan is a good choice for this purpose as it is quite easy to achieve perfect starts with it.
  • To achieve the "2 bets" goal, players can wait in the Multiplayer lobby for NPCs to challenge them, then bet the highest possible amount of Cash Cash. The NPC will chicken out and the bet counts as won.