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A Koenigsegg One:1 with a decal on, Asphalt 8: Airborne.

Decals, also known as Visual Customizations, are visual customization items that can be applied to cars in the Asphalt series. Note that decals do not affect a car's performance characteristics, only visual appearance.

Asphalt 9: Legends Asphalt 9: Legends

Decals were first introduced as a Special Event reward for the featured car with non-event specific designs being added in the Tune It Up Update. Decals can be unlocked as an Event or Career reward. All Grand Prix cars feature three special decals (differing only in numbers, 01 to 03) awarded for finishing top three in the event (depending on player's tier).

The following cars currently have decals as of the Heatwave Season Update:

Asphalt Street Storm Racing Asphalt Street Storm Racing

Decals in Asphalt Street Storm Racing are treated as items that can be bought with Cash Cash or obtained from Gift Boxes. Decals from Gift Boxes are stored in the player's inventory and can be sold for Cash.

Unlike in Asphalt 8: Airborne, customization is more similar to real life: Changing a decal always costs Cash. Also, once a decal from Gift Boxes is applied, it disappears from the inventory and must be acquired again if another decal has been applied afterwards or if the player wants to use it for another vehicle.


Decals are divided into specific, animated and generic.

  • Specific decals are only available for a specific vehicle and can only be obtained from Gift Boxes. One rare exception is the Race I Race I decal for the BMW M4 GTS which can also be bought for Cash Cash.
  • Animated decals are internally marked as generic but can only be equipped for very few cars, namely the Porsche 918 Spyder and W Motors Fenyr SuperSport. Fire Fire and Paint Paint are permanently offered; others were only available from Gift Boxes during special events and updates and cannot be obtained any more, except for Pink Slips.
  • All other decals are generic, permanently offered and can be applied to almost every vehicle (except, for example, the Alpine Celebration Concept which cannot be customized at all). Prices vary by decal, but are the same for all vehicles.
Type Inventory Price Comment
Specific yes Gift Boxes only.
Animated no 50,000 Cash
Generic no 9,000 Cash to 18,000 Cash The first generic decal is the "no-decal". Applying it removes any previously applied decal and is free.

Drop rates

Box Drop rate
Bronze Gift Box Bronze Gift Box 19.65 %
Silver Gift Box Silver Gift Box 6.58 %
Gold Gift Box Gold Gift Box 2.91 %

Due to the great variety of available decals, one specific decal is relatively hard to obtain.

While the statistical drop rate of decals in general is 12.81 % (weighted average based on 5,799 items from the 3 most common boxes), specific decals usually have an average drop rate of less than 1 %.

The table to the right shows the average drop rates of decals per box.

Specific and animated decals

See Item availability matrix 2 for an overview of animated and specific decals.

Generic decals

Racing I on blue

Racing I on black

When displaying the icon for a decal in the customization section, the game takes into account the current color of the selected vehicle. This may result in some details not being shown appropriately, like for the Racing I Racing I decal in the example to the right where the decal's blue areas merge with the car's blue color.

All examples in the following table are shown on a BMW M2 Coupé in default blue.

Bronze Gift Box
Silver Gift Box
Gold Gift Box
Sale value
Example icon Example image
Grunge Grunge       13,500 Cash BMW M2 Grunge icon as.png BMW M2 Grunge as.png
Racing I Racing I       18,000 Cash BMW M2 Racing I icon as.png BMW M2 Racing I as.png
Racing II Racing II       9,000 Cash BMW M2 Racing II icon as.png BMW M2 Racing II as.png
Stripes I Stripes I       9,000 Cash BMW M2 Stripes I icon as.png BMW M2 Stripes I as.png
Stripes II Stripes II       9,000 Cash BMW M2 Stripes II icon as.png BMW M2 Stripes II as.png
Techno Techno       13,500 Cash BMW M2 Techno icon as.png BMW M2 Techno as.png

Asphalt Xtreme Asphalt Xtreme

Decals in Asphalt Xtreme are the only way to customize a vehicle. Most decals can be unlocked by completing certain Mastery challenges; some others can only be obtained as reward from Limited-Time Events.

Asphalt 8: Airborne Asphalt 8: Airborne

An example of an Event-exclusive decal for the McLaren 675LT.

An example of a VIP-obtainable decal for the Aston Martin V12 Zagato.

Introduced in the Decals Update in March 2015, decals may have to be purchased with in-game currency, although they are often available as prizes in Time-Limited Events. A number of them are also obtainable via Mastery Rewards. The value of a decal depends largely on the value of the car it is associated with, as well as its attractiveness. Decals range from simple stripes to more complex and/or attractive designs. Decals can cost either credits or tokens.

Decals start at Credits 6,000 and can reach as high as Credits 1,200,000. They also can cost Tokens, ranging from Tokens 40 to Tokens 6,000. The Koenigsegg One:1 and Savage Rivale GTR have decals by default; in this case, both cars actually have custom textures that were once selectable colors in the San Diego Harbor Update and Winter Update, albeit with each one marked as an "Unofficial color".

Since the Elite Cars Update, there are two Decal Packs that can be purchased as an IAP. One pack, costing US$29.99 and titled Top Contender Decal Pack (awards 3,000 VIP Points), grants decals from the most popular cars between the Decals Update and Santa's Gift Update, ranging from the Ferrari 330 P4 to the TRION NEMESIS. Another pack, costing US$74.99 and titled Garage Kingpin Decal Pack (awards 7,500 VIP Points), grants a huge selection of decals from almost all cars in the game all the way up to the Alfa Romeo 4C from the Lunar New Year Update. It is worth noting that this decal pack will actually give the player some decals that are normally not purchasable under normal circumstances.

Since the Rio de Janeiro Update, decals are awarded as Daily Login Bonus rewards by leveling up in the VIP System. VIP Level 2 users start receiving exclusive decals as Daily Bonus rewards, while VIP Level 9 users also start receiving the more exclusive Premium Decals as Daily Bonus rewards. The decals awarded depend on the player's VIP Level; for instance, a VIP Level 4 user may receive a decal for the Renault CLIO R.S. 200 EDC as their final Daily Bonus decal reward for the month, while a VIP Level 7 user may instead receive a decal for the Aston Martin V12 Zagato as their final Daily Bonus decal reward for the month. The VIP System may also give players special decals that are unlockable only through Events and/or Multiplayer League Seasons (like the one for the Aston Martin V12 Zagato pictured above). If the player already has the decal, the game will instead reward the player with credits as compensation.

Since the Multiplayer League Update, decals are awarded as Multiplayer League rewards for earning and saving points. Up to 8 decals can be earned for each Multiplayer League Season.

Decals that cost either tokens or are Event-exclusive decals are called "Premium Decals". However, not all token-purchasable decals can be classified as "Premium Decals".

If the player attempts to buy a decal for a car they currently do not own, the game will pull up a confirmation box saying that the player doesn't own that car yet and asking if they want to buy that decal anyway.

List of cars without any decals

† These cars only have unreleased decals.

List of cars that only have exclusive decals

List of cars that have had all of their decals permanently removed

List of cars that have had some of their purchasable decals permanently removed

Note: This list excludes Lunar New Year 2015/2016 decals that were removed for all cars, apart from three that have remained purchasable for the Lamborghini Veneno. Those decals are still viewable and usable if the player owned them before they were removed.

† These cars have decals that are no longer purchasable in the Garage but are still available through Decal Packs.

List of cars with some decals that aren't displayed properly

List of cars that received decals in an update after they debuted

Tenerife Update

Research & Development Update

Santa's Gift Update

Lunar New Year Update

† Decals are no longer purchasable as of the Lunar New Year 2017 Update.

Elite Cars Update

Rio de Janeiro Update

Championship Update

Porsche Update

List of cars and bikes with default decals

Note: This list excludes simpler decals, such as carbon fibre plates, minor highlights and minor branding.

List of cars with default flag decals (usually small)

Note: The entire Audi R8 e-tron Special Edition and Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG Special Edition cars, which have Lunar New Year decals by default, have the colours of the German flag.

List of cars with decals hidden in the data / exclusive to Events

List of cars with Lunar New Year 2015/2016 decals

Decals Update (2015)More than 300 Decals Update (2015)

Tenerife Update (2015)Lunar New Year Update (2016)

Note: All LNY 2015 decals were redesigned into LNY 2016 decals.

List of cars with Lunar New Year 2017 decals

Championship Update (2016)Lunar New Year 2017 Update

List of cars with Rio 2016 Olympics decals

Rio de Janeiro Update

† The decals were never released for these cars but they can be found in the game's files.

Asphalt 7: Heat and Asphalt Injection

Decals can be applied onto a car since the initial release of the game. Most decals must be unlocked by earning Stars.


Asphalt 7: Heat
  • Certain decals are unlocked by earning Stars.
Asphalt 8: Airborne
  • In the Mastery Rewards screen, the decal pack previews curiously show a Maserati GranTurismo Sport wearing each decal despite the car actually having no selectable decals.
  • The Lotus Exige S Coupe has a "built-in" decal on its standard paint selection.
  • The 9FF GT9 VMAX and Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG Black Series both have decals which have been removed permanently due to controversy over their Japanese samurai themes and the use of the Rising Sun Flag of Japan, which is de facto banned in countries like South Korea due to its use in World War II.
    • This is also because of Japan being part of the Axis powers during World War II.
  • The Honda Integra Type-R and BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage each have a decal that costs Credits 1,200,000, the most expensive decal in the game.
  • One of the decals for the ED Design Torq costs Tokens 6,000, making it the most expensive decal for any car in the game and costs more than the car itself at Tokens 4,000.
  • Since v2.3.0, almost all Chinese New Year 2015 decals can no longer be purchased and can only be instead won via Events. Strangely, only three Chinese New Year 2015 decals on the Lamborghini Veneno are still obtainable normally, even as of the Lunar New Year 2017 Update.
    • Since the Lunar New Year 2017 Update, all Chinese New Year 2016 decals introduced in the Lunar New Year Update can no longer be purchased as well.
  • Decals are hidden in the internal data, in the "decals.bin.libx" and "decals.libx" files in the "decals" folder.
  • Almost all of the new cars released through the recent updates, as well as all vehicles from the Porsche Update onwards, lack decals of any kind. This may be due to the requirement to keep updates under 2 GB in size.[1]



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