The Dart can compete in Multiplayer to some extent, due to having a very low starting rank. Unlike early cars from higher Classes, the possibility of a lower-ranked car (with upgrades applied) being matched against the Dart is impossible, as of 2017. Therefore, similarly to how the Aston Martin Vulcan is popularly used as a Multiplayer car at ranks 1750+ with a MAX + PRO configuration because of a relatively even playing field (though it has the best overall stats compared to all competitors, by a small margin), the Dart is usable at ranks 550- because all competitors are generally in the same situation.

At such a low level, the player usually wins by being more skilled, more experienced with map routes, and by using boosters. However, races usually take 4 to 6 minutes to complete. Also, almost no Rating Points can be gained once the player crosses the 1300 Rating Point barrier (though at rank ~600, Rating Points can be gained even by players at 1600-1700 total Rating Points). Despite this, the main advantage of competing at 550- is that you can come first-third in most races, allowing the Dart to be a Multiplayer League Point "Farmer" (Multiplayer League Points are a separate system from Rating Points).

At rank 550-, the only bracket where the Dart can seriously compete as a high-end Multiplayer car, its rivals include other Darts (common; starting rank = 515), the R8 e-tron (common; starting rank = 527), the Model S (moderately rare; starting rank = 551), the ATS (very rare; starting rank = 586), the F-150  (rare; starting rank = 506), the Volkswagen Beetle Turbo (rare; starting rank = 527), the Renault DeZir (moderately rare; starting rank = 514), the Camaro Z/28 (extremely rare; starting rank = 543), and the SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STI (rare; starting rank = 517).

Most games played while using an unupgraded Dart in Multiplayer will have a demographic like this; 4-5 Darts and 2-3 R8 e-trons. However, on relatively rare occasions (rare, as in every 5-10 games) a car like the F-150 or DeZir can make an appearance in a 550- Multiplayer game. At such low levels, neither the F-150 nor DeZir holds any real advantages or disadvantages. However, at 550+, the true powers of the F-150, Beetle, DeZir, Z/28, and IMPREZA are revealed. These cars are different from the Dart, R8 e-tron, Model S, and ATS in that they all possess very high MAX ranks and final ranks. This allows them to use "upgrade momentum" to increase their speeds more efficiently than cars like the Dart, while also giving them larger Tuning Kit bonuses. Aside from that, these cars also generally have slightly superior default performances, which start to show with upgrades; for example, the Renault DeZir possesses a high nitro efficiency of 6/9/12.

Individually, the Beetle, Z/28 and IMPREZA can be said to be somewhat similar to the R8 e-tron. They all possess low raw top speeds but high nitro statistics, resulting in slightly higher total top speeds overall. Additionally, they all feature slightly superior nitro efficiencies to the Dart, at 9/14/19, 9/14/19 and 8/13/18, respectively; they also feature slightly superior acceleration speeds. These cars are basically R8 e-trons with faster total top speeds.

The other two cars, the F-150 and DeZir, are different. The F-150 is the first of its kind and cannot be compared fully to any other car in the game, as of 2017. Apart from being the only non-car vehicle in the game (unless Formula 1 cars are counted also) before the Motorcycles Update, the F-150 has unique statistics. It features a high acceleration speed and an extreme nitro strength, the current highest in the game. On the contrary, it also features horrible handling while under nitro, decent handling and drifting when not under nitro, and the lowest raw top speed statistic in the entire game. The F-150's unique nitro efficiency is 9/13/17.

The DeZir is another unusual car, although it is now comparable to all of the new Porsche cars, the ED Design Torq, the Honda Integra Type-R, and the Peugeot SR1. It features a very high nitro statistic; higher than the R8 e-tron but lower than the F-150. Because of this, it also features a very low top speed statistic; barely higher than the R8 e-tron and F-150 but lower than the Dart. The DeZir also features a high acceleration speed and a high nitro efficiency (mentioned above). Its handling is similar to the F-150.

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