Double Credits
An icon double credits
"Double the credits you win in each race!"
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Game Asphalt Nitro
Price An tokens small 100
Duration 24 hours
Availability Permanent offer
Daily Reward
Time-Limited Events
Kit Boxes

Double Credits is a booster in Asphalt Nitro which doubles the amount of Credits earned in races. As with other boosters, Double Credits is effective for a certain time, during which all the races a player starts are affected.


The Double Credits booster can be activated on the booster selection screen before a race or in the boosters section of the shop. If players have obtained a Double Credits booster from Time-Limited Events or Kit Boxes before, it is marked as free, otherwise it costs An tokens small 100 to activate.

A special version of Double Credits can also be obtained by watching an ad after a race. The unique feature of this option is that players can watch an ad for the same race several consecutive times, enabling them to double already doubled Credits again. This makes the Double Credits option extremely valuable for races with a high Credits output as it increases the earnings exponentially. See Exponential Credits for further details.

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