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Drive like an Old Spice Man
Drive like an Old Spice Man
"OLD SPICE schenkt dir einen extra Tank!"
Last checked Oct 9, 2020
Duration 15 minutes
Availability Reoccurring offer
– Every 12 hours
Timer reset: claiming the booster
(only for German players during the Old Spice x Asphalt 8: Airborne marketing campaign)

The sponsored booster on the pre-race screen

Drive like an Old Spice Man (capitalized Drive like an OLD SPICE Man in-game) is the name of a time-limited sponsored 15-Min Extra Tank 15-Min Extra Tank booster in Asphalt 8: Airborne.

It was part of the Old Spice x Asphalt 8: Airborne promotional campaign of August 15, 2020.


Like the corresponding 2020-08-27 Old Spice Cup event, the booster was available only for German players from August 27 to September 1, 2020.

It replaced the 15-Min Extra Tank 15-Min Extra Tank and was available for free every 12 hours. Once the booster was used up, its price turned back to the regular Tokens 200 until the next 12 hour period. Free 15-Min Extra Tank 15-Min Extra Tanks that were already in the player's inventory were not affected.

Unlike the Falken Tyres campaign of 2019 where the promotional graphics blocked the players' ad buttons for Tuning Kit Tuning Kits †, video ads for the 5-Min Nitro Starter 5-Min Nitro Starters were left intact.


The booster description is always in German, even if the language settings are set to another language. It reads: "OLD SPICE gifts you an extra [sic!] Tank!"


The icon shows two Nitro bottles colored in Old-Spice-specific red with a brand logo on it. However, the logo remains flat and has not been adapted to the round form of the bottle. Futhermore, the whole icon is flat and does not have the 3D "game chip" appearance of all other boosters since the 2020 Spring Update.

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