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Lab .001.[]

  • Test .001.: Nothing like the open road and a new model to get that heart pumping. Let's throw you in and see how well you keep your cool.

  • Test .002.: Sometimes with these newer models it's hard to tell who's really in the driver's seat. Show us who's boss!

  • Test .003.: Some of the lamer scientists are a bit worried about your performance. I set up this track so you can prove them wrong. Let's go!

  • Test .004.: In Madrid they say, "Bienvenidos." Here in Barcelona they say, "Benvinguda." Now make that bike say, "Vroom, vroom."

  • Test .005.: What happens when you have a bunch of pros and only one Ducati? Elimination. Last racer standing gets to continue!

  • Test .006.: The suits and coats are talking about releasing the insanely difficult AI on you. I said let's give the kid one more race...

  • Test .007.: Here it is, the Ultimate AI. Welcome to the race that we all know you won't win -- but we're all rooting for you. At least I am.

Lab .002.[]

  • Test .008.: Welcome to Lab 2 and... WOW, look at that bike. What's her name? I'm going to assume it's a her. Um, let's see what she can do.

  • Test .009.: Hey, be careful. There's a virus going around on the track and I don't want her getting sick. What? Uh... of COURSE bikes can catch a cold.

  • Test .010.: All right bike -- pop, drop, and lock it for me! Or just drift. Drifting is honestly best. Show me how you mooove!

  • Test .011.: Hey, you've been with that bike for a little bit, right? Do you know if she's, like, seeing anyone? I mean, outside of you.

  • Test .012.: Wow -- you're fast! Let's maybe slow it down a little more this time so I can actually see the bike... But not too slow!

  • Test .013.: Let's do a timed test and see what comes first: you completing the course or me falling in love with that bike...

  • Test .014.: We're going to Area 51, but the only thing alien to me is this budding relationship! I've never dated anyone before, human or bike! Oh, right -- you should race now.

  • Test .015.: OK, let's do a test where we pretend I'm at the end of the course and you have to race to me, powered only by love. Or you can just come in first.

  • Test .016.: The Swiss Alps. Between the mountain view and hundreds of dinner reservations, I can confidently say this would make a great first date and a great track.

  • Test .017.: Nothing will prepare you more for the final race than eliminating the suitors that are after my heart! OK, I admit it, I paid them to be here...

  • Test .018.: In order for us to be together, you have to beat the AI that's keeping us apart. Is that too romantic? I can tone it down if you want.

Lab .003.[]

  • Test .019.: Hello! I am not three kids pretending to be an adult in a lab coat! Welcome to Lab 3: the place that has no nitro right now. Don't worry -- I planned this!

  • Test .020.: Nitro is back, everything has returned to normal, so let's just do a normal race, yeah? That's what people do around here. ... Right?

  • Test .021.: EVERYTHING IS NORMAL NOW. Seriously! OK. Why don't you all have a nice race while I DON'T call my mommy, because my name is Dr. Adult.

  • Test .022.: All right, a couple button presses here and... all good! Except now there's an infection, and you don't want to catch what's going around. Or do you?

  • Test .023.: The Azure Coast is so beautiful that I thought, uh, who needs other racers...? I don't know; try to beat the time! Enjoy the sights, too?

  • Test .024.: Mom, my colleague keeps pressing that button that makes all the other cars disappear and it's making me mad! ... Oh -- the mic's on?! I mean... win the race; have fun!

  • Test .025.: Hey, I don't know what you heard or didn't hear, but I'm just your typical scientist with a love of racing. Let's do a normal race to match the mood!

  • Test .026.: That was nice wasn't it? Let's do the same exact thing, but this time if your bike gets wrecked you automatically lose. Hey -- that's science! ... Right?

  • Test .027.: All right, I know the Ultimate AI is something that's not supposed to come this early, but guess what? It's here now and it's not leaving until you beat it!

  • Test .028.: OK, we're back, we're in London, everyone's happy, the Ducati is looking great... Hey -- I know! Let's do a race and come in first.

  • Test .029.: Normal race in Dubai, a great city to drive in. I really want you to focus on winning in Dubai and nothing else I've been saying, thanks.

  • Test .030.: Dude, move your elbow, come on! This beautiful Ducati is just spinning its wheels out there thanks to you! ... Another timed race, please.

  • Test .031.: Area 51 is one of our deadliest tracks, but with the Ducati, that should be a walk in the park!

  • Test .032.: The next race will be your last in Lab 3. We had a good run, you and I. Let's see if you can win this race while I call my mom to pick us up.

  • Test .033.: Now it's time to beat the Ultimate AI. But between all the random stuff you've been put through, I think you'll just have fun this time.

Lab .004.[]

  • Test .034.: Welcome to Lab 4 -- where we practice serenity with the goal of becoming one with the Ducati, moving as it moves, like a river that doesn't settle for second place.

  • Test .035.: It's important to treat your Ducati as an extension of yourself. Would you run your body into another car at full speed? No? Then you shouldn't do that with your Ducati either.

  • Test .036.: Do not let your mind wander to secret government projects and aliens. All that matters is you, the Ducati, and winning this race.

  • Test .037.: The best way to improve yourself is to face your flaws. A test of time is a test against yourself. Begin!

  • Test .038.: Iceland -- home of the ancient Vikings. On each nameday, a young Viking would be awarded a Ducati that they would then become one with. Don't look this up.

  • Test .039.: Drifting is a dangerous art... but one that all could benefit from. Now it is your time to drift, young master.

  • Test .040.: Many have come to the Nevada desert seeking peace. You and your Ducati are here seeking first place.

  • Test .041.: Time is but a concept. You can mold time, shape it to your will, and drive over it with your Ducati. For this track, you are trying to beat time.

  • Test .042.: Just as skills can be earned, so can they be lost. Never forget to hone your skills against the backdrop of "vrooms" and house music.

  • Test .043.: A wise man once told me, "If you finish last, you will lose." Today, I impart this wisdom unto you.

  • Test .044.: A computer is built to win. It knows nothing else. But it does not know the Ducati like you do. It lacks essence against your drive!

  • Test .045.: There is something to learn on this island paradise full of peace and serenity. I wish I knew what it was... Just win the race while I think about it.

  • Test .046.: You are plagued with doubt -- and the course is plagued with an infection that will affect your Ducati. Brace yourself, and defy the odds!

  • Test .047.: You must clear your mind and ignore the past and present. All that matters is the future. Go forward with your Ducati and never look back!

  • Test .048.: You are nearing the end of your journey. I am proud of you, but don't relax just yet! You still have a ways to go!

  • Test .049.: As we near the final bout, another test. Take away your nitro and what do you have? Spirit, courage, and a beautiful Ducati. Go!

  • Test .050.: This is it, young master. The culmination of our efforts. Use your inner peace to destroy this AI.

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