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The Eighth Anniversary Update is the 50th update of Asphalt 8: Airborne.


Asphalt 8: Airborne is celebrating its 8th anniversary! To mark this momentous milestone, we've prepared an equally momentous update, with special time-limited events, fashionable new features, and a completely overhauled look for the game!

We want to thank all of the players who've made these 8 years as exhilirating and as fun as possible. So, we're hosting a series of 8th-Anniversary events and a special Festival where the prize is a limited-edition anniversary Bugatti Bolide!

At last, players can create their own customisable Racer Avatar! There are loads of clothes, costumes and accessories to discover, so mix-and-match however you want to really let your unique style shine!

We've revamped the game inside and out, so a new user interface was essential. Enjoy the completely new look and feel, with even more improvements to come just 'round the bend.

New Vehicles

The new cars will need the following cards:

No image available Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo Evo Kit – Last checked: Sep 13, 2021
Sale value: Fusion Coins 200
Rarity: Optimal (Class B)
Vehicle: Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo Evo (160 to upgrade)
Availability: Festival Premium reward
No image available Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS Kit – Last checked: Sep 18, 2020
Sale value: Fusion Coins 200
Rarity: Optimal (Class D)
Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS (160 to upgrade)
Availability:  In-app purchase
No image available Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport Kit – Last checked: Sep 24, 2021
Sale value: Fusion Coins 250
Rarity: Prime (Class A)
Vehicle: Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport (160 to upgrade)
Availability: Festival Premium reward
Arrinera e-Hussarya Kit Arrinera e-Hussarya Kit – Last checked: Oct 4, 2021
Sale value: Fusion Coins 200
Rarity: Optimal (Class B)
Vehicle: Arrinera e-Hussarya (160 to upgrade)
Availability: Festival Premium reward
No image available Chevrolet Corvette C7.R Kit – Last checked: Oct 18, 2021
Sale value: Fusion Coins 200
Rarity: Optimal (Class B)
Vehicle: Chevrolet Corvette C7.R (160 to upgrade)
Availability: Festival Premium reward

Game Changes

Gameplay Changes


A sub-update was released on October 5, 2021 and made the following changes:

  • The milestone version of Daily Ads was reinstated. The icon for it was redesigned but the rewards remain unchanged.
  • The "Replay" feature first tested in the preceding update was made available again on October 11. It allows the player to immediately join another race lobby during the post-race screens without having to go back to the garage.

Cosmetic Changes

V5.9 Asphalt 8 Jesko Avatar loading screen.png
  • New player customization type: Avatars
    • Avatars can be customized with outfit sets or individual items. Purchasing all 5 items in a set unlocks a profile icon.
    • The avatar used for motorcycles now only appears during the race and color customization for the suit is not shown in the garage.
  • The Garage and user interface have been redesigned.
    • Career, World Series, Gauntlet, TLEs, and Moto Blitz are now listed in the "Play" screen in a vertical list.
    • Event thumbnails now have a more squared aspect ratio and the overlays have been removed.
      • The removal of the overlay means that the player has to check the leaderboard or participate in a race to determine if the event is ranked by lap time or points.
    • Performance classes and decals are now in a vertical list and in descending order (i.e. the lowest tier / first decal are placed at the top of the list).
    • Color customization is now shown in circles and are in ascending order (i.e. the first color is placed at the bottom of the list).
      • Vehicles that do not have color customization now show the main color used.
    • Scrolling through the garage now requires a vertical swipe. Swiping upwards goes to the right while swiping downwards goes to the left.
    • The upgrade screen is now split into 2 sections. The left side shows all 4 stats while the right side is used to scroll vertically through the upgrades. Selecting an upgrade highlights the stats it improves.
    • The stat bars have been condensed into a single bar that only shows upgrade progess in relation to the vehicle's maximum rank.
    • The unit of speed used is now placed before the number itself.
    • The recommended rank listing has been moved from the top right corner to be above the "Start Race" button.
    • The Tuning Kit and its boosted stats are no longer shown in the garage.
    • Before a vehicle reaches its fully upgraded rank, the game will show it as "current rank / final rank". When it reaches its final rank, only that rank is shown with the "/" being removed.
  • New pre and post-race custscenes that shows 2 other drivers and the race's podium winners.
  • New splash loading screen of a Koenigsegg Jesko in The Great Wall with a player avatar.
  • The calendar, inbox, inventory, and garage icons have been moved to the bottom left of the screen.
  • Helmets for Belgium, Chile, Czechia, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland and Vietnam have been added.
  • New profile icon of "Anniversary 8". It is unlocked by participating in the Anniversary Mayhem events available between September 10-20.
  • A green dot is shown to indicate new events and currency offers.
  • In races that have a class restriction, the game now defaults to the lowest vehicle in that class whenever the selection screen is entered.
    • In TLEs, the game defaults to the highest vehicle the player has.
  • On September 14, the zoom magnification when viewing a vehicle was reduced. When the update was launched, it was possible to get the camera to show the inside of cars that were sufficiently long or tall and viewing a motorcycle at full magnification would have the bottom of the screen clip through the floor. With the reduced magnification, the Cadillac 16 Concept was the only car long enough to get the camera to clip into it.
    • The magnification was later further reduced with camera clipping no longer possible with any car.
    • Until October 8, update v5.9.1 had the increased zoom magnification enabled.
  • New songs added to the Electronic radio station:
    • DotEXE - Battle Cry
    • Deadmau5 - Channel 43 (Night / MOVES Remix) (with Wolfgang Gartner)
    • Muzzy - Horsepower
    • Notaker - Stratus
    • Bad Computer - Somewhere New
    • Opiuo - Apocalypse Honey (with Vorso)
    • State of Mind - Nyx (with Neonlight)
    • KLOUD - Disconnect (No Mana Remix)
    • Document One - Hands Up
    • BLK RSE - Silence (KAAZE Mix)
    • Droptek - Sentinent (Joe Ford Remix)
    • SaberZ - The Other Side
    • Document One - Care For Me (with Joe Ford)
  • iOS Replaykit is now only accessible from the pause menu during a race.


  1. Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo Evo Festival (September 13 - September 23, 2021)
  2. Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport Festival (September 24 - October 4, 2021)
  3. Arrinera e-Hussarya Festival (October 6 - October 16, 2021)
  4. Chevrolet Corvette C7.R Festival (October 18 - October 28 2021)


Bugs / Glitches

Booster only inventory bug a8.png
Inventory sorting bug a8 1-2.png
Inventory sorting bug a8 2-2.png
  • If the player quickly scrolls through the the upgrade screen from one end to the other for a vehicle that has not been fully upgraded, the yellow backing that is used when a performance aspect is fully upgraded can be briefly seen.
  • If the player quickly scrolls through the garage, the game will only cycle between the names of the first 2 vehicles shown until the player stops.
  • All exclusive decals have been removed from the game both for owners and non-owners. This includes every decal that is not purchasable with Credits, purchasable with Tokens, or formerly available via Mastery Rewards. Most of the affected decals are from Time-Limited Events, Multiplayer, Daily Login Bonus, the Garage Kingpin Decal Pack, the Top Contender Decal Pack, and Lunar New Year 2015/2016.
    • The decals are still visible for cars that had them equipped before player downloads the update. However, after the player downloads the update, these equipped exclusive decals become "ephemeral" and cannot be reequipped once unequipped.
  • Poor Device Optimization: Severe lag, even with high performing devices, is present, making it almost impossible to play normally.
    • This has been fixed and players were given compensation of Fusion Coins 100,000.
  • Missing / Reshuffled inventory:
    • If the game is booted up with a weak / no internet connection, the inventory will show a capacity of 0 with only the boosters being shown while kit cards and upgrades are not. This is fixed when a stable connection to the servers has been established.
    • If the inventory is viewed before the game has a stable connection to the servers, it will place vehicle-specific kit cards at the bottom of the list while regular kit cards are grouped by type and in ascending rarity instead of just rarity. Wild Cards retain their placement at the top of the inventory but do not show the time remaining until they are usable again. All items will have a value of Fusion Coins 0.
  • Unachievable Career Star: The fourth and fifth star requirements for the Infiniti Project Black S Special Edition's Season 9 race are impossible to achieve.
  • Incorrect Ad Reward: On October 8, it was possible for Nitro Starter, Milestone, and Multi-Credits ads to give Tokens 2 instead of the intended reward.
  • Inconsistent Post-Race Options: During the post-race screens of a multiplayer race, the replay option and Multi-Credits prompt may not always appear.
  • Festivals do not appear in the calendar until it has started.
  • The following bugs have been fixed:
    • Unrendered decals
      • This bug arose in the 2021 Spring Update with the game not showing the decal if a different color for the same decal was selected.
  • Bugs that still persist:
    • Game crashes are still frequent on Windows PC.
    • Players losing some or all in-game data on multiple platforms.

Post-update screen



  • This update was not mandatory until September 14, 2021.
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