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The following is a list of all of the Engine cards used in Asphalt 8: Airborne.

The provided drop rate for each engine is the weighted average of current relative frequencies based on 16,554 cards from the 10 most common boxes since the last changes. However, engine cards were replaced by different tiers varied by rarity in Fifteenth Anniversary Update.


Four-Stroke Engine

170824 asphalt8 Four-Stroke Engine.png

Added in the Motorcycles Update.
Current drop rate: 0.07 %
Total required: 112

i3 Engine

A8card i3 Engine.png

Added in the Fast Lane Update.
Current drop rate: 0.54 %

  • BMW i8 Coupe (x72)
    • Correct engine card for BMW i8: Hybrid Engine

i4 Engine

A8card i4 Engine.png

Current drop rate: 1.66 %
Total required: 664

i5 Engine


Added in the Rio de Janeiro Update.
Current drop rate: 1.02 %
Total required: 48

V6 Engine


Current drop rate: 1.89 %
Total required: 900

V8 Engine


Current drop rate: 1.69 %
Total required: 2,828

V-Twin Engine

A8card V-Twin Engine.png

Added in the Motorcycles Update.
Current drop rate: 0.02 %
Total required: 84


Electric Engine


Current drop rate: 1.2 %
Total required: 392

Forced Four-Stroke Engine

Forced Four-Stroke Engine.png

Added in the Munich Update.
Current drop rate: 0.04 %
Total required: 132

High-Grade Engine


Added in the Porsche Update.
Current drop rate: 0.55 %
Total required: 84

  • Porsche 718 Boxster S (x20)
  • Porsche Cayman GT4 (x24)
  • Porsche 959 (x40)
    • Without this engine card, the 959 and Cayman GT4 would require the F6 engine card, while the 718 Boxster S would require the F4 engine card, but since that engine card does not exist in-game, it may either use the i4 or F6 engine card instead.

Hot Wheels Engine

Hot Wheels Engine.png

Added in the Hot Wheels Update.
Current drop rate: 0 %
Total required: 40

Hybrid Engine


Current drop rate: 1.25 %
Total required: 460

Serial Racing Engine


Added in the Championship Update.
Current drop rate: 0.65 %
Total required: 88


Custom Racing Engine


Added in the Championship Update.
Current drop rate: 0.58 %
Total required: 264

Exceptional Engine


Added in the Porsche Update.
Current drop rate: 0.58 %
Total required: 108

F6 Engine


Current drop rate: 0.72 %
Total required: 220

F12 Engine


Current drop rate: 0.71 %

Forced-Induction V8


Current drop rate: 0.7 %
Total required: 976

i6 Engine


Added in the Car Mastery Update.
Current drop rate: 0.56 %
Total required: 364

Legendary Electric Engine

Legendary Electric Engine.png

Added in the Fall Out Boy Update.
Current drop rate: 0.48 %
Total required: 364

Rotary Engine


Current drop rate: 0.49 %
Total required: 124

V10 Engine


Current drop rate: 0.96 %
Total required: 332

V12 Engine


Current drop rate: 1 %
Total required: 1,356

V12 MPI Engine

V12 MPI Engine.png

Added in the Holiday Update.
Current drop rate: 0.41 %

V16 Engine


Added in the Research & Development Update.
Current drop rate: 0.52 %
Total required: 156

W16 Engine


Current drop rate: 0.78 %
Total required: 76


Engine Card Type
  • Common: 7
  • Rare: 6
  • Legendary: 13


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