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Gameplay of Escape in Asphalt Nitro. Here, a McLaren P1™ is about to pass the fourth checkpoint in China Reverse. while only having 6.665 seconds remaining.

Escape is a race mode in Asphalt Nitro.


Escape is a time-based event where the player has to clear all the checkpoints on the track in one lap before the timer runs out, similar to the Old-School Arcade mode in Asphalt 7: Heat. Each checkpoint passed adds bonus time. Should the player run out of time, they lose the race. Unlike most other game modes, upgrading the top speed is vital in this mode as the player's car may not be fast enough to clear all checkpoints if they are severely underranked. In this case, it is best to prioritize upgrading the acceleration, top speed, and nitro.

Similar to Gate Drift, Escape blocks access to some alternate routes on the track as the checkpoints may not be accessible on other routes. Additionally, no opponents are present.

Winning + Stars

Escape events grant 3 stars only when the player wins the race in time.


Winning an Escape event for the first time unlocks the Hurry Up! achievement.


  • Escape is not introduced to the player until Season 4 in the Career Mode.
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