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This article is about events in probability theory. For other uses, see Event (disambiguation).

In probability theory, an event is a set of outcomes of an experiment to which a probability is assigned. A single outcome may be an element of many different events, and different events in an experiment are usually not equally likely, since they may include very different groups of outcomes. An event defines a complementary event (the event not occurring).

Examples for experiments in Asphalt 8 are opening Pro Kit Boxes or watching a daily ad. Examples for events are

  • obtaining a rare card from a Pro Kit Box,
  • obtaining a Tuning Kit from watching daily ads,
  • obtaining 4 Advanced Tech cards from 6 Daily Kit Box Daily Kit Boxes †,
  • obtaining an engine card from a Beginner BP Box Beginner BP Box † (an impossible event, with probability zero, as the Beginner BP Box only grants blueprints),
  • obtaining a V8 Engine card from a Champion Kit Box Champion Kit Box (a certain event, with probability one, as the box guarantees at least one V8 Engine).