Exclusive Box
A8Box Exclusive Box
"Grants 146 Rare & Legendary Pro cards. 2 cards of each type!"
Official info
Last checked Jan 29, 2020
Price 14500A8 tokens full 14,500 (99.32A8 tokens full 99.32 per trial)
Drop rates Common: 46.58 %
Rare: 32.88 %
Legendary: 20.55 %
Availability Time-limited offer

The Exclusive Box is a Pro Kit Box in Asphalt 8: Airborne. It is one of the "All types" boxes which grant 2 cards of every available engine, parts and tech type.


The Exclusive Box is usually available during time-limited offers. It could also be earned as a milestone during the 5th Anniversary festival.

The only difference between the Exclusive Box and the A8Box New Year Box New Year Box is the time they are offered. The New Year Box is offered around New Year's Day, the Exclusive Box at random dates throughout the year.

The Exclusive Box started with a price of 14000A8 tokens full 14,000 for 82 cards after the Championship Update. The price was later raised to 14500A8 tokens full 14,500 for 142 cards, the same as the A8Box New Year Box New Year Box.

Hidden rules

The number of cards in "All types" boxes adapts to the current total amount of available cards in the game—even if the player already has the box when new cards are introduced. This can be checked by tapping on the A8BoxInfo box info icon.

  • As of the Championship Update, the Exclusive Box originally contained 82 cards.
  • During the 5th Anniversary event, it contained 142 cards which included the newly added cards of previous updates: Porsche, Hot Wheels, and Legendary Electric Engines as well as bike parts, tech and engines.
  • The new V12 MPI Engine added by the Holiday Update increased the number of cards to 144.
  • As the Fast Lane Update introduced the new i3 Engine, the number of cards should have changed to 146, but it didn't. This can either mean that the box does grant 146 cards, but the description has not been adapted, or that the box doesn't grant i3 Engines yet. As other boxes (like the A8Box Finish Line Box Finish Line Box) already drop i3 Engines, it is probable that it has been forgotten to change the box description.
  • The Sixth Anniversary Mini Update increased the number of cards to 146. This means that the i3 Engine has finally been included which is also correctly reflected by the changed drop rates. However, the box description has been changed to "146 Rare & Legendary Pro cards. 2 cards of each type". This is wrong, as there are only 39 different rare and legendary cards.

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