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Extra Tank
Extra Tank
"Increase the capacity of your nitro."
Last checked Mar 12, 2020
Tokens 200
Duration 4 hours
Availability Permanent offer
Daily Bonus
Standard ads
This is an old booster version. See Extra Tank (Asphalt 8) for the current version.

Extra Tank info as stated in-game

A Chevrolet Camaro GS with Extra Tank and Nitro Starter boosters activated.

The Extra Tank is a booster in Asphalt 8: Airborne which doubles the Nitro capacity of all playable vehicles.

As with other boosters, the Extra Tank powerup is effective for a certain time during which all the races a player starts are affected.


The Extra Tank can be used before the race using a powerup selection before starting a race (if the player doesn't have one, it costs 200 Tokens to activate one unit). Each unit lasts for 4 hours.

During this period, every race is started with doubled nitro capacity. Normally, the Extra Tank will be empty at the start of the race, but if the Nitro Starter boost is used at the same time with the Extra Tank boost, both Nitro tanks will be full at the start of the race.

The Extra Tank powerup can be replenished by winning cups, finishing certain collections, or through Daily Bonus.

If the Extra Tank boost is activated, a boost icon will appear in the main menu along with a timer indicating how long the boost will last. A timer will also appear on the Boosts-screen indicating the remaining time of the activated boost.

For the efficiency and power ratings of Nitro in different Car classes, see the Asphalt 8 Nitro Efficiency Index page.


  • Prior to the Winter Update, Extra Tanks would cost $1.99 while Double Credits would cost $0.99, making it the most expensive powerup in the game.
  • The Extra Tank is the last powerup added to the game. It was added in the Fuel Events Update along with the Fuel system in Time-Limited Events.
  • The Extra Tank has the longest duration of every record-related powerup in the game (not counting Double Credits).
  • As the Infected mode grants unlimited nitro when the player is infected (forcing the nitro efficiency to 0), the Extra Tank booster is useless while infected.
  • In the case of motorcycles, the Extra Tank does not double the supercharged nitro duration. This is likely for balancing reasons.
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