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Lab .001.[]

  • Test .001.: Hello, racer! Welcome to the Ferrari F60 America trials, where we see who is worthy of harnessing the power of the car! It could be you!

  • Test .002.: Wow, great job out there! The Ferrari F60 America is a "unicorn" of the roadl it's completely unique! Are you the unicorn driver we're looking for?

  • Test .003.: Great work out there. You've really got that turn radius down! Keep it up!

  • Test .004.: I think it's about time we move on from Transylvania. Do your best to finish third or better and we'll fly out to a different location!

  • Test .005.: Great! Sure the Ferrari F60 America runs great in America, but it works just as well everywhere. Let's see how it handles Tokyo!

  • Test .006.: Excellent work! We've been finagling with an Ultimate AI that we call the "Unicorn Test." Pass the Unicorn Test and this car could be yours!

  • Test .007.: Here we are: the Nevada Desert. A perfect place for a showdown and an even better place to test the capabilities of the Ferrari F60 America!

Lab .002.[]

  • Test .008.: Welcome to Lab 2! They tell me you're a serious candidate for the coveted "Unicorn" position. If that's true, then let's begin!

  • Test .009.: It's important to remember Ferrari F60 America facts if you want to master it! Otherwise, you'll be driving blind!

  • Test .010.: Did you know the Ferrari F60 America can go 0 to 60 mph in only 3 seconds?! This is why you gotta pass the Unicorn Test; it's a beast of a car!

  • Test .011.: Have you ever tried driving through London fog? It's not easy! Hopefully the roads will be clear for you today!

  • Test .012.: With each race, you're looking more and more like the Unicorn destined for the Ferrari F60 America! Let's see how fast you can go.

  • Test .013.: Remember -- the Ferrari F60 America is a convertible! Put down the soft top and feel the wind (and the win) go through your hair!

  • Test .014.: We're at the first Elimination race in the build-up to the Unicorn Test! Exciting! Stay ahead of the competition and you have nothing to worry about!

  • Test .015.: You're doing great out there! I can see why the last Lab gave you such high marks. Things will get a little tougher from here on out though...!

  • Test .016.: Any good Unicorn can make the Ferrari F60 America drift like she drives -- perfectly! Let's see how you drift... good luck!

  • Test .017.: We're one race away from this lab's Unicorn Test! Place first in Sector 8 and you'll have something to celebrate!

  • Test .018.: This Unicorn Test isn't going to be easy as the last one. But win here and you'll be that much closer to claiming the Ferrari F60 America as your prize!

Lab .003.[]

  • Test .019.: Racer! I've never seen marks this high make their way to Lab 3 before! And no one has made it to Lab 4! Could you be the one?

  • Test .020.: Few have reached Lab 3 and all have failed! Sure, the Ferrari F60 America has 720 hp, but what good is it if you can't win an Elimination race?

  • Test .021.: You know what makes Lab 3 so tough? Unlike the previous labs, we feature two, not one, Unicorn Tests. Hope you're ready!

  • Test .022.: You're performing like a Unicorn out there, but how are your drift skills? I hope they're good enough for the limited-edition Ferrari F60 America!

  • Test .023.: The interior of the Ferrari F60 America is a nod to Ferrari's racing days. I would say it's fitting the way you race it out there!

  • Test .024.: After you beat this one, you'll reach your first Unicorn Test in this lab. It's not too late to give up, but you don't seem like the type to.

  • Test .025.: The Ferrari F60 America is not for the faint of heart. This Unicorn Test will be the hardest yet. I'm rooting for you!

  • Test .026.: Amazing, racer! You might just be the one to reach Lab 4! But... but let's not get ahead of ourselves! I'm taking you back to America -- good luck!

  • Test .027.: The Unicorn is unique in that it can deal with any element at any time. We've infected the track, so it won't be easy... but I think you got it.

  • Test .028.: If you're wondering why we do this, well, with a 2.5 million dollar price tag, we can't just GIVE the Ferrari F60 America away!

  • Test .029.: As hard as the last Unicorn Test was, no one has beaten the next one. So we have to push you to speeds you've never reached before.

  • Test .030.: From this point on we're going to be simulating experiences you'll face in the Unicorn Test. Just remember: It's all for the Ferrari F60 America!

  • Test .031.: To drift perfectly is near impossible, but it's a skill that's required of you. We will practice it until you got it perfect.

  • Test .032.: Incredible! You've only one race away from the Unicorn Test. I can't shake the feeling that we might be witnessing history!

  • Test .033.: You've made it; the second Unicorn Test. Just remember: When the going gets tough, trust in the superiority of the Ferrari F60 America...!

Lab .004.[]

  • Test .034.: Wow! I never thought I would actually get to meet someone! Welcome to Lab 4! You're the first person to make it this far! Let's go for a test run!

  • Test .035.: The Ferrari F60 America is a limited-edition exotic car. In other words, drive CAREFULLY. We know you're good, but, please, no dents on this one.

  • Test .036.: So they say you could be the one true Unicorn! The racer with the abilities to harness the power of the Ferrari F60 America! Amazing...

  • Test .037.: I've always wanted to do a timed Flawless run! I've never had the opportunity until now. Can we do it?! Let's do it!

  • Test .038.: You know the Ferrari F60 America can go over 200 mph! It's one of the fastest cars in existence! Maybe that's why you're doing so well...

  • Test .039.: Word to the wise: If you're going to put a soft top on the car, don't go faster than 75 mph... that thing can fly right off!

  • Test .040.: You'll be facing the Ultimate AI next round. This is all uncharted territory, by the way... even I don't know what's going to happen!

  • Test .041.: Here we go! The Unicorn Test to beat all previous Unicorn Tests! Win here and the greatest car I can think of, the Ferrari F60 America, is yours!

  • Test .042.: Congratulations! You w-- Oh. I guess we have one more round of this. Like I said... this is all new to me as well! Keep racing, racer!

  • Test .043.: The body of the Ferrari F60 America is extremly strong. So we run Flawless mode to ask ourselves, "What if?" But it doesn't seem to slow you down!

  • Test .044.: Let's keep you going fast! If the Ferrari F60 America can go 0-60 in 3 seconds, we would be fools not to have fun with it!

  • Test .045.: What a rush! You're doing great out there; I can't imagine anything getting in your way. Not even this drift race we got coming up!

  • Test .046.: The Ferrari F60 America boasts a V-12 engine, which should give you the acceleration you need! Just don't go hard on those turns...

  • Test .047.: I think we're nearing the end of Lab 4. Thank you for keeping me company. And thanks for pushing the Ferrari F60 America to the limit!

  • Test .048.: OK, we got a bit of an Infected track. Fortunately, for a coupe, the Ferrari F60 America is incredibly resilient!

  • Test .049.: Here we go, the penultimate race! It would be a shame to lost here after making it this far... so... don't!

  • Test .050.: The final race! Time to see if you're the chosen one, the Unicorn destined to maste the Ferrari F60 America. Good luck!
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