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The thirteenth-generation Ford F-150 is a full-size pickup truck made by Ford.


The thirteenth-generation Ford F-Series was introduced for the 2015 model year. Largely previewed by the Ford Atlas concept vehicle at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, the new design marked several extensive changes to the F-Series design. In the interest of fuel economy, Ford designers reduced curb weight of the F-150 by nearly 750 pounds, without physically altering its exterior footprint. To allow for such a massive weight reduction, nearly every body panel was switched from steel to aluminum (with the exception of the firewall); the frame itself remains high-strength steel. To prove the durability of the aluminum-intensive design, during the development of the thirteenth-generation F-Series, Ford entered camouflaged prototypes into the Baja 1000 endurance race (where the vehicles finished). The 2015 F-150 was the first pickup truck with adaptive cruise control, which uses radar sensors on the front of the vehicle to maintain a set following distance between it and the vehicle ahead of it, decreasing speed if necessary. The 3.7L V6 was dropped, replaced by a 3.5L V6 as the standard engine, with a 2.7L EcoBoost V6 added alongside the 3.5L EcoBoost V6. While the 6.2L V8 was withdrawn, the 5.0L V8 continued as an option, with a 6-speed automatic as the sole transmission.

The Ford F-150 underwent a mid-cycle redesign for the 2018 model year.

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The Ford F-150 was added in the The Great Wall Update as a low Class D vehicle with the following statistics:

  • Starting rank: 506
  • MAX rank: 938 (+432)
    • This was changed to 1105 (+267) in the Showdown Update
  • MAX+PRO rank: 1071 (+133)
    • This was changed to 1198 (+93) in the Showdown Update
  • Tuning Kit bonus: +95
    • This was changed to +47 in the Showdown Update
  • Nitro Efficiency: 9/13/17
    • This was changed to 5.5/8/11 in the Showdown Update.


The Ford F-150 has an average top speed and nitro boost, poor acceleration, and stiff steering combined with a loose drift radius. However, its very high nitro efficiency rating allows it to maintain its maximum speed for longer periods of time, so it is much less reliant on performing stunts and nitro pickups than most other vehicles within its rank range.

The F-150 had a low raw top speed, weak handling, slow acceleration rating and large nitro boost. The F-150 had the largest nitro boost of any vehicle in the entire game (except for the unobtainable Despicable Me "Villain Wheels"), and also the largest of any vehicle relative to the vehicle's raw top speed.

Due to the F-150's characteristics, much of its real performance was misrepresented by numbers. Despite having a bad handling statistic, the F-150 had outstanding drifting and handling while nitro was not active. Due to it being a Class D vehicle with a relatively low maximum speed versus top-end vehicles, its handling while nitro was active could be compared to vehicles like the Lamborghini Veneno, which has a handling statistic above 1.300 Gs.

As nitro contributes hugely to acceleration, the F-150's large nitro gave it an acceleration that was comparable to the Renault DeZir.



At MAX+PRO with double boosts, the Ford F-150 is dominant in its rank bracket, making it a very safe choice if the player is farming points by continuously risking for the extra percentage bonus. However, at around 800 unsaved points, the F-150 will start being matched up with much faster vehicles with higher ranks, such as the Porsche 959, Donkervoort D8 GTO and Yamaha YZF-R6, at which point it begins to consistently lose races.

The F-150 is the fastest vehicle in the game from around ranks 550-800. At 500, most vehicles are the same speed but at 550-800, the F-150 does gain a considerable amount of speed over its competition. The biggest threat to the F-150 is the DeZir, which is slower but has a longer nitro duration. A triple boosted F-150 will only lose to a DeZir if the race is on Azure Coast. Although the DeZir is fast, the F-150 has a higher total top speed at the same rank (until top speed is upgraded). In fact, the difference would not be so large in Multiplayer if the F-150 didn't have another advantage over the DeZir; nitro rank weighting. The DeZir, despite having a slightly smaller nitro than the F-150, gains 35% of its total rank increase from just nitro, instead of the 25% that the F-150 gains.

There were some key features of the F-150 that can make it very powerful in Multiplayer when racing vehicles of a similar MAX+PRO rank. The biggest advantage of the F-150 was its high total top speed. In comparison to the Scion FR-S, with both vehicles MAX+PRO (1071 vs 1091), the F-150 was 8 mph (12.9 km/h) faster without a Tuning Kit and 8.8 mph (14.1 km/h) faster with a Tuning Kit.

This extra speed was reined in by the F-150's low raw speed and mediocre nitro duration, both of which the F-150 could compensate for with the use of frequent jumps, Extra Tanks, Nitro Starters and Tuning Kits. The F-150, however, was at a considerable disadvantage on Azure Coast, Tokyo, Munich Subway and Transylvania.

Overall, the F-150 can be described as a tied "King" of Multiplayer (with the DeZir), because it has a higher total top speed at ranks below 800 than any other vehicle in the game. At those ranks, very few vehicles can compete in the first place. There are many Pro and Champion League players who use the DeZir to "farm" Multiplayer Points because it is very easy to come first/second in every race at such low levels. Some "underdog" vehicles at these ranks, which are slightly worse than both the DeZir and F-150 are the Camaro Z/28, Volkswagen Beetle Turbo, and SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STI.

Note: None of these have been tested; these are all theoretical ranks/speed values based on calculations made using the statistics and weightings of the vehicle. Therefore, speed values or ranks could be off by as much as 0.5 or 3, respectively. Measurements were also made in km/h initially and converted to mph later, so there may also be small errors because of that.

  • 0004 0303, @629
    • Total top speed = 178.8 mph or 287.8 km/h
    • Raw top speed = 107.1 mph or 172.4 km/h
    • DeZir equivalent: 0003 0000, @615 --> Speed = RTS 114.5 mph or 184.2 km/h + N 57.5 mph or 92.6 km/h = TTS 172 mph or 276.8 km/h
    • F-150 = 14 ranks higher with -7.4 mph RTS and +6.8 mph TTS (-11.8 km/h RTS and +11 km/h TTS).
    • F-150 vs DeZir performance evaluation: "The F-150 has lower speed without nitro and a shorter-lasting nitro compared to the DeZir. Because the vehicles are so slow, they are very reliant on nitro at these ranks. The F-150 partially makes up for a lack of nitro with a huge total speed boost; Extra Tanks are mandatory in order to beat the DeZir. With an Extra Tank, victory is nearly guaranteed in the F-150, though DeZirs of higher rank can be mismatched into games."
  • 0005 0303, @661
    • Total top speed = 182.7 mph or 294.1 km/h
    • Raw top speed = 107.1 mph or 172.4 km/h
    • DeZir equivalent: 0004 0000, @671 --> Speed = RTS 114.5 mph or 184.2 km/h + N 63.9 mph or 102.9 km/h = TTS 178.4 mph or 287.1 km/h
    • F-150 = 10 ranks lower with -7.4 mph RTS and +4.3 mph TTS (-11.8 km/h RTS and +7 km/h TTS).
    • F-150 vs DeZir performance evaluation: "The F-150's performance gap with the DeZir has become smaller. This means Extra Tanks are definitely still necessary. The F-150 will generally still be at an advantage over the DeZir."
  • 0305 0303, @768
    • Total top speed = 191.2 mph or 307.8 km/h
    • Raw top speed = 115.6 mph or 186.1 km/h
    • DeZir equivalent: 0005 0202, @781 --> Speed = RTS 114.5 mph or 184.2 km/h + N 74.4 mph or 119.7 km/h = TTS 188.9 mph or 303.9 km/h
    • F-150 = 13 ranks lower with +1.1 mph RTS and +2.3 mph TTS (+1.9 km/h RTS and +3.9 km/h TTS).
    • F-150 vs DeZir performance evaluation: "The F-150 vs DeZir gap is very tight now. The F-150 is slightly superior in both raw top speed and total top speed, instead of being far worse in raw top speed and far better in total top speed. This means that the DeZir is worse in every way except for nitro duration, but that's still a big exception. Extra Tanks are very necessary."
  • 0105 3333, @771 (Dr. Healusion discovered this tune)
    • Total top speed = 190.1 mph or 306.0 km/h
    • Raw top speed = 114.5 mph or 185.0 km/h
    • DeZir equivalent: 0005 0202, @781 --> Speed = RTS 114.5 mph or 184.2 km/h + N 74.4 mph or 119.7 km/h = TTS 188.9 mph or 303.9 km/h
    • F-150 = 10 ranks lower with equal mph (or km/h) RTS and +1.2 mph TTS (+1.9 km/h TTS).
    • F-150 vs DeZir performance evaluation: "The F-150 vs DeZir gap is very tight now. The F-150 is equal in raw top speed but slightly superior in total top speed, instead of being far worse in raw top speed and far better in total top speed. This tune has slightly better handling and acceleration than the 768 tune. This means that the DeZir is worse in every way except for nitro duration, but that's still a big exception. Extra Tanks are very necessary."
  • 0405 0303, @827
    • Total top speed = 195.5 mph or 314.6 km/h
    • Raw top speed = 119.9 mph or 192.9 km/h
    • DeZir equivalent: 0105 0202, @816 --> Speed = RTS 118.4 mph or 190.5 km/h + N 74.4 mph or 119.7 km/h = TTS 192.8 mph 310.2 km/h
    • F-150 = 11 ranks higher with +1.5 mph RTS and +2.7 mph TTS (+2.4 km/h RTS and +4.4 km/h TTS).
    • F-150 vs DeZir performance evaluation: "The F-150 loses steam around rank 800+. Against the DeZir, it can still perform decently, but its speed is less impressive. Extra Tanks are still necessary."


Prior to the Showdown Update, the low top speed of the Ford F-150 while its nitro was not active meant it was completely resistant to wrecks from head-on collisions with smaller Traffic such as cars and SUVs, making it the best car in the game for the player to obtain "Traffic Down" medals.

The F-150 has its own Knockdown event in Season 6. This is one of the very few Knockdown events that do not require a bonus star of Knockdowns without Wreck.


The F-150 costs A8 credits small 13,000 (originally A8 credits small 65,000, then A8 credits small 71,000, and later A8 credits small 11,000), one of the cheapest prices for a Class D vehicle. However, the Showdown Update changed the F-150’s price to A8 tokens full 150.

As of the Fifteenth Anniversary Update, the F-150 cost A8 credits small 475,000 for upgrades and Fusion coins full a8 110,400 for Pro Kits along with 6 of each common parts.

The Ford F-150 counts towards the Extra Horses, Heavyweights and Drive in Style collections. A total of 9 Nitro Starters, 6 Class A Upgrades and 4 Class S Upgrades are awarded when all 6 versions are completed.

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