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=== Challenges ===
=== Challenges ===
{{table header mastery ax|
{{table header mastery ax|
{{Table row mastery ax|001|ancient relics|classic|1|250|3200}}
{{Table row mastery ax|001|ancient relics|1|3200}}
{{Table row mastery ax|002|dry plains|classic|2|250|4000|Iron Box|{{Decal ax}}}}
{{Table row mastery ax|002|dry plains|2|4000|Iron Box|{{Decal ax}}}}
{{Table row mastery ax|003|buried ship|classic|3|250|4700}}
{{Table row mastery ax|003|buried ship|3|4700}}
{{Table row mastery ax|004|temple race|classic|4|250|5200|{{Extra Tank ax}}|{{Decal ax}}}}
{{Table row mastery ax|004|temple race|4|5200|{{Extra Tank ax}}|{{Decal ax}}}}
{{Table row mastery ax|005|steel ruins|classic|5|250|5700}}
{{Table row mastery ax|005|steel ruins|5|5700}}
{{Table row mastery ax|006|high altitude|classic|6|250|6100|{{axtokens|6}}|{{Decal ax}}}}
{{Table row mastery ax|006|high altitude|6|6100|{{axtokens|6}}|{{Decal ax}}}}
{{Table row mastery ax|007|racing blast|classic|7||6400}}
{{Table row mastery ax|007|racing blast|7|6400}}
{{Table row mastery ax|008|lost roads|classic|8||6700|{{Nitro Recharger}}}}
{{Table row mastery ax|008|lost roads|8|6700|{{Nitro Recharger}}}}
{{Table row mastery ax|009|ice tunnel|classic|9||7000}}
{{Table row mastery ax|009|ice tunnel|9|7000}}
{{Table row mastery ax|010|thai beach|classic|10||7200|Iron Box|{{axdecal}}}}
{{Table row mastery ax|010|thai beach|10|7200|Iron Box|{{axdecal}}}}
{{Table row mastery ax|011|the factory|classic|11||7500||}}
{{Table row mastery ax|011|the factory|11|7500||}}
{{Table row mastery ax|012|off-piste race|classic|12||7700|Bronze Box|{{Decal ax}}}}
{{Table row mastery ax|012|off-piste race|12|7700|Bronze Box|{{Decal ax}}}}
{{Table row mastery ax|013|desert dash|classic|13||7900||}}
{{Table row mastery ax|013|desert dash|13|7900||}}
{{Table row mastery ax|014|ancient relics|classic|14||8100|{{axtokens|8}}|}}
{{Table row mastery ax|014|ancient relics|14|8100|{{axtokens|8}}|}}
{{Table row mastery ax|015|arctic outpost|classic|15||8200|Silver Box|}}
{{Table row mastery ax|015|arctic outpost|15|8200|Silver Box|}}
{{Table row mastery ax|016|himalayan mountains|classic|16||8400|Iron Box|}}
{{Table row mastery ax|016|himalayan mountains|16|8400|Iron Box|}}
{{Table row mastery ax|017|racing blast|classic|17||8600||}}
{{Table row mastery ax|017|racing blast|17|8600||}}
{{Table row mastery ax|018|high altitude|classic|18||8700|{{Extra Tank ax}}|}}
{{Table row mastery ax|018|high altitude|18|8700|{{Extra Tank ax}}|}}
{{Table row mastery ax|019|steel ruins|classic|19||8900||}}
{{Table row mastery ax|019|steel ruins|19|8900||}}
{{Table row mastery ax|020|temple race|classic|20||9000|Bronze Box|}}
{{Table row mastery ax|020|temple race|20|9000|Bronze Box|}}
{{Table row mastery ax|021|buried ship|classic|21||9100|{{Boosted Wheels}}|}}
{{Table row mastery ax|021|buried ship|21|9100|{{Boosted Wheels}}|}}
{{Table row mastery ax|022|dry plains|classic|22||9200||}}
{{Table row mastery ax|022|dry plains|22|9200||}}
{{Table row mastery ax|023|forbidden oasis|classic|23||9400|Iron Box|}}
{{Table row mastery ax|023|forbidden oasis|23|9400|Iron Box|}}
{{Table row mastery ax|024|desert dash|classic|24||9500|{{axtokens|10}}|}}
{{Table row mastery ax|024|desert dash|24|9500|{{axtokens|10}}|}}
{{Table row mastery ax|025|high altitude|classic|25||9600|Silver Box|}}
{{Table row mastery ax|025|high altitude|25|9600|Silver Box|}}
{{Table row mastery ax|026|the factory|classic|26||9700|{{Nitro Recharger}}|}}
{{Table row mastery ax|026|the factory|26|9700|{{Nitro Recharger}}|}}
{{Table row mastery ax|027|temple race|classic|27||9800||}}
{{Table row mastery ax|027|temple race|27|9800||}}
{{Table row mastery ax|028|ice tunnel|classic|28||9900|Iron Box|}}
{{Table row mastery ax|028|ice tunnel|28|9900|Iron Box|}}
{{Table row mastery ax|029|dry plains|classic|29||10000||}}
{{Table row mastery ax|029|dry plains|29|10000||}}
{{Table row mastery ax|030|ancient relics|classic|30||10100|Bronze Box|}}
{{Table row mastery ax|030|ancient relics|30|10100|Bronze Box|}}
{{Table row mastery ax|031|across waterfalls|classic|31||10200||}}
{{Table row mastery ax|031|across waterfalls|31|10200||}}

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Custom ▾

Asphalt 8: Airborne Edit

Challenges Edit


No. Track Race mode Rank First place Rewards
1 Nevada Classic
2 San Diego Harbor Unplugged
3 Barcelona Flawless
4 Great Wall Rev. Classic
5 Dubai Unplugged
6 Iceland Classic
7 French Guiana Classic
8 Nevada Classic
9 Tokyo Flawless
10 Venice Reverse Unplugged
11 Alps Reverse Classic
12 The London Eye Unplugged
13 Dragon Tree Flawless
14 Alps Classic
15 Venice Unplugged

Total rewards Edit

  • A8 credits small
  • Licenses full a8
  • ?

Asphalt Xtreme Edit

Challenges Edit

No. Track Lvl Credits Other rewards
001 Ancient Relics 1 Ax credits full 3,200
002 Dry Plains 2 Ax credits full 4,000 Iron Box, Ax icon decal Visual Customization
003 Buried Ship 3 Ax credits full 4,700
004 Temple Race 4 Ax credits full 5,200 Ax icon extra tank Extra Tank, Ax icon decal Visual Customization
005 Steel Ruins 5 Ax credits full 5,700
006 High Altitude 6 Ax credits full 6,100 Ax tokens full 6, Ax icon decal Visual Customization
007 Racing Blast 7 Ax credits full 6,400
008 Lost Roads 8 Ax credits full 6,700 Ax icon nitro recharger Nitro Recharger
009 Ice Tunnel 9 Ax credits full 7,000
010 Thai Beach 10 Ax credits full 7,200 Iron Box, Ax icon decal Visual Customization
011 The Factory 11 Ax credits full 7,500
012 Off-Piste Race 12 Ax credits full 7,700 Bronze Box, Ax icon decal Visual Customization
013 Desert Dash 13 Ax credits full 7,900
014 Ancient Relics 14 Ax credits full 8,100 Ax tokens full 8
015 Arctic Outpost 15 Ax credits full 8,200 Silver Box
016 Himalayan Mountains 16 Ax credits full 8,400 Iron Box
017 Racing Blast 17 Ax credits full 8,600
018 High Altitude 18 Ax credits full 8,700 Ax icon extra tank Extra Tank
019 Steel Ruins 19 Ax credits full 8,900
020 Temple Race 20 Ax credits full 9,000 Bronze Box
021 Buried Ship 21 Ax credits full 9,100 Ax icon boosted wheels Boosted Wheels
022 Dry Plains 22 Ax credits full 9,200
023 Forbidden Oasis 23 Ax credits full 9,400 Iron Box
024 Desert Dash 24 Ax credits full 9,500 Ax tokens full 10
025 High Altitude 25 Ax credits full 9,600 Silver Box
026 The Factory 26 Ax credits full 9,700 Ax icon nitro recharger Nitro Recharger
027 Temple Race 27 Ax credits full 9,800
028 Ice Tunnel 28 Ax credits full 9,900 Iron Box
029 Dry Plains 29 Ax credits full 10,000
030 Ancient Relics 30 Ax credits full 10,100 Bronze Box
031 Across Waterfalls 31 Ax credits full 10,200

Total rewards Edit

  • Ax credits full
  • Ax tokens full
  •  ?
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