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The Gamelati 1000 SS is a fictitious motorcycle appearing in Asphalt Urban GT.

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The Gamelati 1000 SS is a bonus vehicle obtainable after completing every single Road Challenge with a gold cup. It is the only motorcycle in the game.


The naming pattern of the Gamelati 1000 SS differs from other vehicles in the game that are not licensed by real-world manufacturers. While all others were summarized under the fictitious Japanese brand Concept Cars (with some of them resembling Dodge and Ferrari vehicles that were only licensed in later games of the Asphalt series), the Gamelati got a brand of its own and was assigned Italy as country of origin.

The striking similarity of "Gamelati 1000 SS" to "Ducati 1000 SS" as well as the similar outer appearance (especially the form and orientation of the exhausts) suggest that "Gamelati" is a portmanteau word of Gameloft + Ducati and that the original Ducati 1000 SS was envisaged as a regular appearance but could not be realized due to licensing issues.

The subsequent Asphalt Urban GT 2 and the following games then had regularly licensed Ducati motorcycles.

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