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The Garage is an undisclosed location in Asphalt 8: Airborne. This location store all of the player's cars and motorcycles, but it also acts as a secondary game menu that serves the purpose of optimizing the player's gaming experience. The Garage can always be accessed by clicking a green button containing a car and a motorcycle at the top of the screen.

Top Menu

At the top of the garage menu, the player will find boxes labeled "Garage" (not able to be clicked on), the amount of Credits the player has (and can click on it to see Credit packs that can be bought with real money), the amount of Tokens they have (which can also be clicked on to buy more token packs with real money), and the amount of stars they collected from Career. At the very left-hand side of the top menu, the player can find a red arrow button to take them back to the main menu.

Car Stats

The Garage also displays the stats of a vehicle, whether the player owns said vehicle being displayed or not. Here, the stats are listed as Acceleration, Top Speed, Handling, and Nitro. The stats will also display the car's name, brand's emblem, and rank. If the player was about to go into an event that required a rank, the recommended rank's number will be on the right-hand side of the Garage menu. It will be red if the car's rank is below that number, white if it's an exact match, or green if the car's rank is higher than the recommended rank.


Below the stats, the player can find a button called Collections. Clicking on it will take the player into the Collections Menu. This menu keeps track of certain cars the player owns (and can own) as part of a collection, such as Ion Runners, Ferrari, Cadillac, New Blood, and much more. Within the Collections menu, there are two buttons at the bottom of the screen: Classic Collections, and Maxed Collections.

Car Mastery

To the right of the Collections button, one will find a button that's labeled "Mastery"

Main Sub-Menu Functionality

The player can find a bar menu underneath the Car Mastery and Collections buttons. By default, clicking a letter ranging from D to S will display a car from that class. Cars can be browsed using the arrow buttons on either side of the screen. This allows the player to buy the vehicles with Tokens, Credits, and blueprints. If a lettered box has a green arrow in the corner, this means that the car is ready to be tuned with pro kits (only if the player owns a vehicle in said class that can be tuned.)

Pressing the blue magnifying glass will display options to filter through cars. It is here that there are five filtering options. The first button has a house emblem, pressing this will only display cars already owned by the player.

Pressing the button with a percent symbol will display cars with discounted prices in terms of Credits and Tokens, but these discounts are always temporary.

The next button, which is a quadrilateral with a car emblem inside of it, will display cars that can only be acquired through having enough blueprints to assemble said vehicles.

Next, there is a button with a motorcycle emblem, which will only display motorcycles.

The final button is a shield with a car in the center. This is a brand filter that allows the player to search through car brands such as Acura, Honda, Ferrari, Volkswagen, Dodge, Ford, Toyota, etc.

If the player clicks on the button where the magnifying button is replaced by the button they've pressed, they can always open it again to switch to another filter or remove all filters by pressing the far right button.

Bottom Menu

The bottom menu displays Car Packs (packs of cars and decals that can be bought with real money), Tuning, and Coloring (or Car Paint, prior to the Motorcycles Update). Tuning allows for the increase of the four main stats with credits or tokens (and the price increases with each tuning), and Coloring allows the player to change the car's paint color and provides the option to apply decals. Cars that cannot be recolored or have decals applied to them have this tab replaced with a View tab.


  • The seaside location of the Garage could mean that it is near a race course that is located by an ocean such as Barcelona, Azure Coast, or Dubai.
  • The Garage does not follow real time; it is always daytime.
    • Similarly, prior to the Decals Update, it is always at dusk.