• The current Garage
  • Garage prior to the Tune-Up Update (v1.7.3)
  • Garage during Soft Launch release
  • The current customization menu
The Garage is an undisclosed location in Asphalt 9: Legends. This location store all of the player's cars, but it also acts as a secondary game menu that serves the purpose of optimizing the player's gaming experience. The Garage can always be accessed by clicking a blue button containing a car and the number of vehicles the player has at the top left corner of the screen.

Top Menu

At the top of the garage menu, the player will find the garage button to the left (not able to be clicked on), the profile and daily goals button to the right, the amount of Credits the player has (and can click on it to see Credit packs that can be bought with real money), and the amount of Tokens they have (which can also be clicked on to buy more token packs with real money). At the right corner of the top menu, the player can find a home button to take them back to the main menu.

Grid View

Grid View
A grid view of the car list appears after the player enters the garage. It shows a small picture of each car arranged from it's star and performance rank. The list begins from D Class and onward to S Class. There are D, C, B, A, and S buttons under the home button the player can press to fast track to that car class. A green exclamation mark will appear on a letter if a car needs to be unlocked/star up or an Epic import part is ready to apply to the car. 

Showroom and Car Stats

After clicking a car from the grid, it will show the car, it's performance rank, and the amount stars and blueprints the player has for the car. The Garage also displays the stats of a vehicle, whether the player owns said vehicle being displayed or not. Here, the stats are listed as Acceleration, Top Speed, Handling, and Nitro. The stats will also display the car's name, brand's emblem, and rank. If the player was about to go into an event that required a rank, the recommended rank's number will be on the right-hand side of the Garage menu. It will be red if the car's rank is below that number, white if it's an exact match, or green if the car's rank is higher than the recommended rank.


Players are able to choose custom body, rim, and brake caliper colours for their cars. Carbon fiber parts are also available once the player reaches max star ranking for their car. Players can also add on Decals which are special vinyls for certain cars upon unlocking them. Added in the Tune It Up Update was the ability to change the front and rear bumper, hoods, skirts, and spoilers for cars. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X and the Mercedes-AMG GT S are the first cars to receive this feature. More cars will have this feature available in future updates.


Under the garage button is the inventory button where the player can find all the vehicle and perfomance blueprints they have collected.

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