The garage is a catalogue of all vehicles in Asphalt Overdrive. It is not part of the game's main screen but can be reached by clicking the Play button. Unlike many other Asphalt games where the garage is more like an elegant showroom, it depicts an undisclosed and less tidy place of work where vehicles are tuned and prepared for getaways. This style was later taken over by the garage of Asphalt Xtreme.


The bottom menu bar of the garage offers the following options:

Dealer button ao
Dealer: This section allows to browse through all vehicles and display their name, brand, turf, car power, stats and, if not owned, their purchase price. The brand emblem is integrated in the 3D environment and shown on a kind of electric board on the wall.

The Dealer section serves as a starting point before a race, either to select an owned car with the Use button or to buy a new one.

The displayed cars are sorted by increasing max car power, with owned cars shown at the beginning of each turf. The cars cannot be filtered, but the bottom bar offers buttons to jump to each of the five turfs.

Upgrades button ao
Upgrades: In this section the previously selected car can be upgraded. There are three types of upgrades available, each with five levels:
  • Speed (Engine) – "Increases car speed"
  • Acceleration (Gears) – "Improves car acceleration & head start distance"
  • Nitro (Nitro tank) – "Collects nitro faster"
Customize button ao
Customize: This section allows to change the car color and to customize the license plate.
  • Color – Each color change costs 5 Gold small ao. Purchasing a color change does not add it to the player's possession and changing to a previous color will still incur the gold cost.
  • License plate – Players can type in their own license plate text. Combinations of up to eight letters from A–Z and numbers from 0–9 are allowed. Each change costs 5 Gold small ao and affects all cars in the garage, not just the selected one.

Visual details

Apart from typical eighties-style design elements like pink and blue neon signs, the garage features several more or less hidden references.

Garage details 1 ao

Posters of the Ford Mustang GT Fastback, drawings of the TVR Tuscan Challlenge, Lazzarini tires and the Halvaad vending machine

Garage details 2 ao

Pictures of a Lynx DCC 2016-J and a Mercedes-Benz Silver Lightning

Garage details 5 ao

Taki. Cola

Garage details 4 ao

Pealan Drinks

Garage details 3 ao

The arcade game

  • The brand name printed on the tires in the garage is "Lazzarini" which is the name of Daniele Lazzarini, the game's lead programmer who is listed in the credits.
  • The neon sign next to the hydraulic lift reads "Taki. Cola". The unusual spelling with a full stop may hint at an abbreviation of Mathias Takimoto, one of the lead game designers listed in the credits.
  • Other names are "Halvaad" (blue vending machine) and "Pealan Drinks" (red vending machine). These names are not listed in the credits but may be a reference to other people involved in the game.
  • The arcade game machine shows a short repeating sequence of an eighties-style fighting game which could be a scene from an early version of Street Fighter.


  • Asphalt Overdrive is the only Asphalt game that offers customizable license plates. This feature is also the only occurence of user-specific text becoming part of the 3D environment. Not even the silver 3D track titles in Asphalt 8: Airborne are adapted to the user language.

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