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The Gharial was added on July 15, 2020, as part of a soft update to the 2019 Winter Update. It is a Class-S Muscle Car with a starting level of 35 and needs 30 of its blueprints to be built. Oil changes cost Credits 275 each, and take 1 hour and 3 minutes to complete.

The Mastery challenges of the Gharial are considered to have the least amount of races of the S class and the entire game, ranging from level 20 to 39 and resulting in a total of only 20 races.

While it is possible to find blueprints for the Gharial through its own Boosted Box (Gharial) Boosted Box (Gharial), they are not available in any regular box. As of April 2021, the Gharial's Boosted Box has appeared only four times. It is unknown whether or not this box is going to appear again.

Gharial garage ax.png

While the car is simply named "Gharial" throughout the game, with a Gharial brand logo being displayed when the car is selected in the garage, the selection button only shows a dash for the brand name.

Much like the Lynx vehicles in the game, the Gharial is of fictional design, its body shape taking cues from various classic muscle cars, bearing some resemblances to the AMC Javelin and Chevrolet Chevelle. The Gharial looks somewhat similar in overall design to Motorstorm's Patriot Surger, as it is also a classic muscle car frame modified for off-road use, both vehicles being of coupe design as well as featuring off-road tires and a reinforced front, however the Surger's major difference is that it appears to be a more compact version of the 1970 Dodge Charger.


The Gharial competes with the 2017 Bass 770 and the Mercedes-AMG C 63 Touring Car 2016 for being the best muscle car in the game, with the additon of the Gharial, there is now a top 3 when it comes to the muscle car archetype. With each of the top 3 muscle cars specializing in something in relation to their archetype (The C 63 having the best handling and the Bass having the best nitro duration), the Gharial specializes in long nitro top speed, being by far the best in the archetype, as well as all the other archetypes in the game, which can be bolstered even further with the help of Extra Tank Extra Tank. The Gharial also features very strong acceleration that is comparable to the C 63, making it capable of knocking down slow accelerating cars at the start of races (although not as reliably as the C 63). Like the Bass, the Gharial also has good drift-boosting power, allowing it to get to speed quicker and also grants it the ability to gain airspeed easier. The Gharial has only one problem, although a very big one, its handling capabilities are comparable to the worst handling muscle cars in the game, such as the Bailey Blade XT4 and 1968 Chevrolet Camaro. Worse even, its drifts could be considered as the widest of its archetype, but thankfully aren't as horrid as the 1968 Chevrolet Camaro's. Slight bends and chicanes are enough to catch out an unprepared Gharial driver, and is worsened further with the tendency to be straightened out in the middle of a drift. Unfortunately, it is this flaw where the Bass and C 63 excel in, as a result, tracks where the Gharial struggles are tracks where the other two can beat it, hence preventing the Gharial from being the undisputed king of the archetype, although it still remains a very powerful option. To compensate for the horrible handling, the Gharial has surprisingly good suspensions for its archetype, allowing it to hug even the most roughest of terrains and slightly help itself into keeping momentum.

Despite being in Class-S, a class where players usually do not have to worry about rank-up tools, the Gharial is limited to Level 46 without the use of rank-up tools. At this rank the Gharial has around the same top speed as the Bass 770, but has better acceleration and much worse handling and nitro duration. On straight-line oriented tracks, the Gharial can compete and even beat the Bass and C 63 on this level, but this is only true if the driver can manage the horrible handling. Any track that has harsh corners, the Gharial is likely to lose to the Bass.

It is worth noting however that the Gharial is a surprisingly good option at level 35 in multiplayer. Its high acceleration allows the Gharial to avoid danger from the monster trucks at the start of races and sometimes beat lighter vehicles such as rally cars. Its high top speed, with or without nitro, can easily compensate for the bad handling, and can create a gap while driving on straightaways.

At level 50, the Gharial is an interesting prospect. Its now insanely high top speed is higher than the all-in top speeds of some other vehicles, even being not too far off of the all-in speeds of the better trucks in the game, and is backed up by its solid acceleration. While its handling and inability to break through obstacles doesn't make the Gharial the best vehicle on any track, it can dominate other muscle cars, and a surprising amount of other vehicle archetypes on tracks such as High Altitude, Off-Piste Race, and Through the Avalanche. It is possible to manage the handling well enough to make the Gharial compete with the C 63 and Bass on tracks like Lost Catacombs, but on handling intensive tracks, or tracks that have sharp bends that are present in Svalbard and Coachella Valley, the Gharial will be out-paced.

Speed Modifier Approximation

Modifier: 88.3 %* km/h mph
Real Displayed Real Displayed
No Nitro 276.6 km/h 313.2 km/h 171.8 mph 194.6 mph
Long Nitro level 1 282.6 km/h 320 km/h 175.6 mph 198.8 mph
Long Nitro level 2 287.9 km/h 326 km/h 178.9 mph 202.6 mph
Long Nitro level 3 295.5 km/h 334.6 km/h 183.6 mph 207.9 mph
Long Nitro level 4 Extra Tank 302.9 km/h 343 km/h 188.2 mph 213.1 mph
All-In Nitro 302.9 km/h 343 km/h 188.2 mph 213.1 mph
All-In Nitro Extra Tank 314.3 km/h 356 km/h 195.3 mph 221.2 mph
Max Airspeed 334.7 km/h 379 km/h 207.9 mph 235.5 mph
Max Airspeed Extra Tank 342.6 km/h 388 km/h 212.9 mph 241.1 mph

* when using the Land Rover Defender as 100 % benchmark

With a surprisingly good speed modifier for a muscle car, the freakishly high long nitro top speed of the Gharial is by far the highest long nitro top speed any car can have. For reference, the long nitro top speed at max is faster than the all-in nitro of vehicles such as the Unimog U 4023, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, Mercedes-Benz Zetros, and is around the same levels of speed of the MAN TGX D38 (~183.4 mph). This is not even considering the hefty top speed increase that Extra Tank Extra Tank gives, which ascends the already absurdly high top speed stat to an even more ludicrous level. When level 4 nitro is activated, the long nitro top speed of the Gharial is higher than that of even the Perlini 105F Red Tiger's unboosted all-in nitro speed. In other words, the long nitro top speed of the Gharial with an extra tank can outdrag the all in nitro of what is considered to be the best truck in the game, all while having far superior acceleration off the line, and still being able to pull off airspeed maneuvers. One must be aware of the drastically worsened handling at level 4 nitro speeds, making the already painful handling even more difficult.

The Gharial actually suites an interesting niche in multiplayer at max rank, serving to be a counter towards trucks on tracks that would normally suit them. Due to the fast acceleration, the Gharial can easily overtake any truck at the start of a race. Assuming the driver can manage the car around the corners and can maintain the incredible top speed, the driver can destroy obstacles that are essential for keeping the all-in nitro of trucks running, resulting in the depletion of nitro, leaving the truck at an incredibly low top speed. This strategy is effective with or without extra tank, and can be done on tracks where shortcut barriers do not provide a massive advantage, so the aforementioned tracks like Off-Piste Race, Through the Avalanche, High-Altitude, as well Autumn Winds, and Himalayan Mountains are the best examples of such tracks. While a competent driver can drag the Gharial around most tracks, it is best advised to avoid any Detroit track at all costs, and it is also worth considering that while the Gharial isn't horribly slow on most tracks, it may be better to use other options for when there is too much cornering. Apart from multiplayer usage, the Gharial cannot be used in any way for time-limited events, due to its class-S designation, as well as not having any events dedicated to it, and also that muscle cars do not have any solo challenges. Its blueprint may also not be accessible anymore as it is unknown when, or if the exclusive Gharial box that they are only available in will ever appear again.

If one was extremely lucky enough to purchase enough blueprints for the Gharial to max it, it serves as another king of the muscle car archetype, and plays a very unique and interesting role in multiplayer. It is not a vehicle that is necessary to max, but is one of the few muscle cars that truly live up to what the archetype states it can bring to the table. Unfortunately, it may be the case that the option of even maxing this vehicle may never appear again.


Gharial Blueprint Gharial Blueprint – Last checked: Apr 9, 2021
Rarity: Class S
Vehicle: Gharial (30 to build, 87 to upgrade, 1 to overclock)
Availability: Boxes (Gharial Boosted Box only)


The Gharial does not appear as an optional Stars Star goal in any career races.

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