Ghost Slipstream Trail Series is a gameplay feature in Asphalt 9: Legends introduced in The American Season Update


Experience this car's maximum power. Only pure skills matters there. Also, you'll have ULTIMATE fuel.


Similar to Multiplayer Limited Series, there are five leagues in total:

  • Novice League: Every player starts each season in this league after a race.
  • Rookie League: Reach a rating of 1100
  • Pro League: Reach a rating of 1200
  • Elite League: Reach a rating of 1300
  • Master League: Reach a rating of 1500+
    • Including top 1-3000


Standard (8 players)

Position Rank
1st 36
2nd 23
3rd 14
4th 9
5th 5
6th 2
8th 1

  • Note: Rank relegation can be changed as how many players attend to a single race.


League Rewards

Laegue Rewards
Novice Tokens 25
Rookie Tokens 50
Pro Tokens 75
Elite Tokens 100
Master Tokens 200

Rank Rewards

Laegue Rewards
Top 3000 Body Kit Pack
Top 1000 x2 Body Kit Pack
Top 500 x3 Body Kit Pack
Top 100 x4 Body Kit Pack
Top 10 x5 Body Kit Pack
Top 1 x10 Body Kit Pack

Series Score Reward

Keep racing to increase your series score. Reach the different score milestones in order to get awesome rewards.

Milestone Rewards
50 Tokens 25
100 Credits 25,000
200 x2 Import Parts Pack
300 x5 Event Card Pack
400 Tokens 150

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