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Glitches are... glitches. They were not programmed to happen, they can be used to the player's advantage or disadvantage. Some glitches vary from minor to game-breaking.

Asphalt 8: Airborne


  • When the back button is pressed, the garage interface goes pitch black. The problem is however rectified when a race is played or the game is rebooted.


  • On Android and Windows, if the internet connection becomes weak, or when the WiFi is shortly enabled, token vehicles become purchasable using credits temporarily, including the first three Mastery vehicles.
  • Before the arrival of SSC Tuatara, many of the cars have unexpectedly glitched high upgrade prices.
    • It is speculated that this is the beginning of the period when future cars released will receive irregular, high upgrade prices.
  • On Windows, prior to the Winter Update, unpurchased car packs could be obtained for free by selecting the "Restore Purchases" button.
  • Force closing the game when a Pro Kit is being applied may result in credits being not spent when installing the upgrade
  • Prior to the Lunar New Year Update, the Exhaust only boxes would give nothing but Class D and C parts.
  • Sometimes, when watching a video for a single-use Nitro Starter or Tuning Kit, it will sometimes give infinite uses. This stops after the game is closed.
  • When buying a box from the storage page, the inventory storage size might reset to its default number. This can be fixed by re-launching the game.


  • Prior to the Santa's Gift Update, it was found that drifting becomes unresponsive at certain conditions. It was due to the steering being held straight when firing the nitro out of a drift. The glitch has subsequently been corrected.
  • The McLaren P1™ GTR was known to be unreliable in initiating drifts when first released and was subsequently fixed in the Research & Development Update.
  • At certain conditions cars don't wreck upon colliding with obstacles or appear to pass through traffic unharmed.
  • Unstable internet connections may result in errors in consuming fuel bars or failure in synchronization.
    • In R&D tests, an unstable internet connection may result in Quality Checks being failed to synchronize.
  • Prior to the Elite Cars Update, if the internet connection is turned off, the cash rewards in Car Mastery are found to be higher.

Note the 305 knockdowns in a single race, which is impossible to usually do in a race.


Asphalt 8 x55000 KNOCKDOWN. 1,4 MILLIONS IN 30 MINUTES

  • While riding a motorcycle, hitting another motorcycle at its rear wheel without using Nitro will cause the number of Knockdowns registered to constantly increase even if the opponent has respawned. In previous versions of the game, this could be used to earn a substantial amount of Credits in a single race on The Great Wall by waiting for the opponent to be against the left wall of the track and blocking them.


  • In the early release of the Great Wall tracks, particularly the first barrel ramp on Buddha's Teachings, a hidden shortcut is discovered if the player makes the barrel extremely high, allowing them to complete one lap in less than 40 seconds. Video:
  • On certain devices, The Great Wall tracks are found to be glitchy, where players can fall off from several parts of the track. The problem is rectified by reinstalling the game.
  • In Nevada (reverse direction) and Venice, AI are known to respawn in another section of the track after wrecking, thus the player has to either take another lap to catch up or end up finishing 2nd place.
  • Several ramps are known to be bumpy, thus cars can wreck as it touches the base of the ramp.
  • When the San Diego Harbor track was first released, glitches are found either at the reverse section (the warehouse area) or at the forward direction (near the finish line, where players can drive into the sea right before the finish, thus completing lap times shorter).
  • Sector 8 also had a number of infamous shortcut glitches, resulting players being banned or sent to illegal leaderboards. All were subsequently fixed as of the Car Mastery Update.
    • Players can turn back and jump shortly after the vertical wall at the start, thus completing the race time in less than 20 seconds.
    • If the player jumps high enough to miss the wormhole after the first tunnel, they can fall to a finishing glitch, which makes the race completed in less than 50 seconds, but this glitch is much harder to attempt.
    • On Sector 8 reverse, players can jump off the ascending area after the huge loop (usually the final corner in forwards) and land and wreck on the lower side, allowing them to respawn on the place they wrecked and continue.
  • A glitch occurs on the sidewalk in Tokyo in Update 2.1.01, when it becomes bumpy when driving, thus wrecks are very likely to occur. The DS Survolt is apparently the most affected vehicle. The glitch has been fixed as of Update 2.2.0.
  • In London, players can turn sharply to the left at the final huge ramp near the London Bridge, making them respawn on the other side of the Thames River. This glitch was fixed in Update 2.9.0.
  • In the track King's Highway, players can turn to the first sharp left of the track and go along the road towards the large circular stained window of the red castle and crash at the jumping gap between the road and the castle and respawn on the last narrow curves near the finish line of the track. This was later patched with a barrier put up in the front of the road.

Asphalt Overdrive

  • Sometimes the suspensions for some reason glitch up and the car hits the ground. The wheels also might sink on the ground. This glitch happens mostly on low-end devices.
    Screenshot 2016-05-01-11-39-47.png
  • On tracks that have four lanes merge into three, staying in the merged lane or moving into a merged lane just before it ends can cause the game to make unintended lane changes or use the driving pattern of an erratic car for the player's vehicle until a manual lane change is made.

Asphalt Nitro

  • As track barriers are made of several individual pieces instead of one large construction, driving against the walls will cause the car to be wrecked after a few seconds.
  • When the car is about to hit a wall, the game will respawn the car on the track with an out of bounds message.
  • An opponent might respawn out of nowhere for no reason.
  • If the player's car goes out of bounds during the post-race screen, the game will not reset the car onto the track.
  • If a "Loading..." pops up to view an ad, the menu music will stop playing. This can be fixed by quitting the game, joining a race, or simply watching an ad.
  • Attempting to log in to Google Play Games would have an error message appear saying: "Failed to log in" and then "An error occured. Please try again later." This was fixed in an update of 13/4/2016.
  • In Infected mode, becoming infected before a Perfect Nitro was triggered would cause the nitro icon to stay on the screen until it is tapped again or a ramp is used.

Asphalt 9: Legends

  • If a Barrel Roll will only be partially completed when the car lands, the car will bounce off the ground without a Wreck. This is an extremely popular glitch as it is able to cause unusual stunts.