• Grand Finale basics.
  • Grand Finale countdown screen

The Grand Finale is a Classic-based race mode in Asphalt 8: Airborne which is available only in the Championship.


During the countdown, the player is given an on-screen tachometer and an on-screen accelerator button regardless of the control scheme they use. Tapping and holding on the accelerator revs the vehicle. The tachometer has four color-coded zones: red, orange, green, and blue. The tachometer dial must be in either the green or blue zones in order to give the player a starting boost (Good Start or Perfect Start). Otherwise, if it lands in the orange or red zones once the countdown ends, the player will be penalized with having their acceleration mostly disabled (OK Start or Bad Start). The Pro Kit upgrade parts Tires and Suspension (for cars) and Bike Tires and Fork Tubes (for motorcycles), which both upgrade handling, are beneficial as they can help the player keep their revs in the green or blue zones better and longer.

Once the countdown is finished, the race turns into a 2-lap Classic race.

Some cars have tighter blue zones than others due to difference in engine sound. The McLaren race cars with the Formula One engine sounds (McLaren M14A, McLaren Mercedes MP4-25, McLaren MP4/8, and McLaren MP4-31) all have wider blue and green zones than other vehicles.


The goal is to finish first in order to beat the Grand Finale and complete the tour. If the player is on the last Grand Finale, they will get the vehicle (or the last set of Blueprints, if the vehicle is Blueprint buildable) if all 8 tours are completed.

Recommended RPM Range List

Vehicle Good Start Perfect Start
McLaren M14A 8,000-10,000 9,000-10,000
McLaren Mercedes MP4-25 15,000-19,000 17,000-19,000
McLaren MP4/8 15,000-19,000 17,000-19,000
McLaren MP4-31 16,000-19,000 18,000-19,000
Porsche Cayman GT4 7,200-8,300 7,500-8,200
Porsche 959 7,000-8,000 7,000-8,000
Porsche 718 Boxster S 8,000-9,500 8,000-9,500
Kawasaki Z800 6,500-7,500 7,000
Arrinera Hussarya GT 6,500-8,500 7,700-8,000
Honda Civic Type R 7,000-8,500 8,000-8,500
Hot Wheels Rip Rod™ 8,100-9,800 9,000-9,800
Hot Wheels Bone Shaker™ 7,500-9,500 8,800-9,500
Hot Wheels Twin Mill™ 6,000-9,900 8,500-9,500
Renault Trezor 6,000-7,900 6,100-7,500
Race Types in Asphalt 8: Airborne
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