Hennessey Venom GT base stats and price

A Hennessey Venom GT with base stats and price, Asphalt 8.

The Hennessey Venom GT is among one of the fastest vehicles in the Asphalt series.


The Hennessey Venom GT is a limited-production supercar made by Hennessey Performance and built on a heavily-modified Lotus Exige chassis. It served one purpose: to break the world record for the highest speed in any regular land vehicle (270.49 mph / 435.31 km/h).

Asphalt 8: Airborne

The Hennessey Venom GT first appeared in the June 2014 update of the game. Prior to the Hennessey Venom GT Cup, the Venom GT first appeared as an AI racer in the Independence Day Cup and Class S Cup (set in The London Eye). It is currently available in the garage.

The Hennessey Venom GT is the third most powerful car in the game, placed at the highest end of Class S. It has a starting rank of 1555, a maximum rank of 1674 (shared with the SSC Ultimate Aero XT), and a final rank of 1702 (if maxed and with a Tuning Kit). The Venom GT is one of the fastest vehicles in the entire game, alongside the SSC Ultimate Aero XT and Koenigsegg One:1. Handling is also very decent. However, it accelerates a little slower than the Ultimate Aero XT due to a weaker nitro boost.

The Hennessey Venom GT is the most expensive vehicle available for purchase by credits, costing 3,000,000 (!!!) Credits (same as the One:1). It costs 2,474,350 Credits to max out.

As of the San Diego Harbor update, the Hennessey Venom GT has its own event in Season 6. This is the singular most expensive event ouside of Season 9, requiring 3,000,000 Credits to participate for the first time (if the player doesn't have the car already).

Asphalt Overdrive

Stats (Asphalt 8)

Venom gt

The Hennessay Venom GT in real life.


Acceleration: 2.70s

Top Speed: 447 km/h (277 mph)

Handling: 1.250 Gs

Nitro: 23 km/h (14 mph)

Maxed Out

Acceleration: 1.98s

Top Speed: 478 km/h (297 mph)

Handling: 1.300 Gs

Nitro: 35 km/h (21 mph)

Top Speed (if infected): 555 km/h (345 mph)

Maxed Out + Tuning Kit

File:10273398 773631119371030 2461712141714250807 o.jpg

Final Rank: 1702 (1674+28)

Acceleration: 1.78s

Top Speed:

Handling: 1.314 Gs

Nitro: ?

Top Speed (if infected): ? km/h (? mph)

Upgrade Prices

Upgrade Prices
Acceleration Top Speed Handling Nitro Total
Level 1 5,950 13,650 5,950 10,050 35,600
Level 2 41,500 94,750 41,500 68,250 246,000
Level 3 71,000 160,000 71,000 115,500 417,500
Level 4 100,750 222,250 100,750 166,000 589,750
Level 5 207,500 444,500 207,500 326,000 1,185,000
Total 426,700 935,150 426,700 685,800 2,474,350 Credits

Colors (Asphalt 8)

  • Dark Gray
  • Yellow
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Mint Green (Unofficial)
  • Metallic Purple (Unofficial)

Collections (Asphalt 8)


first three photos were taken from "Justin Washington's" archive


  • The Hennessey Venom GT can be seen racing against a Nissan GT-R NISMO in one of the promotional images for Asphalt 8 in the Dubai update.
    • The Hennessey Venom GT was also in the fourth app icon of Asphalt 8, replacing the SSC Tuatara. It has since been replaced by the Koenigsegg One:1 in the San Diego Harbor update.
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