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Text originally from the Hummer H1's Wikipedia page.

The Hummer H1 is a four-wheel-drive utility vehicle based on the M998 Humvee, which was created by AM General. The vehicle was produced from 1992 through 2006, and was the first of what became the Hummer line. Originally designed strictly for military use, the off-road vehicle was released to the civilian market due to market demand. It was initially known as the "Hummer"; however, under a 1999 deal, GM bought marketing rights to the Hummer name and called the vehicle the Hummer H1. At the time, GM began marketing the Hummer H2 that was also assembled by AM General on a modified GMC 2500HD chassis. AM General continued to build the H1 and Humvee in its Mishawaka, Indiana facility. GM stopped marketing the H1 in 2006 model year, but AM General continued production of the military Humvee versions.

Asphalt Xtreme Asphalt Xtreme[]


Introduced as a high end Class A monster truck, the Hummer H1 is now a low Class S vehicle as of the Coachella Update. The H1 starts at a rank of 27, and requires 20 blueprints to unlock. Like the Ford 3-Window Coupé, oil changes take 2 hours to complete and cost 250 credits for each change.

Heavily inspired by the HMMWV military vehicles the H1 was originally based on, the H1 in-game has a distinctly militarized appearance. 3 jerry cans are attached to the rear bumper, as well as a ladder, presumably to access the various rutsacks fastened on the rear roof by what appears to be netting. A single, massive exhaust can be seen protruding from the rear left of the vehicle, just before the rear-left wheel. 4 fog lights can be seen on the roof, directly above the front windows. An intake snorkel can be found near the passenger window, implying that the actual use of this particular H1 is to traverse extreme terrain, instead of competition and entertainment uses that most of the other monster trucks appear to be used for. A front bulbar is present, heavily resembling that of the bulbar seen on the actual HMMWVs, to finish off the military styling cues, the "SMASH EM" decal heavily resembles the HMMWVs that were used in the Gulf War.


In terms of performance degradation caused by the Coachella Update, the H1 sits in the middle between the superior Ford 3-Window Coupé, and the inferior DeLorean DMC-12. The H1 does not have an remarkable traits in terms of its performance, but is at the very least competent enough to be better than the DMC-12. The H1's acceleration, top speed, handling, and airspeed potential is poor for its archetype, but is better than the DMC-12. One benefit the H1 may have over the 3-Window Coupé is that it is fairly straight-forward to drive, whereas the 3-Window tends to oversteer on drifts, requiring more awareness to operate correctly, but this problem dissipates when the comparison is between the best monster trucks in the game. The Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Monster has an even bigger top speed disparity while having far superior stats everywhere else and retaining relatively easy to control handling. As a result, the H1 can be 3 or more seconds behind a Silverado Monster on a track, making it a very weak choice for a competitive monster truck.

Like the 3-Window Coupé and DMC-12, the H1 can be upgraded to Level 50 without rank-up tools, but will still remain between the 2 aforementioned monster trucks, and is not much else besides this. It is not a strong multiplayer option as high acceleration is required in order to have a high chance to achieve a knockdown, and has too low of a top speed to be able to prevent the lead shortening in the event opponents are in faster cars.

Speed Modifier Approximation[]

Modifier: 98.1 %* km/h mph
Real Displayed Real Displayed
No Nitro 230.9 km/h 235.4 km/h 143.5 mph 146.3 mph
Long Nitro level 1 248.2 km/h 253 km/h 154.2 mph 157.2 mph
Long Nitro level 2 259 km/h 264 km/h 160.9 mph 164 mph
Long Nitro level 3 274.3 km/h 279.6 km/h 170.4 mph 173.7 mph
Long Nitro level 4 Extra Tank 281.5 km/h 287 km/h 174.9 mph 178.3 mph
All-In Nitro 295.3 km/h 301 km/h 183.5 mph 187 mph
All-In Nitro Extra Tank 301.2 km/h 307 km/h 187.1 mph 190.8 mph
Max Airspeed 326.7 km/h 333 km/h 203 mph 206.9 mph
Max Airspeed Extra Tank 330.6 km/h 337 km/h 205.4 mph 209.4 mph

* when using the Land Rover Defender as 100 % benchmark

The Hummer H1 may have a better speed modifier than the 3-Window Coupé, but is still slower than it due to the lower displayed top speed. Outside of the archetype, the top speeds are comparable only to buggies and weaker rally cars, which is problematic considering monster trucks lack the agility of both aforementioned archetypes. As with all the other monster trucks, Extra Tank Extra Tank can help lessen the severity of the top speed deficiency, at the cost of more difficult nitro management, but even still the H1 will be seconds off the pace of the best vehicles on any given track, and the disparity will be exaggerated on tracks found on Coachella Valley and Svalbard.

Usability in time limited events is much like the other S-class monster trucks, the Hummer H1 is not available for any limited-time events except for solo challenges. Its practical use is strictly for multiplayer and career, although it is an uncompetitive choice for multiplayer.

In conclusion, the Hummer H1 is not the best car to max in Class-S. Much like the other Class S monster trucks, too much resources would be spent on what is nothing less than largely underwhelming performance and limited usage.


No image available Hummer H1 Blueprint – Last checked: Apr 28, 2021
Price: Credits 554,400
Rarity: Class S
Vehicle: Hummer H1 (20 to build, 1 to overclock)
Availability: Boxes, Black Market


The Hummer H1 is required for a Stars Star goal in the following career race:

  • Race 293 (Class S, levels 47–50)
    • Recommended level: 49

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