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Lab .001.[]

  • Test .001.: Welcome back to the track -- this one's "out of this world"! Hah, get it?

  • Test .002.: Wow! You're good. All right, let's up the stakes -- finish in third place or higher to win!

  • Test .003.: This course is optimized for speed, so hurry up and get to first place!

  • Test .004.: You can't out-race the past, driver... or can you? Let's see just how fast you can go.

  • Test .005.: Your driving's like a symphony... It puts us to SLEEP! Better keep Lab 1 awake if you want a chance at beating our AI!

  • Test .006.: This bustling metropolis is anything but peaceful. Let's see how well you handle stress, driver.

  • Test .007.: What's that? Speak up -- I can't hear you over the sound of our AI wiping the floor with you! Clean up your act if you hope to win!

Lab .002.[]

  • Test .008.: Driving's like a game of chess -- each turn is calculated. Make the right choices, or it'll be checkmate for you!

  • Test .009.: Reclaim your place on the track or find yourself lost in space!

  • Test .010.: Drifting takes a bit of finesse, so don't go getting sloppy on us!

  • Test .011.: You've got slim chances of victory, driver -- care to prove us wrong?

  • Test .012.: Some folks get struck silent by the majesty of the Great Wall. Why not let your engine do the talking?

  • Test .013.: Driving skill's gone all pear-shaped? Eliminate the competition to enjoy the fruits of your labors!

  • Test .014.: Coast past the competition at the Azure Coast, or end up with sand in your engine!

  • Test .015.: Rio's a pretty place to spend the summer -- but no relaxing for you 'cause this track ain't no vacation!

  • Test .016.: This track produces winners. After all, only the best can take on Lab 2's AI!

  • Test .017.: Savor the taste of victory while you can -- our AI's about to water down that flavor!

  • Test .018.: Unusual for a test driver to make it this far! Hmm... Let's see how you stack up against Sector 8, and our new AI!

Lab .003.[]

  • Test .019.: Hmm, we see that fanatical light in your eyes, driver. You hunger for victory, but can you claim it?

  • Test .020.: We've separated you from the competition. Your only opponent this time is yourself!

  • Test .021.: Slide into first place. We won't make it TOO difficult... or will we?

  • Test .022.: Don't clam up on us now, driver! We're throwing you to the sharks and seing if you sink or swim!

  • Test .023.: Steel yourself, driver; from here on out, the challenges get tougher!

  • Test .024.: Scientifically speaking, there's no way you could win this. Of course, Lab 3 HAS been wrong before...

  • Test .025.: An ant might be tiny, but it can lift several times its body weight. Kind of like you, driver... Puny, yet mighty?

  • Test .026.: Be swift! Be decisive! In velocity and brain power, you'll need to be hasty!

  • Test .027.: The bright desert sun beats down on your Hyundai. Follow that light to the finish line!

  • Test .028.: Lab 3 admires your dedication. You've gotten this far; now best Tenerife and go for gold!

  • Test .029.: Lab 3's Ultimate AI is tires of being beaten. It wants to win just as much as you do! Whose racing prowess will triumph?

  • Test .030.: Make the competition VANISH (like government-seized evidence of extraterrestrial life)!

  • Test .031.: There's a wealth of natural beauty here in Patagonia, but keep your eyes on the prize or you might go home penniless!

  • Test .032.: No room for generosity in this gauntlet! Steel your heart and go, go, go!

  • Test .033.: Don't you just hate the never-ending march of time? Well, here's your chance to beat the clock.

Lab .004.[]

  • Test .034.: Time to shake up the odds and take fate into your own hands: Create your own future and finish first!

  • Test .035.: Feeling pretty, driver? Good! You'll need to nurse a grudge to overcome this AI!

  • Test .036.: We don't think we're stretching the truth by telling you you'll NEVER make first! Now, stretch the limits and make us eat those words!

  • Test .037.: The ticking clock's got the last laugh in this sunny harbor... but you probably think it's got a lousy sense of humor.

  • Test .038.: Lab 4's AI will make you kneel! Surrender, or perish on the Great Wall!

  • Test .039.: Can the burning rubber of your tires withstand the harsh cold of Iceland?

  • Test .040.: On this track, there's no getting back up if you get knocked down! Better stay on your toes!

  • Test .041.: It's a derby of destruction! Toss your opponents off their wheels to reign as champ!

  • Test .042.: Feeling drab, driver? Strut your stuff in one of the most colorful cities in the world!

  • Test .043.: Buckle up, driver. With a track full of infected cars, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

  • Test .044.: It's our AI's last chance to "deal" with you. Make it an offer it can't refuse!

Test .045. to .050. repeat Test .044.'s quote as no new quotes were written or are glitched.

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