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Import Parts are a card type used for upgrading vehicles alongside normal upgrades in Asphalt 9: Legends, similar to the Pro Kits found in Asphalt 8.

Import parts are divided into 3 separate rarities: Uncommon, Rare and Epic.

Uncommon Import Parts[]

These are the most commonly found import part, being able to drop from nearly every card pack in the game. They are split into 4 different parts: Top Speed, Handling, Acceleration and Nitro. Each part can only be applied to the corresponding vehicle part (So a Nitro import part cannot be installed on a Handling vehicle part). They can be used on every vehicle, no matter the class, as long as the player has upgraded that specific vehicle far enough, so that import parts can be applied.

Rare Import Parts[]

Rare import parts are much harder to find in card packs compared to the uncommon import parts, but are still easy enough to find on a regular basis. They are also split into the 4 main parts: Top Speed, Handling, Acceleration and Nitro. Except, each of the main parts has a class (Going from Class D to Class S) attached, so a Class C Top Speed import part, cannot be attached on a top speed vehicle part from a Class B vehicle. On the right you can find some examples of these import parts.

Epic Import Parts[]

Epic import parts are the highest rarity of import part in Asphalt 9, and can only be won from events, multiplayer (specifically in Limited Series) or career. They do not appear in any packs you can buy from the store, except on special time-limited occasions. They are not limited by class or a vehicle’s upgrade part, but instead can only be attached to a specific vehicle they correspond with. For example, a Bugatti Chiron Epic Import Part can only be used on the Bugatti Chiron, no other vehicle in the game. But on the Chiron, it can be used on any of the vehicle’s parts, whether it be Top Speed or Handling.

To see examples of these parts, click here. Note that uncommon Class D cars do not have or require Epic Import Parts.