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Not to be confused with Asphalt Injection or Season 5: Injection.

Infected racers have unlimited nitro.
In-game description, Asphalt Xtreme
Infected racers explode when their timer runs out. Hit other cars to gain more time.
In-game description, Asphalt 8: Airborne and Asphalt Nitro
Just like surviving a zombie apocalypse, if you can see who's coming after you, YOU'RE NOT GOING FAST ENOUGH!

Infected, sometimes also known as Infection, is a race type introduced in Asphalt 8: Airborne. It is represented by a green biohazard symbol. This race mode is also featured in Asphalt Nitro and Asphalt Xtreme, albeit tweaked in the latter.


Lamborghini Egoista (MAX+PRO) infected

Gameplay of Infected mode with a Lamborghini Egoista.

Asphalt 8 Infected warmup

At the beginning of the race, there are 10 seconds until the racer in last place (which is the player with the Mini Cooper S Roadster) becomes infected.

Similar to Elimination, a warm up is present, except it usually lasts 10 seconds and is shown by an additional Infection in ## s message. At regular intervals, the racer in last place becomes infected. Alternatively, a racer can become infected by touching another infected racer, even if that racer has been wrecked while infected. Infected racers have their cars rendered visually green (completely nullifying the presence of any decals) and have a much more powerful and infinite nitro; in fact, an infected racer will go 22 mph (36 km/h)* faster than a normal one. Their place numbers are also colored green and marked as green biohazard symbols on the map. Veins appear (blinking at a normal pace) around the screen to signify the intensity of Infected, and the farther the center from the screen, the greener the vision.

Infected Info

Infected info as stated in Asphalt 8: Airborne.

* Real speed terms. Display speed multipliers may alter this.

All infected racers not in last place usually start with a 30-second timer (except if they have been infected by knocking down another infected racer, in which case they may get a 35-second timer instead). When that timer runs out, the infected racer suffers an Infection Overload (known as an INFECTION CRASH in the Japanese language version of the game), wrecking and then respawning cured. This takes about 5 seconds to cure after an Infection Overload. When an infected racer has 00:09:999 or lower, the veins start flashing very rapidly as a warning sign, indicating that an Infection Overload is imminent. An Infection Overload counts as a Wreck and prevents a Perfect Race from being obtained. The player's normal arrow icon also becomes a skull, like any wrecked racer would on the map.

Regardless of the number of racers, all Infected events disable the traffic completely (except for a stationary magenta bus in Tokyo, a blockade of three police cars and a magenta bus in Tokyo Reverse, and buses in the festival part of Ipanema Showdown and Rapido Park in Rio de Janeiro. These can be Near Missed, Traffic Controlled, or Traffic Downed). In the case of the Research & Development and Enduro Double Down events, traffic is enabled.

Along with Classic, Infected is a race mode used in Events. In Asphalt Nitro, Infected appears even more often in Events, especially events for new cars.

In Asphalt Xtreme, Infected has been altered. The warm-up time now lasts 5 seconds and racers can get infected by collecting nitro bottles on the track. Anything that normally fills up the nitro gauge now also adds bonus infected time. The virus wears off after the infection timer runs out (shown by a "You lost the virus!" message along with accompanying sound effects), but this time, Infection Overload is no longer present, meaning that even if a racer loses the virus, they won't automatically wreck. However, wrecking immediately kills the virus as well, as will knocking down an already-infected racer, in which case the virus they have contracted dies off.

Bonus Time[]

Bonus time can be gained in several ways.

  • Infecting or knocking down healthy racers (+10 seconds) - It is possible to reinfect other racers after they have suffered an Infection Overload or wrecked (while healthy) by touching and clinging to them until they respawn.
  • Knocking down an infected racer (+5 seconds)
  • Collecting an orange Nitro Powerup (+2 seconds)
  • Collecting a blue Nitro Powerup (+1 second)

Flat Spins, Perfect Runs, City Havocs, etc. do not affect the timer in any way.

To gain the most time possible, try to be in last place as soon as the warm up expires, then infect everyone. Touching or knocking down healthy racers while infected will infect them, adding 10 seconds; perform a knockdown on that infected racer to gain 5 seconds.

To have a 45-second timer at the start, be in last place while touching the 7th-place racer from behind, then knock them down as soon as you become infected.

Winning + Stars[]

Stars are granted to first place, second place and third place racers. 2 bonus stars are set for each race events. The Infected events in Season 4 and Season 6 have a bonus star for No Wrecks, which means that the player cannot suffer an Infection Overload at any time.


Winning an Infected event for the first time grants the Zombie Survivor achievement.



  • For some reason, the player may get a BONUS TIME: +5 s message by causing the last-place racer to wreck by hitting a wall, with them getting infected as they are about to crash into the wall. Even if the player does get the bonus time message, they will still start with 30 seconds if they get infected.

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