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Lab .001.[]

  • Test .001.: Hello and welcome to the R&D Lab, where we like to try new things, test new cars, and give you big rewards! All you gotta do is race!

  • Test .002.: You know, rumors say a Dr. Infinity has had his eye on the #>Vision GT#| for years... Sounds kind of spooky, right? Oh -- the race is about to start!

  • Test .003.: We're practically giving away our cars here! But there's only ONE Infiniti Vision GT, and it's all yours if you keep racing like you have been!

  • Test .004.: Did you know that the Infiniti Vision GT can hit 60 mph in under 3 seconds? With this car on your side, any race is a win waiting to happen.

  • Test .005.: In a couple races, we're going to have you take on our Ultimate AI challenge. After that, the car is all yours! Just make sure you keep winning!

  • Test .006.: Well done out there! Win one more race and we'll hand you this $100,000 car for free. Just like that! You're welcome!

  • Test .007.: Allow me to introduce you to our Ultimate AI challenge! Beat this robot, and the car is all yours! Lose, and, well, just try again! Good luck!

Lab .002.[]

  • Test .008.: Oh, uh, welcome to... uh, Lab 2! Sorry about that. Did we promise you an Infiniti Vision GT? Well, you need to beat more races first, haha!

  • Test .009.: Who am I? Dr. Infini-- Yes. Dr. Infinito. Just doing some science reports on the Infiniti Vision GT that is rightfully MINE! I mean... good racing!

  • Test .010.: ... Did you know the Infiniti Vision GT was born out of an unrealistic concept? Made real by top scientists? You are driving the ULTIMATE CAR!

  • Test .011.: Race times mean NOTHING to the great Infiniti Vision GT! Surely you'll be able to handle this meager test? If not... maybe I can go for a ride?!

  • Test .012.: I am working on a replicant of your Driver ID. How good can you be if you can't beat yourself? We need more data -- that means MORE RACES!

  • Test .013.: TAKEDOWN! The Infiniti is one of the most durable cars on the market. I believe with the right driver, it can survive blow after blow! Try it!

  • Test .014.: If you're getting tired, perhaps I could go for a spin? You can trust me, I swear... haHAHAah! I mean... hmm... just try to win this race.

  • Test .015.: You looked well out there, and Dr. Infinity -- I mean, Infinito -- does not give compliments easy. This replicant will be incredible.

  • Test .016.: With a transaxle layout and a 45:55 front/rear mass balance, few cars drift better than the Infiniti Vision GT! So get out there and DRIFT.

  • Test .017.: One more race and Dr. Infinity's -- uh, Infinito's -- replicant will be complete! And then the Infiniti Vision GT will be mine...!

  • Test .018.: The great race is here! In this corner, we have you, and in that corner we have AI you. I think we know who will win, but let's race anyway!

Lab .003.[]

  • Test .019.: Unprecedented! How could a man beat a machine? This is unreal! Dr. Infinity does not make mistakes in his calculations! But maybe Dr. Infinito does...

  • Test .020.: I must admit: I am not Dr. Infinito... I am indeed world-renowned Infiniti Vision GT connoisseur DR. INFINITY! Tremble before me! But also, please race.

  • Test .021.: I think we can help each other out. I want the Infiniti Vision GT for myself, and you want to give it to me. Win this trial and we'll take it from there.

  • Test .022.: You DO realize this car can go over 200 mph? Firepower like that should be used in professional hands: MINE!

  • Test .023.: I, Dr. Infinity, will tweak the AI replicant I used against you and claim the Infiniti Vision GT for myself. For now, enjoy your joyrides and beat the time!

  • Test .024.: Savor these last moments with the Infiniti, for after a few races... it will be all mine!

  • Test .025.: Do me a favor and keep the Infiniti in great shape, OK? I would hate to make repairs on a one-of-a-kind vehicle...

  • Test .026.: This is it! After this, you will face a replicant of yourself optimized by none other than Dr. Infinity! Enjoy your final ride!

  • Test .027.: The V8 engine doesn't quit and neither do you, is that right? In a matter of mere moments, you'll see that my AI won't give up either!

  • Test .028.: HOW COULD THIS BE?! I throw my advanced intellect at you, and you still beat the odds. Perhaps the Infiniti Vision GT is even better than I imagined...

  • Test .029.: I have decided that I will create an AI off of my own skill, and it will surely best you. Enjoy your drift exercises, but it means nothing!

  • Test .030.: Are you prepared to lay it all out on the line for a chance at owning the Infiniti Vision GT? Because I AM.

  • Test .031.: A virus has spread throughout the simulator, purging everything in its path. Yes, of course I'm the one behind it -- I'm rooting AGAINST you!

  • Test .032.: No matter what I do, you always manage to find a way to best me! Well, my AI's PERFECTION is just around the corner... Just you wait!

  • Test .033.: The final race is here! Man vs. Machine! Who will win? I know the answer to that question: I will! And the Infiniti Vision GT will be mine!

Lab .004.[]

  • Test .034.: This... this is impossible! I am the great Dr. Infinity! Well, desperate times call for desperate measures...

  • Test .035.: Who needs to PROGRAM an ultimate AI when you can BECOME ONE?! I will upload myself into the simulation! HahahaHAhAH!

  • Test .036.: I am in the simulation awaiting your failure! Should you be worthy, you can find me in my hidden lair. Good thing the Infiniti has great headlights!

  • Test .037.: Try to defeat my minions: loyal programs tougher than ever before! Unless... you can utilize the Infiniti's 0-60 jump in under 3 seconds...!

  • Test .038.: And yet you continue! I must say, I, Dr. Infinity, have never been bested before. I will miss you when I win the race... and you leave here with NOTHING.

  • Test .039.: The Infiniti Vision GT is one of the fastest vehicles ever made. A professional like me can handle it, but can YOU beat the race time?

  • Test .040.: I have managed to reach speeds unheard of in the simulation. The Infiniti Vision GT will be mine and you will know the power of SCIENCE!

  • Test .041.: You have been defeating my AI minions, but from this point on, they will only get TOUGHER. If you want the GT, you need more power!

  • Test .042.: I have instructed my minions to DESTROY you outright. I am fine with repairing the Infiniti Vision GT if it means I can secure it for myself!

  • Test .043.: I have left my hidden lair, and, in my stead, an AI minion to defeat all others! But before you challenge it, you must win this race!

  • Test .044.: Ultimate Minion AI, destroy the competition and grant me my prize! Please? I've been waiting too long...

  • Test .045.: If this is how it must end, then so be it. I will race you myself and show you the power of science firsthand! Enjoy this little warm-up.

  • Test .046.: Drift to the finish line! If you cannot drift amongst the best of my minions, then you cannot race against me!

  • Test .047.: The final sprint! At 60 mph, you and I will race. Barely a second in and just hit 10 mph... Do you have what it takes to beat this race?

  • Test .048.: 30 mph! Halfway there and a couple of seconds down. The track is infected! If you want to reach me in time, you have to win in time!

  • Test .049.: 50 mph! And in under two and a half seconds! I am waiting for you at the finish line. Win this race and we'll decide who gets to keep the Infiniti Vision GT!

  • Test .050.: 60 mph! Are you ready to face the end?! Can you defeat Dr. Infinity? Let us race once and for all and see if the Infiniti Vision GT can best science itself!
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