Lab .001.

  • Test .001.: Another driver? An average driver is the last thing we need, so I hope you're ready to impress. Tear up our new bike in Area 51!

  • Test .002.: You did a good job, kid. But you've still got a lot to prove. Test out the Super Duke R on our Rio track.

  • Test .003.: Finish a race? Yeah, you can do that. But heck, so can my grandkids! How will you do under pressure? Get in the top three in Nevada or you're out!

  • Test .004.: Solid job back there in Nevada. Think you can do a repeat performance in Barcelona ? What if you can't use nitro? I guess we'll have to see!

  • Test .005.: No more hand-holding. If you want to be a test driver, you've got to be the best. Grad the gold in a couple of races to prove you've got the stuff!

  • Test .006.: That last win surprised some of the folks back at R&D. We don't like flukes here in the science world. Prove you can be consistent with another win!

  • Test .007.:You've got speed, handling and consistency. Head over to the Azure Coast and see how you fare against our AI!

Lab .002.

  • Test .008.: You're coming from Lab 1, aren't you? Those guys can be tough on their drivers. Well guess what... we're tougher! Fly to London and get to work!

  • Test .009.: Ever been to Sector 8? Probably not. Lab 1 doesn't get the same track priviledges as us. Let's see how you ride on this new experimental track!

  • Test .010.: Our R&D has plenty of drivers to pick through. If you want to stand out, eliminate some of your competition. Let's see how much you really want this.

  • Test .011.: More of our drivers have heard about you, and they want a chance to take you down a peg. Keep your place at the top by winning this one.

  • Test .012.: You've risen through the ranks of our test drivers, but our AI will always be the best. Look at its Venice track time! Think you can touch it?

  • Test .013.: Hmmm... we didn't expect you to break the AI's record. Must be a fluke. Here's a no-nitro test. You know what to do!

  • Test .014.: Some of the scientists are going over your numbers and they aren't making sense... they're too good. Race through the Great Wall. We need to test you more.

  • Test .015.: The tests keep giving up the same results: You're better than our AI. But that can't be possible... our AI is perfect... Get back to work...

  • Test .016.: If our numbers are correct, and you really are better than out AI, then you should easily beat its time on the San Diego track. Give it your all!

  • Test .017.: Again! You keep proving us wrong. Well, let's see if it works under the stress of Test Mode: Infected. No one can handle that type of pressure, right?

  • Test .018.: Enough tests. This is foolish. No human can beat our AI. It is the peak of performance. Try to defeat our AI! I dare you, driver. I dare you!

Lab .003.

  • Test .019.: Welcome to Lab 3! We're sorry you had to move again, but the head of Lab 2 resigned after you beat his AI. Well... let's get started.

  • Test .020.: Our AI designers don't think you can beat the AI's record on the Tokyo track. Prove them wrong!

  • Test .021.: No more competitions against machines. You're our test driver. It's time to do tests. Azure Coast race. Hit some top speeds for us, okay?

  • Test .022.: Top-speed numbers check out. But we need to see how tough the Super Duke R's chassis is. Elimination time. Stay safe out there, driver!

  • Test .023.: You remember Sector 8, right? The Lab 2 Director said that was the first moment he starting fearing for his job. Let's see how you do this time!

  • Test .024.: Our AI designers just fixed a flaw in the old system. Look at this new record on the Great Wall. Is this revamp good enough to beat you?

  • Test .025.: Our new AI is doing some amazing things... but so are you. Let's show those designers how a real human drifts. Meet you in Dubai!

  • Test .026.: The designers over at AI development really want a shot at you. If you win this one, I'll have no choice but to set up a showdown.

  • Test .027.: AI development says this model is going to be too much for you... Please go easy on them. We really can't lose any more designers...

  • Test .028.: Yeah... a few more designers quit after you beat their AI. I'll try to get them back. For now, let's just do some normal speed tests at Rio, okay?

  • Test .029.: See? This is nice. Just normal testing here at Asphalt Labs. Really, I don't think we need you facing off with AI anymore. Good luck in Tenerife!

  • Test .030.: We got a few of the AI designers back. They don't want you using nitro anymore. They say you already have enough of an edge. You'll be fine, I'm sure.

  • Test .031.: Nitro is back. Let's get to testing. Area 51, here we come!

  • Test .032.: Oh no... The designers have a new AI.It broke a record in Patagonia; you've got to beat it!

  • Test .033.: You beat the AI's record. They're demanding a face-off. If you win, I'll have to transfer you or risk losing my entire AI team. Good luck!

Lab .004.

  • Test .034.: Rumors have been going around. You drive Lab Directors crazy. Well, you'll have to work pretty hard to get me going. Let's get started... in Venice!

  • Test .035.: Stress-test time. We're dropping you off in London] for Test Mode: Infected. Let's see how the Super Duke R rides under pressure!

  • Test .036.: We hear you're known around the business as a relentless record buster. How about trying to break our record on the Great Wall?

  • Test .037.: Listen: I didn't want to tell you this, but we have our own AI. The numbers are, frankly, impossibly good. But until it's ready... let's keep testing!

  • Test .038.: We're basing our AI completely on your techniques and prowess. You'll need to keep your performance at its peak of you want to race it.

  • Test .039.: Another race, another win. You can't be stopped! Our AI designers are getting great readings. Keep it up in Iceland, driver!

  • Test .040.: It's not perfect, but the AI just smashed the San Diego Harbor single-lap record. See if you can at least match its overall raceh time!

  • Test .041.: There's still so much to learn about how you ride that Super Duke R. Get to Area 51. There are enough sensors there to get a grasp on your X-Factor.

  • Test .042.: This next test is really dangerous. You'll be drifting around the icy cliffs of the Alps Mountains. Are you down for it? Yes? Good. Let's do it!

  • Test .043.: With the numbers in this next test, our prototype AI should be ready for you. Give it your all on this one, and then we'll talk about a face-off.

  • Test .044.: This is a prototype of our final AI, but it's tough. May even make you shudder. We'll have to see. Race hard, driver! The results will be a huge help.

  • Test .045.:: You beat our AI fair and square. But it learned a lot from you. You might not be so lucky next time. Now, let's get back to work!

  • Test .046.: There are a bunch of up and coming test drivers who want a shot at you. If they get rough, get rougher and take them out. Good luck!

  • Test .047.: The Ultimate AI is near completion. We want to check what mistakes it's making. Beat it's time on the Dubai track to show us what we did wrong!

  • Test .048.: Our readings show that you perform best under intense pressure. Test Mode:Infected has been activated in Tokyo. Give us another good show, driver!

  • Test .049.: Your performance in Tokyo gave us the info we needed for our AI. We just need to dot our i's and cross our t's. A win in London should do it.

  • Test .050.: The Ultimate Test for the Ultimate Driver. If you beat this AI, there isn't much else we can do. Thanks for the good work, driver. And good luck.
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