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Munich Subway[]

  • Race 1: Welcome to the prettiest underground in the Old World! Just watch your wheels in the Subway -- even the rocks race down there!

  • Race 2: Your driving skills are on fire, or is it just sparks from all the swerving between trains...? Burn rubber on this track and you'll see the Finale!

  • Race 3: Let's see who deserves to make it to the second Tour after this Grand Finale!

Azure Coast[]

  • Race 1: You made it to the Azure Coast! Nice is their largest city -- it's also been used to describe your skills. Show us what you've got!

  • Race 2: Don't get distracted by the gorgeous blues of the coast, or you'll be a fist out of water! Stay focused in the race!

  • Race 3: Hey, no time for lounging around on beaches! Rev your engine or you'll never make it to the Finale!

  • Race 4: You're driving hot, hot hot! I just hope this Grand Finale challenge doesn't put you on ice.


  • Race 1: Hope you're ready to Roppongi'n'roll, driver! You'll need to speed faster than a bullet train through Tokyo!

  • Race 2: Capitalize on the "Eastern Capital" by using all your racing smarts!

  • Race 3: Drift through Tokyo's neon streets with blade-like precision, or you won't get a shot at glory!

  • Race 4: Wow, I'm starting to think we have a shot here! Win this Grand Finale and take us to the next Tour!


  • Race 1: The "Queen of the Adriatic" has got nothing on you, racing royalty! It's time to prove yourself, Venetian-style!

  • Race 2: Race or sink, driver! Stray too far behind, and you'll end up floundering in the lagoon!

  • Race 3: Venice might've been built on a swamp, but you've got no time for getting bogged down in the more! Wash the mud off your wheels and go, go, go!

  • Race 4: You've tried the gondola rides, and they're just not your speed... Hop on that bike to qualify for the Grand Finale!

  • Race 5: Good news: You're one race away from a Grand Finale victory. Do what you do best... Win!


  • Race 1: Hey, you're in one of the happiest countries in the world. You'll join 'em if you win!

  • Race 2: Iceland' national sport is handball... Think you can change and minds with your racing prowess?

  • Race 3: It might be called, Iceland, but it's chock-full of greenery! Don't you be green and slip up, driver!

  • Race 4: It'd be a crime if you didn't qualify for Iceland's Grand Finale -- good thing Iceland's crime rate is criminally low!

  • Race 5: You really broke the ice on this tour, but it's time to seal the deal and win the Grand Finale!


  • Race 1: Watch your wheels, driver, you're in the Alpide belt -- the HIGHEST and LONGEST European mountain range! We're willing to bet you can handle it!

  • Race 2: Some naysayers claim these slopers are for skiers only -- prove 'em wrong when you slalom by on your bike!

  • Race 3: Only alpine ibex live up here, driver... If they can handle cliffs, so can you -- but remember, only the toughest survive!

  • Race 4: Who said it was too cold to go mountain biking? Use your blistering expertise to melt these snowy peaks!

  • Race 5: You're almost at the top! Keep your wits about you, driver -- it gets extreme up here!

  • Race 6: Plant your flag on this competition! Get that Grand Finale win!


  • Race 1: With beautiful beaches, gorgeous weather, and haute historical monuments, there's a lot to do and see in Barcelona! Check it out at 200 mph!

  • Race 2: Some believe Hercules founded this chic city. We think your herculean skills can whip up some fantastic feats of their own!

  • Race 3: Your talent is art noveau, driver -- characterized by intricate linear designs and flowing curves! Gaudi ain't got nothing on you!

  • Race 4: If everyone could work as fast as you, driver, the Sagrada Familia would have been long done by now! Pray for victory and you shall receive!

  • Race 5: A goal is just another finish line, and you're like a "futbol" player, driver: super popular is Barcelona!

  • Race 6: This Grand Finale is one of the toughest races in the world. Are you up to the challenge? Of course you are! Let's race!


  • Race 1: It's nearly the end of the long road, driver! Can you lead the way in London?

  • Race 2: It's illegal to die in the Palace of Westminster. It's also illegal to lost a race. We're making one of those up, but you better abide by both!

  • Race 3: Racing monarchy ain't hereditary -- you've gotta earn your place through pure skill! Stay in the running to stay royalty!

  • Race 4: Bubble and squeak aren't just sounds your engine makes... they're also a pretty tasty breakfast meal! Eat up, driver! You'll need your strength!

  • Race 5: A pub crawl isn't exactly your speed, is it? On these streets, it's all about velocity!

  • Race 6: It takes two to four years to become a professional driver in London. All YOU gotta do is qualify for the Grand Finale! Think you can swing it?

  • Race 7: This is it, driver -- the Grand Finale of Grand Finales! Prove your worth, and your dream is realized!
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