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Map 1[]

  • Race 1: Big Ben counts down. When the clock hits 7:44, the race will begin. Keep your eye on the clock. Every second counts!

  • Race 2: Watch out for London's red telephone booths! You don't want to take down a piece of cultural history!

  • Grand Finale: The Grand Finale. Victory is within your grasp, but it can still slip away. Reach out and grab it and never let go. Victory can be yours.

Map 2[]

  • Race 1: Waves crash on Barcelona's coast as rival racers crash into the guardrail. It's a fight to the finish. Only the strong survive.

  • Race 2: On Barcelona's waterfront, cruise ships can be your end. Either speed past them or get sunk! It's all up to your skills.

  • Race 3: Waves crash on Barcelona's coast as rival racers crash into the guardrail. It's a fight to the finish. Only the strong survive.

  • Grand Finale: Racers to their Grand Finale positions. Start your engines. (Focus. Prepare yourself.) On your mark, get set, go!

Map 3[]

  • Race 1: Harness your nitro. Boost your way to the front of the pack and hold your position. Be the blur that wins in Rio.

  • Race 2: Don't let Rio de Janeiro's beaches confuse you... This is no time to coast! Race hard and dominate the competition!

  • Race 3: Downtown Rio might not be the best place to host a race -- but it IS one of the prettiest!

  • Grand Finale: Behind the wheel, you take one final breath before the Grand Finale countdown. Beathe deep. Stay calm. This is your race to win!

Map 4[]

  • Race 1: In French Guiana, rockets race into space as drivers race to the top of the championship. Shoot for the stars, racer!

  • Race 2: We've closed the roads for your race through French Guiana. The only thing that can stop you is the competition and yourself. Don't slip up!

  • Race 3: On the runway in French Guiana, top speed is the key to victory. Reach your peak velocity and win big!

  • Race 4: Speed is the only thing they've got on their minds in Frech Guiana. Whether it's on the ground or up in space.

  • Grand Finale: A gold at the Grand Finale... is every racer's dream. But your head's not in the clouds... It's on the road. Make your dreams a reality!

Map 5[]

  • Race 1: Hit the caves of Iceland to give your tires some respite from the snowy terrain.

  • Race 2: The rocky terrain of Iceland is the perfect place to get some air time and pick up some speed!

  • Race 3: They're trying to eliminate you from the competition. Don't be caught dead last!

  • Race 4: Right out the gate, hairpin turns will try to throw you off the road. Iceland is a cruel beast. Fight back and win!

  • Grand Finale: To be the best... It's what we're all striving for. But you? You can reach this zenith. Win the Grand Finale. Prove you're the best!

Map 6[]

  • Race 1: Welcome to Dubai, the "Rose of the Desert"! But this race won't be a bed of roses. No, it'll be tough! Good luck!

  • Race 2: Make waves in Dubai as you outrace your rivals through the marina. Go for gold and win big!

  • Race 3: Dubai is a modern oasis in the Arabian Desert. But your skills are no mirage. Show these racers that you're the real deal!

  • Race 4: Every attraction in Dubai is created with the utmost precision. Can you match that and race to the finish?

  • Race 5: Dubai is home to some of the largest man-made islands in the world! But for now, you'll be sticking to asphalt.

  • Grand Finale: Hot blood pumps through your heart, like a perfect engine pushing you forward. It's the Grand Finale. It takes heart to win. You can do it!

Map 7[]

  • Race 1: Much like Nevada's Hoover Dam, a single crack in your performance can lead to ruin. Don't get washed away by the competition!

  • Race 2: Some are questioning your skills. They want to kick you out of the competition. Show them how wrong they are.

  • Race 3: Racers line up outside the Last Chance Gas Station in the Nevada Desert. Engines rev. Only the fastest will reach the finish. Good luck!

  • Race 4: Tumbleweeds roll across the Nevada Desert. A coyote howls at the sun. Vultures circle overhead. A race is about to begin.

  • Race 5: Keep that engine cool! If you keep your speed up, you might affect the wind chill in the Nevada desert. Stay safe!

  • Grand Finale: World-class racers line up next to you. They want this Grand Finale just as much as you. So don't rely on desire... rely on skill. And win!

Map 8[]

  • Race 1: The long straightaways of the Azure Coast separate the amateurs from the pros. Show off your pro-level skills and win!

  • Race 2: Hairpin turns are scattered throughout the Azure Coast. Drift around them or fly off into the sea. Keep your head above water, driver!

  • Race 3: Push yourself beyond your limits! Don't give them a reason to kick you out of the competition!

  • Race 4: The asphalt is much more forgiving than the cobblestone roads of the Azure Coast. Keep your wits about you!

  • Race 5: The Azure Coast's beauty is broken up by long tunnels. Hit the boost when you're in the dark if you want a better view, and fast!

  • Race 6: Turn this tourist attraction upside down! Race across the Azure Coast and take home the top prize.

  • Grand Finale: This is it. The final Grand Finale. A culmination of all the work you've put into your car and yourself. Finish this. Win it all!
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