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The Land Rover Defender appears as a starter SUV in Asphalt Xtreme.

In-game, the Defender features a plethora of cosmetic modifications. At the front of the defender, it has a bullbar with spot lights and rope wrapped around it. On the hood is a spare wheel, camping equipment, and a shovel. On the roof are 4 additional spotlights and an empty roof rack. The left side of the Defender has an ax attached near the rear wheel arch, and has it's window barricaded by what appears to be stainless steel metal sheets. Another spare tire can be seen that is attached to the back door of the Defender. Other cosmetic changes include custom wheel arches, rims, and mudflaps.

Prior to the Alps Update, the Defender was the first vehicle to be unlocked by the player. Since the Coachella Update, The Ford Focus RS has replaced the Defender for being the first car the player accesses in the game. The Defender now requires Class-D Blueprints 10 to unlock and has a starting rank of level 1. Oil changes cost Credits 150 to perform, and take only 2 minutes to refill.


SUVs are defined by their long nitro, great nitro recharge rate from drifting, poor max airspeeds (With the exception of the Mercedes-Benz G 500 4x4(2)), and below average acceleration. As being one of the first SUVs that the player is likely to unlock, the Land Rover Defender is no exception. It's acceleration is abysmal, but has a high top speed, especially when maxed out. The steering response is laggy, but the handling itself is decent in the lower levels, but worsens as the top speed increases. The severe issue that plagues the Defender is it's nitro power, which is the worst in not only it's archetype, but also possibly in the game. Drift-boosting, even with the use of all-in nitro, does not produce a great effect in reducing the sloppy acceleration, meaning the Defender will always be lagging behind most cars at the start of races, and is easy prey to monster trucks in multiplayer. Another thing to note is the strange collision physics the Defender has when hitting walls, when a wall is hit, the Defender is somewhat "glued" to the wall, and loses a lot more speed than usual upon collision. Another oddity is that the Defender can perform a lot of barrel rolls in a short amount of time, similarly to buggies.

Being a D-class car, the Defender's maximum rank without rank-up tools caps out at level 15. It's aforementioned problems apply here, and while SUVs can fare well at lower ranks due to being quite forgiving to drive, the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon's more well round performance makes it the better alternative for multiplayer and time-limited events.

At Level 50, the Defender's performance can be described as extremely situational. At this point, it's horrendous acceleration and nitro power sticks out a lot more since most cars typically have decent acceleration at their highest levels. The handling, while is serviceable at low top speeds, is exceptionally poor when all-in nitro is engaged, and is almost undrivable with Extra Tank Extra Tank. The laggy steering response also makes drifting awkward and difficult, especially when chaining drifts to gain nitro. As a result, the Defender is one of the most difficult vehicles to drift-chain in order to utilize the all-in nitro strategy. The one redeeming factor the Defender has is it's impressive top speed, particularly when all-in nitro is engaged.

The displayed and approximate fake speed of the Level 50 Defender are:
(Due to the Defender being the benchmark for measuring speed modifiers, it has a modifier of 100%.)

  • Top Speed w/o boost: 153.7 mph
  • Top Speed w/ Level 1 long nitro: 166 mph
  • Top Speed w/ Level 2 long nitro: 172 mph
  • Top Speed w/ Level 3 long nitro: 178.6 mph
  • Top Speed w/ Level 4 ET long nitro: 181 mph
  • Top Speed w/ All-in nitro: 194 mph
  • Top Speed w/ All-in nitro & ET: 199 mph
  • Max Air Speed: 187 mph
  • Max Air Speed w/ ET: 190 mph

The ground all-in nitro of the Defender is one of the highest in the game, comparable to the Mini All4Racing X-Raid and Ford Focus RS. While it can see a substantial increase of top speed with Extra Tank Extra Tank, it is not recommended for use for SUVs as it is incredibly difficult to maintain all-in nitro. Regardless, the massive top speed allows the defender to become one of the fastest SUVs in a very small handful of tracks. The downhill starting slopes on Through the Avalanche and Off-Piste Race can help counter the acceleration, but even still the Defender is seconds slower than what a Perlini 105F Red Tiger can do on these tracks. On Gobi, Detroit, Phuket, and Coachella Valley, the Defender is extremely slow due to it's crippling acceleration and sub-par handling at all-in speeds. For this reason, the Defender is a poor choice for Time limited events, where more well-rounded cars like the Porsche Macan and the Wrangler Rubicon will at least be more viable on more tracks. Due to it's extreme situational use, the Defender is usually easy pickings to more viable options in multiplayer, monster trucks in particular can abuse the acceleration deficit for an easy knockdown, and recovering from wrecks and knockdowns are especially brutal with the Defender.

While the Defender can be one of the fastest SUVs in the game, it will never be the fastest car on any track, and is terrible on most tracks. This, along with it's poor multiplayer and time limited events viability, and extreme upgrade requirements, make the Defender a poor choice to upgrade to it's maximum level.


Land Rover Defender Blueprint Land Rover Defender Blueprint – Last checked: Mar 27, 2021
Price: Credits 35,700 or Tokens 30
Rarity: Class D
Vehicle: Land Rover Defender (10 to build, 22 to overclock)
Availability: Boxes, Championship Warm-Up, Black Market


The Land Rover Defender is required for a Stars Star goal in the following career races:

Race 080 (Class C, levels 13–15) Recommended level: 13

Race 249 (Class S, levels 40-42) Recommended level: 41

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