Legend Pass is a feature for Season Passes on Asphalt 9: Legends.


There are two types of Legend Pass:

LP Logo

Legend Pass Card

  • Normal Legend Pass - Unlock rewards under the tier of Normal season passes. The price is around €9.06.
BP Logo

Bundle Pass Card

  • Bundle Pass - Features the same rewards as Normal Legend Passes but the first 15 tiers will automatically unlocked. It costs about €13.71.

Note: Every currency is different, the price of this wiki just a standard price. Please refer to your own local currency.


This will provide them with more rewards by giving them access to the Legend tiers, but also with special benefits for the duration of the season. The exact benefits are listed here:

  • 2A9 icon star yellow - 3A9 icon star yellow Exclusive Car
  • 3 extra gas capacity in all cars
  • Daily free event ticket refill
  • +2 Classic Packs daily
  • +60% reputation points boost
  • +60% Trade Coins boost
  • +10% Legend Points boost
  • Exclusive Epic Import Parts
  • Discount for buying the next season bundle pass

Note: some benefits can only be unlocked through the Season Pass itself.

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