A Limited-Time Event, often shortened to LTE, is an internet based competition in Asphalt Xtreme and the equivalent to Time-Limited Events in Asphalt 8: Airborne and other games of the Asphalt series. Each event is only available for a limited amount of time, ranging from 1 to 4 days, after which players who competed can claim their rewards.

Events usually have a recommended upgrade level, but players can also participate with a lower level than recommended.

Entry fee

Events require Tickets small ax Tickets to play. Tickets are refilled automatically (Tickets small ax 1 every 10 minutes). Players can also watch an ad to get Tickets small ax 1 or buy a complete refill of up to Tickets small ax 10 with Ax tokens full Tokens (Tickets small ax 1 = Ax tokens full 8.52; the price for a refill is calculated based on the time left until a complete automatic refill. See Currencies in Asphalt Xtreme § Tickets for details.).


Rewards are grouped in two categories:

  • Milestones (Time X:XX, Finish 1st, Finish race)
  • Leaderboard (Top 5, 10, 20, ...)

The Ax credits full Credits output of LTE races is low and not suitable for farming.

Event types

Solo Challenge

Only one archetype is allowed, for example buggies for a "Buggy Solo Challenge". There are usually two types of Solo Challenges at the same time, one for Level 5 and one for Level 10 vehicles with better rewards but faster opponents.

  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Entry fee: Tickets small ax 2
  • Possible rewards (milestones only):
    • Blueprints for a vehicle not necessarily of the same archetype as the event archetype
    • Ax icon nitro recharger Nitro Recharger
    • Ax credits full Credits
    • Ax tokens full Tokens

Championship Warm-Up

Before and during Championships there are additional "Championship Warm-Up" events with more valuable rewards than Solo Challenges, but no blueprints for the featured Championship vehicle.

  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Entry fee: Tickets small ax 2
  • Possible milestone rewards:
  • Possible leaderboard rewards:
    • Blueprints for several vehicles other than the one featured in the Championship


This event rewards blueprints for the featured vehicle. Players can participate with any vehicle they want, also the featured one if they already own it.

  • Duration: 4 days
  • Entry fee: Tickets small ax 3
  • Possible rewards (leaderboard only):

Test Drive

A Test Drive is an event where players can drive the featured vehicle at the starting upgrade level also if they do not own it. Players who already own the featured vehicle can also participate and drive it with the upgrade level it currently has in their garage.


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