The following is a list of quotes for each test in the Lotus Evora Sport 410's Research & Development event.

Lab .001.

  • Test .001.: Salutations! Thank you for test-driving our Lotus Evora Sport 410 R&D. Let's start by getting to know your skills.
  • Test .002.: Nice start! But we're trying to push the limits of its 410 horsepower. So really let that engine rip this time!
  • Test .003.: Good, good. But we're not seeing the numbers we want yet. Try to finish in the top three of this next race.
  • Test .004.: I'm feeling your enthusiasm, but I'm not seeing results. Try the same challenge, but this time on the Great Wall.
  • Test .005.: Great use of power, there! Now let's see you focus that power on knocking down opponents!
  • Test .006.: I like your style. But we're coming to the 1st Ultimate AI challenge. So only first place will do...
  • Test .007.: We've given you the power. Now use it to beat the Ultimate AI in a final test of raw speed!

Lab .002.

  • Test .008.: Welcome to Lab 2, driver. You come highly recommended. Let's find out exactly why that is...
  • Test .009.: We value consistency over fluke wins. Try coming in first place again and we'll talk shop.
  • Test .010.: Our job is to optimize the weight and efficiency of the engine. Let's see you throw your weight around a Gate Drift race.
  • Test .011.: Anyone can just build a bigger engine. We maximize power and minimize bulk. That's how we beat record times.
  • Test .012.: I've installed replacement parts that reduce weight by 0.01%. Don't laugh -- even a microsecond can win you a race.
  • Test .013.: I need to really know that those parts can last under pressure. Let's test them under the heat of an Elimination race.
  • Test .014.: You're really putting that Lotus Evora Sport 410 through its paces. But it's a good time to open up new potential with some upgrades.
  • Test .015.: Our previous design set the record in Rio. If we can beat that now, we know we've succeeded in our task.
  • Test .016.: Such a perfect balance of strength and weight should have no problem maneuvering to victory in an Infected challenge...
  • Test .017.: This is where we say goodbye, or go back to the drawing board. Take on the Ultimate AI with the Lotus Evora Sport 410!

Lab .003.

  • Test .018.: Lab number 3 is run by me. You should upgrade your car, or you won't get far.
  • Test .019.: With those sweet moves, you'll never lose. But can you manage this takedown challenge?
  • Test .020.: No Nitro boosts; that's your task to handle. But against this time can you even hold a candle?
  • Test .021.: It's time to reveal my laboratory's cause. To smooth out the suspension and earn us much applause.
  • Test .022.: Welcome back from your China domination. Now try to survive a San Diego Elimination.
  • Test .023.: Those were hot moves, and you drove real fast. But can you keep your cool in the Alps' mountain pass?
  • Test .024.: It's the AI and you in a London showdown. You better win, dude, or we'll both look like clowns.
  • Test .025.: Here's a bump in the road you haven't handled before. Just a tap on this road will send you off to the junkyard.
  • Test .026.: The city of Rio is a place to behold. I just hope these new shocks will manage to hold...
  • Test .027.: Your moves are sick! Your moves are wild! But if you don't upgrade fast, you're gonna cry like a child.
  • Test .028.: You almost made it to our Lab's final race. Just prove to us you can beat this track's pace.
  • Test .029.: I love your groove and your stylish finesse. But now it's you and the AI in the ultimate test!

Lab .004.

  • Test .030.: Oh, hello! I'm impressed you made it all the way to our lab. What? No, I will NOT rhyme for you...
  • Test .031.: Racing is a battle against friction. I intend for us to win that battle through amazing aerodynamics.
  • Test .032.: You've come far, but don't forget that anyone can be eliminated from a race with but a single mistake at the wheel...
  • Test .033.: Personally, I don't believe a driver should rely on Nitro. So win this race without a drop of it, and you'll earn my respect.
  • Test .034.: With that matter squared away, I want you to beat this time using a slight variation in the body curvature.
  • Test .035.: Your performance is impressive, but to truly push development, I must request that you upgrade your car more fully.
  • Test .036.: Be careful! This is a performance racer, not a tank! Here, try winning this Flawless challenge to get the point.
  • Test .037.: I put a lot of work into the new spoiler and grill contours. Don't go messing it up by blasting Nitro all over the place!
  • Test .038.: After just a week of pulling all-nighters and racing hour after hour, you're ready for the Ultimate AI challenge.
  • Test .039.: Drift racing is the ultimate test of balance, power, weight and aerodynamics. Go make the Lotus Evora Sport 410 SHINE!
  • Test .040.: This is no joke: You NEED to push your upgrades to the limit! Then show your new parts some respect by not trashing your car...
  • Test .041.: It's not enough that the Lotus is just fast in its own right. It needs to be able to take down opponents. Show me what it can do!
  • Test .042.: Stop holding back! This Infected challenge will require nearly complete upgrades to master.
  • Test .043.: You're at the gateway to victory, friend. Work out any flaws or doubts you have now before the final showdown.
  • Test .044.: All we've worked for comes down to this Ultimate AI challenge. Max out your upgrades and win your Lotus Evora Sport 410 here and now!
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